Tuesday, March 5, 2013



Below see entry with the meetings blow by blow.

Presas-Garcia just removed as VP of Board and then referred for censure at the next BISD meeting.  She clearly cannot control herself.  She is expected to leave for filming of the "Walking Dead" posthaste, with Duardy as her driver.  Apparently, Presas-Garcia has left the meeting - I guess they  cannot wait to get to the "Walking Dead" set.

People ask me all of the time why I do not respond to Duardy the Imp's nonsense.  I ask, why?  This is what I know - if you ignore him - he will not go away, but he will get more and more angry and then  finally cross the line.  He hates being ignored.  "LOOK AT ME IN MY IMP MOBILE" "LOOK AT MY GREAT ROLL TOP DESK I AM AN AUTHOR."  Hey Duardy, mine is bigger and solid oak - but as we all know size proves nothing.  But maybe in this case it does.

Duardy finally could not handle me not responding - so to get at me he actually attacked a homeless woman, with a 4 month old baby and the victim of  domestic abuse.  Should this shock anyone?  No.  he writes smut which demeans women.  Why would anyone who writes smut which demeans women see women who are victims of domestic abuse as victims?  This is when you see his true colors.  This is why I wait to see how far he will go.

He is not even creative.  Really, Duardy - gay candidate who likes Bingo - Duardy your lack of creativity is mind numbing.  It saddens me though, because I will say it again - when he is not being controlled by his muse, his inner demons, he can write beautiful visuals.  It is sad he prefers to be guided by this muse of inner demons, than the muse which inspires such beautiful visuals.

Duardy has no interest in facts or research.  He is so  driven by his anger he just fabricates lies and prints them as truth.  It seems to me his obsession with Mervyns means they refused him a job.

Okay Duardy, you care about my wardrobe - my bathing suits are actually ordered online from Speedo - my underwear is ordered online from 2(x)ist - briefs with pouch - FYI, my jock straps for the gym are again ordered online - either 2(x)ist or Papi with pouch.  My suits are Brooks Brothers - along with the dress shirts and ties.  But I must admit I do buy my causual shirts and shorts at Academy.  I provide you this information so that you will no longer make a fool of yourself while discussing my clothing. 


Cris Valadez gets Brownsville laughing while responding to Duardy.  Duardy cannot handle this so he has become obsessed with Cris Valadez.  Cata Presas-Garcia is obsessed with Cris because according to numerous sources all over the Dancy building Presas-Garcia spends her days begging for a job.  She cannot seem to understand Cris has no authority to hire anyone or offer them a job. She has been told over and over again - no - the problem is certain text messages appear to suggest she was offering votes on contracts in exchange for a job.  The text which has the interest from law enforcement is dated January 22, 2013.  She seems to think Cris has the power to get her a job.  She cannot seem to take no or reality for an answer. 

Cata blames Cris for not being able to get a job.  that is like  blaming the Easter Bunny for not getting a bike. (oh, wait Bella is getting a 14" Dora bike from the Easter Bunny - I guess the Easter Bunny has to like you) So now Cata is all over the Internet talking about Cris's property tax problems.  Duardy once again proving his lack of interest in facts or journalism simply demands Cris be fired.  According to sources Cris makes monthly payments to get caught up on his taxes.  This is how it is done.  But Duardy does not know this because he is a moron with no knowledge of reality, life, or interest in getting to the facts.  He is about being a 5 year old spiteful boy crying to mommy and settling scores.


I did email Cata and offered her an opportunity to deny she has been at the Dancy building on a regular basis begging for a job.  I offered her a chance to respond to the content on the January 22, 2013 text.  She refused.  Pay attention Cata - anyone and everyone who has been interviewed related to Villalobos has their phone being monitored.  Every text you sent Cris is already in law enforcement's hands. 

The BV remains open to you Cata to respond to the allegations going around the Dancy building.  It is my understanding Enrique Escobedo was made aware of your texts almost immediately.  The county is not going to get caught with its pants down on this one.  Those who need to know about your texts are being kept informed - which is how I learned about it.

Again Cata, I will print all of these texts involved along with your explanation.  If you were being entrapped or working with the FBI trying to show how you were being offered a job in exchange for votes on certain  contracts, I will print it.  You have full access to the BV - just send your response.


Duardy tells you his books are not self published.  A research of the publishers of books by Patrick Alcatraz, or Eduardo Paz Martinez shows the publishers are self publish publishers or some combination of regular publishers and self publishers.  There is nothing wrong with self publishing - sometimes publishers fail to see a great author and self publishing is the only way for some authors to get noticed.

But look at this:

Here is a link to what it costs to by Harry Potter books at Amazon


Now compare the price of buying a paperback book from one of the greatest authors of our time, to that of Duardy.


The difference is a real publisher and one of these alternative publishers used by people like Duardy.


Anonymous said...

It was Pat Lehman the one that spilled the beans on Chris Valdez's taxes. I thought he was your friend dumbass....but you we close...He and Caty are one and the same.

BobbyWC said...

I am not sure what you are saying, but I think I only met Cris once - maybe twice - but I can only think of the one time the bloggers met with Judge Cascos on the issue of voting violations.

As a citizen I have maybe spoken with him 2-3 times on the phone to get information - how this makes me his friend is beyond me - It is my right as a resident of cameron county to seek information.

I maybe have 4-5 friends in Brownsville while I may know some 40 people - friendship is not defined by Face Book - it is defined by long term relationships wherein you develop trust and concern for one another.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I meant Caty and Lehman were one in the same,...I thought Lehman was a friend of Valdez to be doing him like that...not you.

BobbyWC said...

thank you for the professional manner in which you posted the clarification

Bobby WC