Monday, March 25, 2013


I try and stay away from this nonsense but fraud is fraud. The latest study shows Facebook accounts have as many as 44% fake followers. Click here for Source:

I know the basic numbers of readers on social media in the Brownsville/Cameron county area.  For the record anyone who claims they know which social media is the most read is a liar.  There is no  free program which monitors such things.

If you google how to fake followers on Facebook, you will learn there are many ways to make it appear you have followers when in fact you do not.  Can you really have 12,000 followers and have so few people actually commenting?   Remember when Erasmos point blank lied and told his lemming 250 (LOL - yes a fiction but maybe close) followers Chirinos, Pena and Powers were all working with Carlos Quintanilla the convicted felon when in fact it was is friend Linda who was on the phone working with Carlos Quintanilla. 

This is across the board for anyone paying for advertising on a blog or Facebook - the numbers are fraught with fraud.  In fact Facebook is being sued over the issue.

The clues on this issue are simple - Cheezmeh cannot deliver voters.  Tetreau, Villarreal and Erin Garcia all won in spite of Cheezmeh.  When compared to the general population of Brownsville, no one even knows Cheezmeh or the blogs exist.  The BV's primary target audience has always been the business community.  This is where I work on building my readership.  Once I finish building the I will seriously consider mailers to key voters announcing the page.  My problem is godaddy's program sucks.  I need to find a web page builder which was as easy as Front Page - A five year old could build a web page on Front Page - but it no longer exists.

OH, LOL - LUCI GOOSEY THIS IS FOR YOU - someone unblocked the BV on BISD computers - my readership has jumped from BISD IP addresses including administrative offices and even campuses.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, The Cheez loves ya...

BobbyWC said...

I'm lactose intolerant - truth

I eat cheese, but no one likes the result - least of all me

Bobby WC