Sunday, March 3, 2013


Bogie is the black one and Missy is the brown one.  I adopted them some 29 years ago - wow - until I calculate that I had no idea.  Bogie died about 16 years ago when he was 13.  Bogie was born fat.  When I was house training them I lived in a house with a big country kitchen.  I used a baby gate to keep them in the kitchen while at work.  I came home one day and Missy was on the couch and Bogie was half stuck in the kitchen and half dining room as he got  stuck in the hole Missy chewed through the baby gate.

Missy was 6 months shy of 18 when she just disappeared.  She could not walk 15 feet without falling from the arthritis.  She was nearly blind - but she still did her business outside.  For days after she disappeared there was a large hawk type bird in the tree out front.  We paid for ads, did mailers to every veterinarian in Dallas with her picture - nothing. 

I had Bogie cremated and his ashes will go with mine.  My directions are to put Missy's picture with Bogie' ashes.  In time both Buster and Keaton will be cremated.  We will all be disposed of in the North Atlantic.

Dogs are the best pets. 

BTW, Keaton is doing better - but sprained her ankle when she fell off the couch on Friday - if she is no better by Monday I will take her to the vet.  It is just a sprain.  It is not the first and will not be the last.

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Anonymous said...

(Dogs are the best pets.)

I agree, Bobby. 100%. Got and have had some of my own. Couldn't love them more if they were human.