Monday, March 18, 2013


Several weeks ago I broke the story of Luis Saenz's office issuing a defective indictment because the victim's name was misspelled.  Now we have a conviction reversed because of the same sloppy work. See original BV story below.

"His office has yet to contact the victim. But it gets worse - his office had the man indicted but the indictment has the wrong name of the victim. Not only did his office not care enough to get the victim's name right, the grand jury foreman before signing the indictment did not care enough to insure the the information was correct. This type incompetence and neglect is how criminals walk."
"It does not end there. DA Saenz incompetent staff informed the court that the defendant's address is the address of the victim. When I saw this I went to Judge Olvera's court to inform them of the problem and was told the information on the court order was provided by DA Saenz' office."

"This type incompetence and neglect is how criminals walk."  The proof is now in, this type incompetence is how criminal walks.
Now we learn because of sloppy work by Luis Saenz a conviction has been overturned.  Will Brownsville ever have a competent DA or a DA staff? 

"The charge was that as a city commissioner, she participated in a vote or decision on a matter that had a special economic effect on a business in downtown Harlingen in which she had a substantial interest without first filing an affidavit stating the nature and extent of her interest in the business.

The matter before the City Commission was a special assessment on downtown businesses, where Marra’s real estate office is located."

"Saenz was the special prosecutor appointed by 107th state District Judge Ben Euresti to prosecute Marra’s case because former City Commissioner Gus Ruiz was an assistant district attorney and worked for then-DA Armando R. Villalobos."

"The appellate court’s opinion reflects that the court’s decision to overturn Marra’s conviction and to acquit her was not based on the merits of the case, but rather on defective wording of the state’s charge against her that carried an erroneous name of her business."

Again I say, "This type incompetence and neglect is how criminals walk."

The domestic abuse case I am watching has so many problems because of an incompetent police report.  The DA assigned to the case is so indignant to the idea of an outsider pointing out potential problems with the case, including her failure to even  know the motivation for the assault, and related child custody order and violation of same, it will not surprise me if this kid walks. 

The victim has been told the case is set for trial.  What has the DA  done to prepare this victim of domestic abuse?- nothing.  The young lady is scared. there has been nothing done to gain her confidence or calm her.  She is scared.   It blows my mind just how incompetent Saenz and his staff really are.  But I guess because of decades on no law and corruption running everything in our court house, what are we to expect?

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