Thursday, March 28, 2013


President Lincoln was a mere 25 when elected to the Illinois legislature.
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President Kennedy was a mere 29 when elected to the US House or Representatives.
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Vice President Joe Biden was 29 years old when elected to the US Senate.  He was 27 when elected to the county council.  See Source:

My readers get my message.  I have been very open that in the race to replace Melissa Zamora I oppose both Sarkis/Sarquis or Portillo as Martinez plants or simply not qualified. 

I am also on record that I believe Leo Rosales or David Belleperche would serve the district well.  Given reality or facts if you will, David being 28 is a non issue.  If Joe Biden can be a US Senator at age 29, David can certainly be a city commissioner at age 28.

David brings a vision that Brownsville can be something more and Leo brings the experience of dealing daily with the poor and needy. They are different but either way Brownsville would be well served.  Neither can be  tied to a political machine or being some one's puppet.  Brownsville needs new ideas or people with real experience in being connected to the people.

We do not need another puppet or failed business person on the city commission.  Brownsville will be well served if either David Belleperche or Leo Rosales win the election.

In the end my readers need to consider their own values and the qualifications of the candidates and make their own  choice.

The Candidates are:  click on name for Facebook Page

Debbie Portillo

If you believe Tony Martinez is a good mayor, you should vote for Debbie Portillo - she will be there backing him in every vote.

Martin Sarkis

From Martin's Facebook page - you cannot make this up "I truly belirve it is very important to workas a team whit the Commissioners and the Mayor that the Citizebs elect. whoever gets elected, has a commitment to Brownsville not to each other ,That way my motto is BROWNSVILLE FIRST"

Here is the BV's link on the history of Martin Sarkis.  He is sloppy in managing his personal finances and his Facebooke page.  Do people really expect him to be more competent as a commissioner?

Click for full documented support of who Martin Sarkis really is - a financial disaster

David Belleperche and Leo Rosales each have a web page and Facebook page.  If anyone knows of a web page for any of the other candidates just let me know and I will post it.  Also on Rose Gowen and  Letty Perez-Garzoria  I cannot find an active campaign or Facebook page.  If anyone knows of their page[s] let me know and they will get posted.

David Belleperche web page

Belleperche Facebook

Leo Rosales web page

Rosales Facebook

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Anonymous said...

You're right Bobby.....David Belleperche's age has nothing to do with it. He has some good ideas, a vision, is eager and wants to be able to make Brownsville a better place. It's time for change and this young man deserves a chance especially when one considers what has been going in Brownsville for way too long. Time to clean house at City Hall.