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This was an issue in Marchan's case.  Judge Andrew Hanen who made no effort to hide his racism forced Marchan's attorney to apologize for raising the issue.  Judge Hanen is not fit to be a federal judge and this entire mess with DOJ lawyer Wynne and Hanen now mandate a special prosecutor.

See Original ABA article on racial issue

I am not saying anyone charged is not guilty - I personally believe they are all guilty.  I know how the system works.  But why are the Anglos not being prosecuted?

If I were Villalobos and Lucio at this point I would sue the DOJ and Judge Hanen in federal court in Washington DC alleging selective prosecution based on race.  Mind you Villalobos and Lucio will still go to jail, but so too will Dannenbaum, the Cowens, and any number of other Anglos while effectively ending Andrew Hanen's career as a judge.  Villalobos and Lucio, if you are going to go down, at least take every guilty party with you - maybe the new prosecutor will consider your actions in recommending a lighter sentence.

From the Herald:

"The government alleges that Villalobos, as district attorney, referred a 2005 civil case involving his sister-in-law’s death to the law firm of Cowen & Bodden. The case was settled for a substantial amount in April 2006. According to prosecutors, Villalobos received a referral fee in two checks, one for $60,000 and the other for $96,000.

The $60,000 check was made payable to attorney Michael Trejo, who was not involved with the case, but funneled the money to Villalobos, the court record states.

“No comment,” Trejo said Monday.

Lawyer Michael Cowen declined to comment while Conrad Bodden, who now practices law with former Brownsville Mayor Eddie TreviƱo, did not respond to a request for comment.

The $96,000 check was made payable to Camp Street Enterprises, an entity Villalobos created, to receive the money, records indicate.

“Villalobos funneled the money through Camp Street Enterprises and another entity he created, VPH Investment Trust, steadily transferring money from those accounts to his personal account,” the court record states.

According to the court record, the referral fee violated state law, and Villalobos did not report the fee on his federal income tax returns, federal prosecutors state."


If the referral fee violated state law this should have been enough to make Cowen and Boden part of the criminal enterprise.  In a small drug deal with similar substantive facts I can assure you a black and or Latino would have been indicted faster than the speed of light.

Villalobos' indictment references numerous cases wherein investigations were dropped in exchange for forfeiture money paid to Villalobos' office.  James Dannenbaum's company paid $1 million dollars in forfeiture money which should have gone to the Port, and nothing - no indictment - no complaint from Michael Cowen's father Ralph, over Villalobos stealing $1 million dollars from the Port.   Another Anglo allowed to walk.  But then James Dannenbaum is as tied to FBI Director Mueller and the Republican Party as a  Siamese twin.

See Original BV Posts on Forefeiture - Judge Banales ignores law to favor Dannenbaum

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This is from the second link:

"Any BND candidate [meaning Ralph Cowen] unwilling to demand a criminal investigation into how DA Villalobos secured the forfeiture without being able to name the source of the money, is not fit for public office. In my opinion a deal was cut to protect Dannenbaum from further exposure in exchange for 1 million dollars."

You will note Ralph Cowen was elected to the BND in 2008 and was dead silent about the $1 million theft by Villalobos from the BND.  By law the money belong to the BND.  It should have been used to pay down the bonds.  But Ralph Cowen's son made big money because of Villalobos' corruption so Ralph Cowen remained silent.

Ralph son Michael made a ton of money from Villalobos in 2005.

See Herald 2008 BND Election

Why is DOJ lawyer Wynne allowing all of the Anglos to walk?  There is more than enough evidence to indict James Dannenbaum, and Ralph and Michael Cowen.  But now, under racists Judge Hanen and DOJ lawyer Wynne Anglos are off limits.

With nothing less than a special prosecutor to investigate Judge Hanen and DOJ lawyer Wynne justice is not an option in any of these cases.

Federal Judge Andrew Hanen ran cover for the racially motivated selective prosecutions to protect Republican big wig James Dannenbaum

See BV posts on Hanen and Republican money.

If Hanen had an ounce of humanity in him, which he does not, he would call Marchan's son into court, apologize for being a racist and then resign.  He will not - there is nothing honorable about Andrew Hanen - he makes a mockery of every person who has ever died in defense of our constitution and laws.


BobbyWC said...

I am adding this as a comment because I do not want to make the original post any longer.

The Cowens cannot be touched without taking down James Dannenbaum - it is that simple.

As to Judge Alejandro and his so called part in this mess - he has been appointed a permanent visiting judge in his former court until Governor Perry makes a new appointment - I suspect Perry not wanting to be embarassed will wait to make that appointment until after the Villalobos trial - but then this is Governor Perry - he may just appoint Villolobos

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby,it's okay if you don't publish this as this is just to inform you that many people here still have the "hat in hand" mentality when addressing the gringo patron. Si senor...no senor.

Born and raised here and this has never changed.

My friends like to reference the example of Ralph Cowan doing the grito at Charro Days for years and there is not one hispanic local that can do the grito.....con eso te digo todo,amigo.

The gringos pull the strings y los mexicanitos brincan.

Sad but true...bueno ya no te quito el tiempo....bendiciones.

BobbyWC said...

I agree that at the state level Anglos still run the show - the corrupt ones (meaning not all Anglos are corrupt) know how to play the LRGV - the Texas Democratic Party is the largest anti-latino organization in the State - they selected Gilberto Hinowhoreso because they knew he would play along for the appearance of power - the fact we kicked him out of office meant nothing to those Anglos in Austin running the Plantation Politics of the Texas Democratic Party

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bingo....."the Texas Democratic Party is the largest anti-latino organization in the State".
Try explaining that to local diehards....NOT!!!!!!

You will be surprised at how many people(incuding some of my relatives)who think that a form letter sent by some polititician was actually sent to them personally...smh.
In reality these professional politicians don't know us from Adam and wouldn't even spit on us if they saw us on the street.

My own brother, who is a politequero, feels that ALL people should receive public assistance because he feels the government can control us better. YIKES!!!
He is a diehard democrat and advises everyone to vote straight...la palanca.

BobbyWC said...

YOu have seen how I have given David Belleperche a positive review based on how he is presenting himself and belief in Brownsville - being a Republican aside - I opposed on Congressman Vela for his Republican ties, but all indicators are he hit Washington running - the reality of the learning curve may hit him soon, but based on everything about which I have first hand knowledge the man gets an A+ for caring about the Valley and trying - I can actually see myself voting for Chris Christy for President - why - because he will hold Congress by the balls until they say Uncle and that is what we need regardless of political party affiliation. I also believe Christy will have the radical right running for the hills during the primaries, which would be good for the Republicans and the US

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I don't know too many people here who are independents like myself so I am always on the defense because many think I must be republican. They don't understand what being independent means so I avoid politics at all cause. Makes my life easier.

I have high hopes and respect for Congressman Vela.

I need to brush up on Chris Christy. Thanks for the tip.

BobbyWC said...

Note, and my comments are coming from someone on the radical left - but country and character first

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

isn't rosenthal anglo?

BobbyWC said...

He's Jewish - jews, blacks and browns were not allowed in the country clubs - further the original blood line of all jews is darker skin

Bobby WC