Friday, March 29, 2013


I have messed up on pictures of Margarita Ozuna in the past - if someone knows for sure which is hers please send for posting.

My sources in the AG office just sent me the indictment - It is from the Hernandez/Pena trial

See Indictment

More to come - be patient as I type -

Here is the trial transcript and post from the BV

Let us not all forget during this time Montoya was under contract to Ernie Hernandez and attacking me for exposing this truth.  Montoya also attacked Ruben Pena for investigating the matter.

Here is what Montoya said about Peña for exposing this fraud

"Ruben Peña is co counsel with Michael Cowen. Now of course, when Ernie Henandez was paying Montoya to trash and lie about Peña, this is what was said. The following are excerpts from Montoya's endless posts attacking Ruben Peña.

"Now, as a result of the challenge to those ballots by losing candidate Ruben Peña, they were visited by the process server hired by Pena's lawyers."

"Pena, who is attempting to gather enough witnesses to overturn the election results that resulted in his loss to Ernie Hernandez by 49 votes, apparently is resorting in trying to get enough voters to say they did not know who they voted fr when politiqueras mailed in their ballots.

But for Sylvia Cisneros, the methods his attorneys and process servers are using smack of intimidation and coercion.

"This is not right," she said. "They can't allow this kind of behavior to continue like this. Now we're really glad we didn't vote for him. If he doesn't watch out, he might end up getting charged and sued himself."

Amazing how a check gets Montoya to change sides.

The trial transcript for verification of what I am saying can be found here.

A sampling of the testimony from the first day of the trial

In part one the first voter witness is Ricardo Liceaga. If you look to the top of the document you should be able to figure out how to fast forward to page 73.  The indictment is based on the testimony of Ricardo Liceaga.

Here is a summary of his testimony as originally printed in the BV - see above link

"The first witness a male testified that Margarita Ozuna voted for him and then took his ballot. You could hear a pin drop at that point. People were horrified. Hernandez’s lawyer looked defeated - Erin Hernandez just smirked."

The BV filed the criminal complaint with the AG's office along with the transcript.  This was done while Montoya was attacking me for exposing the truth.  I renewed my efforts last year.  I documented the laws violated based on the witness testimony.  Blogging endlessly like a cry baby accomplishes nothing.

When the FBI refused to do its job as to Armando Villalobos and Abel Limas, I sued FBI director Mueller to force the issue.  We all know how that turned out.  If indictments do not come down against BISD trustees after the Villalobos trial is done, I will be back in Washington seeking to force Mueller to do his job as to BISD.

I have two more criminal complaints going to the AG's office.  The one thing I know for sure is, when it comes to Saenz the local attorneys will be protected.  The AG's office understands this all too well.  The indictments will come, but not through Saenz because he will ignore the complaint.

Yes it is true, I do not play well with lawyers and judges - and you know why - because they are a criminal enterprise protecting one another.


BobbyWC said...

Why is Homeland Security looking at Martin Sarkis/Sarquis?

Washington, District of Columbia, United States
IP Address:Department Of Homeland Security ( [Label IP Address]
Search Referral: — brownsville pd blogspot #10Entry Page: Page:​-im-shocked.html

Anonymous said...

Maybe they want to deport him, good riddance.

Anonymous said...

(Maybe they want to deport him, good riddance) Alien = Deportable

BobbyWC said...

The comments may be funny - I have only allowed them because of the question behind his real name - Sarkis or Sarquis -

It is my understanding he is a US citizen so deportation in not an option unless his application was fraudulent

I have no idea why they are looking at him - here on the border people get looked at all of the time

People do not realize but on the border or international airport anywhere in the US we have deminished 4th Amendment Rights
Bobby WC