Friday, March 15, 2013


When you walk the halls of city hall and speak with top level and mid-level administrators all you hear is despair.  I really have no sympathy for any of them.  How can you feel sympathy for people who have surrendered.

The only indication there is even an election come May are signs by Martin Sarkis.  Someone riddle me this - how  can Tony Martinez with all of his money and the money of his supporters have Debbie Portillo as their candidate, but yet have no meaningful campaign?  She announced she was withdrawing from the election and then at the 11th hour filed the signatures with the office of the city secretary for a place on the ballot.  I remain  convinced, Debbie Portillo is nothing more than a distraction and Martin Sarkis is the real Tony Martinez candidate.  But, I could be wrong.

In case you have not noticed, since Montoya took Sarkis money all the anti-Tony Martinez stories stopped.  He then turns to a false story about Rosales residence, while nothing - and I mean nothing - not a word on Portillo which commonsense would tell everyone is Sarkis key opponent.  Latina with the backing of the Tony Martinez machine.

Commissioners and top administrators alike have made clear that if Tony Martinez gets his 4th vote, Charlie Cabler will be fired.  Less certain among these voices is whether or not Pete Gonzalez will be fired.  The dispute goes to Charlie Cabler refusing to go along with Tony Martinez and his endless spending without the knowledge or consent of the commission.

This issue is simple - the commission at the next meeting could pass a  rule which bars all commissioners or the mayor from spending a penny.  I do not have a problem with the professionals in the city spending money without city commission consent, so long as less than $35,000, but I do with commissioners and the mayor spending the money.  So why not just pass a rule to end the practice?  The commissioners are not going to vote against being allowed to spend money in secret.  In other words the commissioners are no different than the mayor on this issue.


About now my friends would have already formed a PAC placing ads in Sunday's paper telling the people the truth about Tony Martinez.  Charlie Cabler is toast come may if Portillo or Sarkis wins.  He will deserve his fate because like so many in Brownsville he is sitting back and waiting for someone else to fight his battle.


Anonymous said...

Cabler needs to go. We need a professional city manager!!!

BobbyWC said...

Brownsville does need a highly qualified city manager - no one disputes that - the problem is Tony Martinez wants him gone not to being in a professional city manager, but to bring in a yes man - and that would be worse than having Charlie Cabler.

A source this weekend told me that Pete Gonzales is looking at taking a buy out before he is forced out by Tony's new majority - this is very, very sad

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Dude I have rejected your Gomez comments over and over again - when will you get the message - I deal in documents - if you have documents to support your claims they will be published

Bobby WC