Wednesday, March 13, 2013


UPDATE:  After Il Dulce Duardy posts threat against Jerry McHale Jerry begins to systematically delete all graphics by MaClavio O'Malley.  Whatever Il Dulce Duardy has on Jerry must be big.  So Duardy cannot win an argument on the merits so he  turns to threats - a threat apparently significant enough to silence Jerry and force removal of prior posts.  I guess free speech has no place in the world of blackmail. Comply with my demands or else.

"We have been friends since the 1980s, but Blogger Jerry McHale has crossed the line. Today, he posted a disgusting graphic that tells me he wishes the friendship to end. I'm hip. But we will fire back at him, even as he says he merely provides a forum for retarded foil Maclovio O'Malley (Cameron Co. Admin. assistant Cris Valadez) to fire on this blog. Perhaps it's time McHale felt a little pain. We do this in our continuing effort to rid Brownsville of its Godless and corrupt ways."

The idea that Duardy exists to  "rid Brownsville of its Godless and corrupt ways," caused me to piss my pants in laughter.  He views himself so powerful he declares people discarded. It is sad that Jerry caved to the threats from Duardy and took down the graphic - it was a classic.  Duardy seems to think that by threatening people and discarding people he is making himself important - no, he has only proven to all of Brownsville that something is profoundly wrong with this man.

Duardy has never posted complaints about such vile things as Jerry having lesbians defecating in each other's mouth or other vulgarities, but the second MaClavio O'Malley creates a funny sexual graphic involving Duardy, Duardy has found God - I guess it comes from the election of a new Pope.

Duardy we all remember that cell phone pic of someone with a well below average winky getting head.  Where was Duardy denouncing such smut? - "oh Duardy do tell." 

It is sad - Jerry McHale is too chicken shit to face Duardy head on - cowards backing cowards.   In other words two misogynist eunuchs running cover  for one another.


Anonymous said...

(In other words two misogynist eunuchs running cover for one another.) LOL!

BobbyWC said...

In all be years of blogging I can not think of once where in one blogger forced another to take down satire - a false statement is one thing - but taking down satire - McHale has crossed the line on porno so many times why now - what every Il Dulce Duardy knows about McHale it scared him big time

Bobby wc

Anonymous said...

Bobby, just seeing Mchale's picture reminded me how much he is looking like Jim Barton. I am undecided if he or jim should take the place of Hershel on the Walking Dead.

BTW I have always said that Jerry's blog is just plain nasty pornography but he shields himself with freedom of speech garbage.

I can just picture his students high fiving him and saying"es todo sir".

Well tell that to the parents who are clueless about this slimy "educator"....(I use the word loosely as I know I insult REAL educators)

BobbyWC said...

Hershal is a nice guy - it could never be McHale - I am not comfortable linking Jim and Jerry - in key areas they are night and day - I'm curious if he took down the pick of MaClavio boinking Duardy under threat from Lehmann or Cata - they have clearly been feeding Duardy the tax information - also something Duardy said tells me he had been in contact with Cata - the odds of what he said being a coincidence is too big

Bobby Wc