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Upon arrival on the set for "Walking Dead" Cata introduced Duardy as that great author whose works are so valuable and well written you must pay nearly 3x's the price for his paperback books than any other author. The producer noted that they had been thinking of a love interest for Cata. They asked Duardy if he was interested. He immediately said yes, but things went bad after Cata read the script of the opening scene. The director wanted a scene a la "Monster Ball" You remember - the couch scene.

Cata objected claiming that Duardy as a Walker may take the eating too seriously, and was concerned about being left deformed. The discussion ended with Duardy saying "No worry Cata, I much prefer English bangers over fish and chips anyway."

The producer settled by offering Duardy the job of the middle school teacher who teaches the children in the art of how to grammatically in proper form eat human children.


To understand how pathetic this Duardy dude is, he told veterans who lost legs and arms in wars defending his right to write smut, to "man it up." If I were Cata I would be real worried about how seriously he takes his part as a Walker - he may actually start eating humans.

I have no idea what is wrong with Duardy, but attacking domestically abused women and disabled vets puts him in a category never ever seen in the anus (I mean anus) of human writing - even by extreme teabaggers.

His child like demeanor can be seen in the following post over at McHale's page


/DPM March 9, 2013 at 1:33 PM

You should wait on our next posting about your ass, Cristobal. First thing Monday morning, there for you and all your pals at the county to see. Tax debt is Hell, lad. And you being a county employee paid by taxpayers rounds out the fat target. Who is that woman with you in the photo we plan to use - your old lady? Pobre mujer, but, hey, that's B-town blogging. No rest for the pendejos...

/DP-M "

Pay attention moron, merely doing satire or reporting on Cris is legal - but when you act in concert with people trying to settle a score over a failed rigged contract, you are part of a criminal conspiracy. Pay attention moron, every text and phone call involving Cata is recorded. The same goes for most of the people she is working with. If the evidence is there that you are working with these idiots ( and I emphasis if) trying to intimidate a public official over a failed rigged contract, you become a coconspirator in a criminal enterprise. You could find yourself getting some English banger sooner than later. Of course all of this is based on what evidence exists in the texts and phone calls.



BobbyWC said...

Enjoying the read Duardy - my system emails me every time you click on the BV

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll give you the benefit of tke doubt and take you at your words. It's a dense forest to cut through, what with that horrible writing, but here goes: I do not know any Cata. How and why you lump me in with dames I'd not choose to befriend spooks me. Are you impaired? As for the schtick on me in a movie with this same Cata, well, I am flattered, but, again, it's another of your lies. I am child-like! I'm nine years old! And you're a senile old coot. Keep writing about me; it's good to know I ruin your day. As for the Vets thing, well, they are whiners. AND, as you well-know, NOT all vets lost arms and legs. What did you lose? Why deny it the truth? Be real, man. Or should I say, "Be real, Bobby." I read your Blog, and I read a hundred others. Big deal. A writer needs material. Keep flailing at those demons, lad. Texts and phone calls? Ha ha ha. (AND IT'S OBVIOUS YOU READ DOS FRIAS, BUT, AGAIN, WHO GIVES A SHIT?)...


BobbyWC said...

Poor Duardy - he is upset - as the great writer he is he fails to see characters and in the immortal words of Duardy - imagine me waiving my hand in a dismissive way when I say this "When I grow bored with these characters I will move on to new ones." They are characters - even to dimwits.

You must be a sadist because you claim reading my blog causes pain to the brain - but yet there you were at 10:48:04 am this morning reading the BV.

Your nonsense bothers no one - now I need to get back to burning that stump - and for the record if done using the authorized chemicals sold at any Home Depot it is legal - my dogs have had their bath - the bathroom is spic and span - as the stump smolders I will vacume the pool - and then finish a good book - it then should be time to but the salmon on the grill along with some eggplant

chow chow duardy

so as to give you pleasure I will not even spell check my post or proof it -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Go Get them Bobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone who calls our U.S. Veterans "whiners", is Un-American! They should just pack their bags and leave the Country!

BobbyWC said...

Duardy by his own admission has lost all sense of reality vs. fiction. His words not mine

"As for the schtick on me in a movie with this same Cata, well, I am flattered, but, again, it's another of your lies"

If it is fiction it cannot be a lie - this dude actually believes Cata has a role on "Walking Dead."

he claims to read the blogs while claiming to not know of the person probably most spoken of on the blogs - beyond surreal
Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Some Veterans at the VFW did not earned the Purple Heart but they wear the ribbons.

BobbyWC said...

For historical reasons I am no fan of the VFW - but also they are a private organization - it is beyond me why any local vet belongs to the VFW - if you know of someone wearing a purple heart who did not earn it - just report it to the FBI - it is a crime

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, for the life of me----I can't understand this /DP-M person---maybe it's just me. Is he a blogger? I can understand everything you write so that makes me somewhat intelligent---but /DP-M baffles me. Is he a Mchale devotee? If that is the case then I understand my failure to comprehend anything this character has to offer.
BTW readers PLEASE report anyone impersonating a real war hero by wearing false medals as this is a slap on the face for those who truly deserve them.

As always blessings to you and yours Bobby. :))

BobbyWC said...

here is the deal - I think he has no idea who he is - he hates anyone who is successful - he claims we hate him, but I have repeatedly said he can write beautiful visuals - according to Duardy this is me saying I hate him.

I will go one step better - if he would listen to the muse who gives him the insight to write those beautiful visuals instead of the demon muse, he could make a fortune running a Hill Country web page with tons of ads. I would love to read his visuals of the Hill Country while imagining the lives of those who came for from Germany and other parts of Eastern Europe. there is no hate - just sadness.

He claims people only hated his blog once they knew it was him - the fact of the matter is once he turned to that inner muse which is his demons he went back to the same style people are turned off by.

He attacked the local bloggers before anyone even knew for sure it was his blog - you see if he attacks the local bloggers it is because he is saving Brownwsville from itself - if the Bloggers respond it is because they are hateful.

he hates Melissa Zamora because she rebuffed him - Melissa kindly provides me contacts to help a domestically abused woman and Duardy attacks this as being worthless because she is leaving office.

His near psychotic hate for anyone who does not love him is such he cannot even see the contacts helped this woman now and it is meaningless that Melissa is leaving office.

He hates the fact the Chief Administrator of the VA for this region invited me to a meeting of vets - so he mocks it - and calls vets whiners.

he accuses barton of copying him and others, but if you look at his drivel he relies on BV's research - even his positive post on Sarqis came after I gave Sarqis a positive for hitting the campaign trail running

he attacks barton for not liking Portillo for no apparent reason while ignoring the fact every local blogger has tied her to Martinez and his desire for a solid majority. there are documented good reasons for opposing Portillo but Duardy ignores them and then after spending nearly every living second of his life demeaning Bronwsville women he claims to be coming to the defense of Brownsville women.

I cannot call him a liar because he truly has no idea

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So you base everything on fiction to cover for your lies?

BobbyWC said...

The problem is you are either a con artist, or lack the ability to tell the difference between a fictional tale and a valid commentary or news story

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So Duardy is another Cata? That explains alot. You see Cata cannot tell the difference between the truth, reality and lies! Triste, bien Triste!

Anonymous said...

Duardy really seems on the verge of diving off the the highest point of the queen Isabella causeway.