Tuesday, March 12, 2013


"But why isn't Saenz making an equally-big deal of all the Deadbeat Dads walking around immune from failure-to-pay-child-support prosecution? Get out there and hold a news conference saying you're going to get tough on that ever-growing army of bums."

A learned journalist would know that the DA has no jurisdiction over child support.  A learned journalist would have researched the duties of the DA before speaking nonsense.  His post was really a cowardly way to attack Melissa Zamora as the public relations officer for DA Saenz.  Nothing like the vengeance of a spurned imp.

For future knowledge Duardy, the Texas Attorney General has complete jurisdiction over child support issues.  They have an office in Brownsville with some of the most inept attorneys they could hire.

I do not believe it is good form for the bloggers to go after one another unless there is something in their story which is false or outright wrong.   As bloggers we can debate with one another why candidate A is better than candidate B - but merely attacking bloggers to paint yourself as the savior of Brownsville makes you well - Duardy.

Hey Duardy  for a small fee of $2,500 I will provide you a one day seminar in how to be a journalist.  The skill is not in the comma - it is in the research and being humble enough to know you do not know everything.

Where was Duardy when the BV was going after DA Saenz for his failures related domestic abuse - oh that's right - he was attacking the women who are victims of domestic abuse.

Here is an award winning story  for your Duardy.  DA Saenz is stating he will demand a couple of days jail time in all domestic abuse cases.  This is a joke at best.  I have been to both the DA assigned to the case - way too insecure to even consider listening or speaking to anyone but herself, and to the Assistant AG over the child support case.  Neither office cares to work with the other.

The DA cannot seem to understand why the custody order is germane to the case.  The alleged defendant violated the custody order by trying to see his daughter without following proper procedure - namely calling the grandmother to make arraignments   When he was denied access to his daughter he allegedly beat the mother of his daughter.   The child was not present.  This shows motivation.

Child support cases controlled by the AG go to the IV D judge.  Everyone with experience in this court knows the IV D judge will give this defendant 6 months for violating the custody order and 6 more months for not paying child support.  This is more than he will get from the DA.

The DA assigned to the case made it clear to me she did not need to hear  from me.  She claims to have a lot of experience in domestic abuse cases.  She has no experience in empathy.  These women are abused. The young woman I was helping was scared to death to meet with the DA - she needed someone to hold her hand.  She needed someone to help remove that fear of the system  This is why women do not pursue the  cases - fear.  You would think an experienced DA would understand this - but she does not.  Putting an abused woman in a room with the DA without an advocate to hold her hand and make sure she understands everything is cruel.  It is nothing less than another victimization of the abused woman.  But then this is how it is done.

DA Saenz needs to send all of his DA's for sensitivity training in how to deal with domestically abused women.  If he does this more women will pursue the charges

There is your story Duardy - but then that would have required leaving your imp car and getting involved and doing research.

It is sad both the DA and AG will refuse to work together to insure this guy gets the maximum sentence.  This is typical bureaucratic BS.   This is what happens when the egos of the attorneys become more important than the abused woman.

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BobbyWC said...

A note, when I say the AG has exclusive jurisdiction over child support issues, I am referring to their cases - which typically involve women on public assistance or unable to hire an attorney to seek enforcement.

The receiving party of the child support if they can afford an attorney hire an attorney to seek enforcement. This is quite common. Some counties have opted for a county system wherein a private company is actually responsible for seeking enforcement of the child support orders. There was a time this is how it was done in Dallas along side with the AG - but the DA has no jurisdiction in child support cases -

Bobby WC