Monday, March 4, 2013

My readers know I have already declared Rose Gowen and John Villarreal the winners in their races. Discussion done - with the exception that Roberto Uresti, assuming his signatures are verified and he is given access to the ballot, should withdraw. I will be up front - I truly believe in his heart Roberto wants to do good for Brownsville. You cannot attribute any desire to cut deals for himself or his friends. He is simply not qualified - but he is a good man - he cares deeply about Brownsville. He needs to withdraw because it will save Brownsville a lot of money. Under current Texas law if Rose Gowen does not have an opponent then no ballot needs to be printed. This will save the taxpayers a lot of money. It is really that simple


David Belleperche is a staunch Republican who stood with Romney/Ryan.  This will not bode well for him among Brownsville voters.  People need to remember the goal is to beat Debbie Portillo.  We must be behind the candidate most likely to beat Debbie Portillo.  Am I writing off David Belleperche because he is a staunch Republican? - no - I really need to listen to him and his vision for Brownsville - to be quite frank with my readers I care more about his vision for Brownsville than his political party affiliation.  But unfortunately, most of Brownsville does not think this way - once he is labeled a staunch Republican he will be injured.  But I agree in a properly handled campaign good ideas and a real vision could help him overcome his Republican ties.  We need to learn more before forming an opinion.

Rosalio “Leon” Rosales - I conducted a quick interview with Mr. Rosales.  I was very impressed.  I believe - in fact I am certain that if he can raise the money he will beat Debbie Portillo.  He is 58 and Brownsville home grown and raised.  To be fair - this does not get many points with me - but it does with the people of Brownsville.

Here are some key quotes from our interview - know that it is my policy to read back to the candidate what I typed so as to insure no mistakes.

On Tony Martinez he said:  "I’m a little concerned. But I am here to work with everybody" I totally agree - elected officials who cannot build relationships with their fellow elected officials will never succeed.  It is okay to oppose Tony Martinez on some issues, while working with him on issues where you both agree.  This is a sign of solid political maturity.  He stated  "it is important to build relationships to succeed and get things done."  This is a good attitude - this nonsense of if so and so is for it I am against it does not work.

He is the Executive Director of the Good Neighbor Settlement House.  As a consequence of his experience in this area he strongly believes the City of Brownsville needs full time social workers to guide people through the myriad of social services available to the needy in Brownsville.

A city cannot take on the status of a major city if it does not have a social workers office to guide the needy through the myriad of social services available to the needy.  Brownsville really needs a one stop office with social workers who can help the needy with all of the forms of the various agencies.

We both had work to do so the conversation stopped there.  Mr. Rosales has grant writing experience which should be helpful in finding money for a social services office.


I would really like to speak with him and allow him to tell the people of Brownsville his vision for Brownsville and how he intends to get to that vision.  I have no vote in this race.  It is for my readers to consider the words and ideas of each candidate and then to hopefully make an informed decision based on their values, not mine.

Martin Sarkis, will not make the runoffs - but his campaign could  funnel a lot of votes from Debbie Portillo so that would be good - his campaign does have a usefulness.

One thing I truly like about Mr. Rosales is on experience and ideas I think he can run a very clean and professional campaign against Debbie Portillo and win.  This is how campaigns should be.  In my conversation with Mr. Rosales going negative does not seem like something he wants to do - it does not appear to be in his character.  Good for him.  I think in a side by side contrast on experience and vision Mr. Rosales wins hands down.

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