Saturday, March 2, 2013



On the COB election as a previous post indicated, I forget to do the request to the city secretary's office before they closed on Friday. I am the first to say keeping the people informed has now become the job of the blogs.  It does not shock me that the online edition of the Herald has no reference to the  election and who filed to be on the ballot. 

Because of my mistake my readers will have to wait until Monday to learn who applied to be on the ballot.  Also, do not forget, just because someone submitted signatures as part of their application does not mean they qualify to be on the ballot.  It is possible some applications will be rejected.  Of course once that happens we will see the blogs posts alleging conspiracy.

Once I know who is in and who is not, I will post my comments on the issue - but like I said if there is no substantive change since Thursday the election is already over.

BROWNSVILLEVOICE.COM -  I will work on it this weekend.  I have no idea why it is not up.  Godaddy's program is written for PHd's.  If I cannot get it up and running this weekend I will cancel the GODaddy contract and go back to Front Page - a child can create a web page using Front Page.



I have used PepBoys for 8 years without an incident.  They have honored their warranties without question every  time.  They give veterans as discount.  I have never had any problem with a service repair.  In the past I have compared prices and they are certainly very competitive.

During these past 8 years I have sent many people to PepBoys.  Not one person has ever come back to me with a complaint.

David is a great service manager.  Tell David Bobby sent you and he will take care of you.  Do not  forget to ask about their point system.  It really saves you money.  In about 2 weeks I will get my oil changed and instead of paying $59 I will pay $39 because of my points.  Most people do not pay $59 for an oil change but I am about to hit 120,000 miles on my truck so I pay for high mileage oil. 

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