Sunday, March 3, 2013


District 3:
Martin Sarkis…………….. 100 signatures verified - qualified
Debbie Portillo…………… signatures to be verified
David Belleperche………. signatures to be verified
Rosalio “Leon” Rosales… signatures to be verified
District 4
John Villarreal (I)………. 100 signatures verified - qualified
Letty Garzoria…………… signatures to be verified
At-Large “B”
Rose Gowen (I)…………… 100 signatures verified - qualified
Roberto Uresti…………… signatures to be verified
We are in process of verifying others’ signatures.

We will not have a final list of candidates until all signatures are verified. 100 points to Martin Sarkis for getting his signatures in on a timely basis.  -100 points for the other three.

I am calling John Villarreal and Rose Gowen the winners of those races.  A 4 way in district 3 could be interesting.  The candidates are free to send me any information they please.  I will post it.  Once I get contact information on each candidate I will attempt to get additional information for each candidate.  Of course each candidate is entitled to a free general ad with a web link to their campaign which I will put on the

UPDATE:  My update is, there is no update.  I am certain the city secretary's office is busy checking signatures.  Technically she has 10 days to respond.  She has never played that game such as BISD with every request, and then objects.  As soon as I hear something I will post it.

I will add an update to this as soon as I hear from the City Secretary's office as to the final list of possible candidates.  In some cases she still may be verifying signatures.  Depending on the final list, I may call the election.

Jim Barton made the comment that I underestimate how the people of Brownsville feel about Tony Martinez and what he is doing.  Wow - My question is, does Jim Barton even live in Brownsville?. 

In case he has not noticed, the Herald has declared a news blackout on anything negative about Tony Martinez, or UTB.  Exactly how are the people of Brownsville to know anything negative about Brownsville?  If they know nothing about what is happening, why then would they vote against his candidates?  They will not.

Over a month ago I called on the anti-Tony Martinez advocates to start taking out Sunday ads educating the people - nothing - no one could raise the money.  I called for an ad to shame UT in regards to the land give away by Tony Martinez - the money offers reach a whole $100.00 

Here is reality - this is Brownsville - no one cares.  People truly have no idea what is happening.  No one wants Tony Martinez more so than I to become a lame duck mayor - but reality is reality.

The Brownsville City Commission has become such a useless and embarrassing political entity no one with an education or true critical thinking skills want to be part of it.  No one is willing to run - this race is almost the city commission race which almost wasn't.

So no Jim. I do not underestimate the anti Tony Martinez mood.  I live with the people every day.  I live with them in their homes, the hospitals, the mental wards, the beach, Bingo (yea) and they have no idea what is happening.  I live in the reality of the times.  We have no newspaper.  We have no news coverage.   We might as well be living in North Korea - Daniel Cavasos controls what the people know and do not know - the difference between Daniel Cavasos and the dictator of North Korea is nothing - the average joe has never heard of either of them and both are determined to keep the people ignorant for their own individual agendas.

Ernie Hernandez is hit with an IRS lien and it is a major story.  Marc Sossi is hit with major IRS liens and Daniel Cavasos declares it not newsworthy.  If Emma Trevino-Perez had an ounce of ethics, which she does not - she is the queen whore of bad journalism - she would resign from the Herald while going to the TV news media denouncing Daniel Cavasos.

Did the Herald do any news coverage leading up to the deadline to put your name on the ballot for the city election.  The Herald declared the entire up and coming election not newsworthy.  Daniel Cavasos refused to cover the story of  Marc Sossi's IRS lien because Tony Martinez needs Marc Sossi.  Daniel Cavasos wanted to make sure the people had no idea there is about to be an election because he did not want Tony Martinez's candidates facing serious challengers.

So no Jim, I do not underestimate the anti Tony Martinez mood.  I accept that maybe 2-3 thousand people out of Brownsville's 200,000 people are aware of the the discussion.  Of these, many probably support Tony Martinez in his efforts. 

You win elections based on reality.  This so called anti Tony Martinez reality does not exist - if it did these people would have raised the money to place the ads in the Herald I suggested.  Tony Martinez controls the narrative.   I was right about controlling the narrative with the BISD election and Rick Zayas and Otis Powers overruled me.  I know for a fact Powers has been confronted over his mishandling of controlling the narrative related to the refiling the Healthsmart lawsuit.  His position is Barbosa beat Presas-Garcia and he is a genius when it comes to these issues. 

He absolutely opposes educating the people about Healthsmart so as to force Enrique Escobedo to change his vote.  Powers day in and day out negotiates with Escobedo because this fool fails to realize every conversation, every email, every text is going to the FBI.

Healthsmart will not be refiled because Otis Powers is a fool.  Tony Martinez will get his majority because virtually no one in Brownsville is even aware of what is happening at the COB. 

I have no idea where I am going with the  I really need to work on it this week - I have considered doing a 10,000 mailer announcing its existence, but cannot seem to justify the expense.  I  can get the money back with ads, but I just do not feel comfortable taking money for ads.  Someone will claim I am protecting some  furniture store because I accepted their ad.  Trust me, I have no interest in investigating an unethical salesman at a furniture store.  Without verification of the facts, I would not print the story - hence the allegation I am covering for the advertiser.

Nothing sickens me more than my meetings with the business community only to leave each meeting with  - not yet - they seem to know they must take control of the city, but at the same time are so afraid of their own shadow they cannot seem to act.

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BobbyWC said...

Comment rejected - I do not get it - how many times do I have to say this nonsense will not get through.

I know nothing about some of these candidates. No newspaper editor would authorize a competent reporter to report on people who have not even yet qualified to be on the ballot. Once we have a final list of approved candidates, I will do more research on each QUALIFIED candidate.

If you insist on insulting these people go to the other blogs to post your comments - you know they will get through so why bother trying such nonsense here?

Bobby WC