Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The BPUB charges me sewage every time I water my fruit trees, water the lawn, and add water to the pool.  I never really thought about it until Tuesday when I was telling my doctor,  due to water usage my bill went up $40 in one month.  (I double checked it and it was actually due to the cold - I normally do not get cold, but now that the testosterone treatment has resolved of the endless hot flashes, I guess I must have had the heater on a lot.) Apparently in Harlingen they have two separate meters - one for regular water usage and one for sewage.  What a system I water my citrus trees and get charged as if I flushed  the toilet.


Anonymous said...

You can have a separate meter installed by PUB for irrigation and you will only be charged sewer based on the home meter usage. Don't know what the cost is or how long it would take to get back the cost in the sewer charge savings.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks, I do know when I have the pool resurfaced they will not charge me as sewage for the 32,000 gallons to refill the pool. The company doing the resurfacing has a form accepted by the BPUB and based on their form they reduce the sewage bill by the 32,000 gallons needed to refill the pool.

Bobby WC