Tuesday, March 12, 2013


David like so many others sees Brownsville as a place with so much potential which is not being harnessed for the advantage of the city and the people.  He is from San Diego - a border  city on the ocean - such as Brownsville.  This simple reality compels him to ask - why not Brownsville?

In terms of working with the other commissioners he sees it as a challenge to educate the other commissioners and mayor as to why his idea is a good idea for Brownsville.  While he will use this approach to work with the other commissioners, he will not be a rubber stamp for anyone.

He stated he will not be voting to fire anyone on any basis other than they are not looking out for the city and its finances.  He wants the city run like a business with an end to wasteful spending on pork barrel just to satisfy constituents.  He wants every penny spent wisely.

He sees Brownsville in need of modernization of its infrastructure.  Our shortage of ambulances and emergency staff  seems to be a big priority. along these lines.

He promises if elected he will keep an ear to the people so that their concerns are addressed.

In May he will graduate UTB with a degree in criminal justice.

It is my understanding that within days he will have a web page up an running with more detailed information about his campaign.

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