Friday, March 15, 2013


I love this song and its rendition.  These last two days have brought me great joy over the election of a Jesuit as Pope.   While I am not Catholic, I have long to be a Jesuit priest. I struggled for many years to accept Catholicism but could not.  I hope my joy is not misplaced in Pope Francis.  Like I have said many times, we judge people based on the content of their character and not labels.  Pope Francis has a long and well documented history of doing his best to walk among the people in the same manner as Joshua (aka Jesus).  What a wonderful way to start an early summer.  You do not need to be  a Catholic to respect a good man who just happens to be Pope. 

I reflected on Pope Francis for a long time and came to a decision that I must take Keaton to College Station to see a dog neurologist.  The joy I felt about Pope Francis made me think about the joy  I would lose if I did not give it and all out fight to heal Keaton.  For now she seems more anxious then anything else.  She walks endlessly whining.  My local vet has strongly recommended that I take her to a neurologist.  I've decided on College Station over Houston because -  well the doctors in Houston are not very forthcoming through their staff to give me any information.  I really need to know in advance the basic costs - initial consult and MRI.  Also the Houston staff told me I would have to make several visits.  At College Station because of the distance I will be travelling the staff will do everything possible to see Keaton in the morning, do the MRI almost immediately and then see her again in the afternoon. 

Saturday will be a pool, yard day and working on the Brownsville Voice.  I also have a B-day party I have to go to in the afternoon - a young 92.  Unless there is breaking news - I doubt I will post anything further.  Well except I may post some new web links for the candidates.  I cannot find anything on Letty  - if anyone has her link, I want to make sure I give her full coverage. 

On Thursday something about Sarkis occurred to me.  I need to go to the court house to prove my claim and have not had time.  I will try and do this on Monday.  Part of this is linking up information - does anyone know his wife's name for sure.  I only need it to make sure I have the one and the same Martin Sarkis.  Spouses and children are off limits to the BV, unless the candidate themselves make their spouse part of the campaign.  I hate that candidates post pictures of their children, but that  does not by itself give license to make the children part of the campaign.   At the BV the children are always off limits.

So guys - enjoy the song - enjoy an early summer - and God pray for rain.


Anonymous said...

FB has her as:

Gloria Sarkis
Went to Villa Maria
Born on April 23, 1965

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the info - for now until I verify the story I am not publishing anything about his wife - spouses are off limits unless they are part of the campaign or part of a germane story to the campaign

By chance in the same place you found the information I also found the same information.


We shall see what I learn - my goal is to tell the story - to the extent there is a story only through documents

Bobby WC