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I just want to say a  few words about Duardy's insistence that Judge Cascos fire Cris Valadez.  The story on its face is garbage because it fails on ethics and the complete facts.  When a journalist is in an open feud with someone ethics would command they disclose that open feud and their bias in the story.  But this is Duardy - to hell with journalistic ethics.

Second, a true journalist would stay on the story to find out why Cris is behind on his taxes, and fully disclose the guarantee that all of the taxing authorities have in collecting the taxes.  If and when his home is sold, the bank is paid first with all other monies going to the various taxing authorities, and then Cris and his wife.  There is very little risk for the various taxing authorities.  Plus if Duardy knew anything about these things he would know the payment agreement includes penalties, interests, and attorneys  fees.  It is a debt.  A legal debt recognized and authorized by the state of Texas.  In Texas this is not a basis to fire someone from a job.  It certainly would not make Cris pay the taxes sooner.  But it sure could result in bankruptcy meaning everyone getting nothing.

Now the why - I suspect I know the reason why Cris and his wife are behind on the taxes.  But let's say the reason is all the extra income is going for cancer treatment - would the insufferable Duardy say let your kid die and pay your taxes.  Well, actually he would - this is the nature of Duardy.  The reason is not cancer.  But if my understanding is correct I will bet everything I own 95% of Brownsville would back Cris in his  decision.  But you know what - this is not about taxes, it is Duardy settling a school yard fight.  There is nothing professional in such action.-

I always ask myself my motivation for a story or commentary - if the motivation is suspect I kill the story or commentary.   I am  certain I have allowed one or three things through, notwithstanding the test.

But in the end a true journalist would seek information from the community for the why?  And then once disclosing the why, allow the readers to decide if the reason why Cris is behind on his taxes is an honorable one - especially in light of the fact in the end - the taxpayers will get paid either through a pay-out or the sale of his property.


Presas-Garcia and Luci  Longoria not happy having put themselves through bankruptcy now seek to bankrupt BISD to settle all personal scores.

Oh, along those lines, Presas-Garcia's publicist for "Walking Dead" proudly announced the producers allowed her to name the fictitious town where the story takes place.  The name of her town will be "Vendettaville."

These ladies are putting on BISD's agenda, according to Montoya, at the expense of the taxpayers a  demand that every employees' and board members' credentials be reviewed.  Who will pay for this witch hunt? - the children with less money for supplies while these two idiots seek to have BISD declare Enrique is not a Dr.  Here is the scoop - there is no legal standard on this issue, unless you get caught lying about your education for purposes of a job.  I can start an online school for blogging with students earning a PhD in blogging after 6 months.  The certificate will allow them to carry the title Dr.  - technically because I have a doctorate I can refer to myself (if I were a pretentious prick) as Dr. Robert Richard Wightman-Cervantes.  I am not a pretentious prick - hence Bobby WC.

Also what authority would BISD have to investigate the education of any BISD trustee unless it is a condition of holding office?  His education has nothing to do with his qualifications to be a trustee, so what is the objective?  These ladies are just stupid.

This is a complete and total waste of money for the sole purpose of embarrassing Enrique.  This battle between Presas-Garcia and Enrique is going to lead to a blood bath.

Enrique is winning.  It is way more than a year before the next BISD election and he is already raising money.  Luci and Cata seem to think they are going to run someone against him.  These two fail to understand that they have to hold on to both Luci's and Saavedra's seat - highly unlikely - one of the two will lose.  But I am loving the blood bath.  Let the races continue.


Anonymous said...

To call CPG and LL dumb as a stump would be giving stumps a bad rap.

Anonymous said...

So disappointed in you trying to justify Valadez failure to pay taxes. It's as if you are backing him up. While I agree that this is a personal issue not related to his employment with the County, I do think that Cascos should be handling this manner better. How can he have the position he has with the County and be in debt with the County. These taxes are from 2010 and 2011 NOT 2000 and 2001. And before you go tying me to a Paz follower, I don't care for that man either but do appreciate him bringing this issue to light. It's about being transparent and we as taxpayers deserve better than this from public servants.

Anonymous said...

On Jan. 19 I read in The Herald that Mr. Roger Ortiz was hired as a temporary consultant to “tie together loose ends from the previous election cycle.” County Commissioner David Garza is so right when he stated, “Roger should have done all this before he left.”
It is irresponsible and unprofessional for Mr. Ortiz to leave a job unfinished. Unless he was fired, he knew when he was to retire and should have had all his T’s crossed and I’s dotted.
As a counselor for BISD I have never left a school to go to another one without completing all of my assignments for whoever was to take my place. Our teachers work long hours meeting deadlines, without expecting or receiving compensation. They do not make $75 an hour for extra work.
Shame on Mr. Ortiz for not doing what is right for Brownsville and Cameron County who have provided him with the means to live a decent life. Shame on the Commissioners Court for spending the county’s money on a so-called “consultant.” They should have ensured that the work was done on time and correctly.
But then, look at all the ways Brownsville and Cameron County have wasted money on projects that just do not return dividends. Will we ever use common sense and integrity when we are trusted by our peers to do what is right? This means thinking it through before spending the county’s hard-earned money.
Irma Barrientes-Sherman

Anonymous said...

Donald Thrump filed bankrupacy, look where he is now. Your friens Zayas & cortez bankrupted the district, Enrique will finish where they left off. Did you already forget his contract rigging he did for his brother? There are witnesses Escobeo was at the construction site to make sure it happened. Dont play stupid.

BobbyWC said...

So what you are saying is, my point that Duardy is in an open fued with Cris is not important to the story and the reason Cris is behind is also not important - because that was my story - because if your are saying the reason is not important then you are saying it is better a parent allow a child die from cancer than get behind on taxes - I never defended being behind on taxes - you simply chose to bring your personal bias on the issue to how you read the piece and simply ignored my point

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

You know Cata your con artist tactics will not work here - so long as you were getting what you wanted you voted for every contract going to Enriques brother - I have covered nearly all of them - so trying to suggest I am protecting him just makes you a con artist

you are the one caught at the Dancy building begging for jobs - you are the one caught with a very incriminating text sent on January 22nd -

Why should Brownsville not enjoy as you and Enrique destroy each other

Bobby WC