Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Montoya now backs PAC which sought to oust Presas-Garcia - betrayal is a bitch huh Cata.


"Its purpose, according to the filed appointment of Garza as treasurer, states that it is to oppose candidate Catalina Presas-Garcia.

Garza was appointed treasurer by Kimberly Nicole Dale on March 8. The latest report October 8 for 30 days prior to an election lists its total political contributions at $600. All are said to have been under $50, therefore the PAC was not required to list the names of the contributors.

Dale, as some of you will remember, was the secretary for Martin Sarkis, who ran unsuccessfully for city commissioner the last go-round. The PAC's address, 325 W. Jackson, is her home off Resaca Drive, a rather unassuming abode in one of the city's lower-middle income neighborhoods on the other side of the tracks before they were relocated.

Obviously, the resident of that home would not seem to have the wherewithal to bankroll and anti-incumbent campaign."


This Kimberly Nicole Dale is the same Kimberly who called me yesterday demanding I take down my posts about Martin Sarkis/Sarquis.  Kimberly was chosen to head the anti Presas-Garcia PAC by Otis Powers.  It's funny how a check can get someone to change sides- Montoya goes from denouncing Kimberly and Sarkis to now taking their money and working with Otis Powers and Kimberly.  Poor Cata, has Otis Powers now outbid you?  Has Montoya decided you are a lost cause and needs to find a new source of revenue?

Cata do not forget how Montoya went from defending Ernie Hernandez's use of politiqueras and then switching sides based on a larger check from Begum.  But now it appears Montoya is back with the side with the backing of the politiqueras.  Money - Money- Money

I do not judge Montoya for his business, I judge the fools who give him the money.  Hey business is business is business.  If he can find fools to pay him money more power to him.  My issue has only been, people need to know everything he prints is bought and paid for without regard for  the truth.  These are the type candidates who pay him for advertising.


BobbyWC said...

I just read an incoherent post by Montoya trying to make Cata look good - the fact it is incoherent indicates how little he cares.


BISD polled its employees about the payday loans and they voted in favor of this company.

Fact: Montoya claims the company is sharks at 18% versus the 30% charged by the regular payday loan companies -

The question remains- who did Presas-Garcia promise the deal with?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious when Montoya only posts a "BS" pro-Cata article and then 80% of the comments bash the current 4 BOD members that are not in her gang or blame it on the Superintendent or previous boards. She really really needs to get a life and move one cares what she thinks. We are all just happy that she is not in control!