Friday, March 29, 2013


Good Friday becomes Bad Friday for retrieving documents from the court house.   While not a federal holiday, Good Friday is a Cameron county holiday.  At the state level it is an optional holiday. 

On Wednesday and Thursday I noticed inquiries at the BV from various federal and state law enforcement agencies.  There was a search for indictments for David Sanchez, Leonel Alejandro and Menton Murray.  The Texas AG  had a search for Herminia Becerra.  Most of the time I simply take note of the inquiries.  I may use the inquiry to justify some phone calls or emails to various sources - but that is about it.

Each of the above named judges have been named in a negative light in the Limas case.  What bothers me most is Judge Olvera knowing this continues to appoint both Menton Murray and Leonel Alejandro as visiting judges.   Judge Olvera could find his career coming to an end once the Villalobos trial goes forward.  He will not be allowed to claim ignorance.

Montoya has now printed two stories indicating there are active investigations.  Here is the tell the politiquera indictment might be false.  He knows when the indictment occurred.  He knows in which court it has been assigned.  He knows the name of the defense attorney.  But he does not know the name of the politiquera.  If he were to print the name of someone knowing it is false he could be sued for defamation - hence no name - hence the probable tell that the story is false.  But, it may be true.

My sources at the federal level know nothing about his claims of federal involvement in the politiquera problem.

The stories may be just bogus attempts to intimidate the politiqueras and those who hire them.  This would not be a bad thing - but it does not make the stories true.

Because the Texas AG did do a google search on Herminia Becerra and I know for a fact I submitted the Hernandez/Pena trial transcript to the criminal section of the Texas AG - specifically to the lawyer who prosecuted the Medrano case in Dallas,  I decided to go to the court house and search for evidence of an indictment.  Once filed in a court it is public record.

Well like I said, Good Friday is Bad Friday for retrieving documents.  I would not normally take the time to go to the court house to check on a Montoya story because they are false so often they do not merit my time.  But in this case with the AG search on Herminia Becerra I decided there might be something there.

I do know for a fact that the AG's office is very concerned with Cameron county.  In  fact two criminal complaints I am preparing I am copying to both Saenz and the AG.  I have zero expectation of Saenz doing his job. 

If you think this nonsense of DA's running cover for locals is limited to Cameron county you are wrong.  The AG took the Medrano politiquera case because Craig Watkins, Dallas DA refused the case.  The Texas AG has declared no confidence in Craig Watkins and continues to take cases he will not properly prosecute.

See Story

I have emailed and called the AG who prosecuted the Carlos Medrano case in Dallas.  Today is an optional holiday at the state level so maybe the AG's office is closed - I do not know.  If I hear anything back I will let my readers know.

I am not  saying there is no indictment against a politiquera - I am saying it is odd Montoya knows the name of the defense counsel, in which court it was filed, the date of the indictment, but not the name of the indicted.  Falsely printing the name of someone who has not been indicted will get you sued.  Hence the Tell - the story may be false.


BobbyWC said...

Do tell so we both know- how many times do I have to reject your Gomez comment before you get the message that without proof it will never get through -

please do tell - how many times

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Time will tell!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the picture of Becerra and Ozuna sitting in the Gomez tent proof enough? Just saying. Jim laid out the evidence pretty nicely.

Anonymous said...

Montoya was concerned that if she had not being arraigned she would flee, he knew the name and saw the indictment but used caution. he was more interested in justice being done than getting the story out

BobbyWC said...

Proof of what? So if I wear a candidate's t-shirt it means I have committed a crime?

Not proof of anything - but the picture is being used by me with an affidavit to move the investigion even further.

All the picture shows is a link - but proof of nothing more

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Pure bullshit - she knew about the grand jury hearing - she was informed in advance - I have represented a lot of people before grand juries - every client got a target letter and offered an opportunity to testify - who did she think was indicted - Santa Clause - no- something more is going on - I have theories - cards will be played soon enough

In the politiquera case I defended in Dallas my client was invited to testify before the grand jury - we told him no - in the end they had no evidence and the jury found him not guilty - even after the grand jury indicted him - on no evidence

bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

here is another example of how stupid your comment is - what telling the name of her defense attorney did not put her on notice? Be real and stop making excuses.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I have to reject your comment because you raise a name you know I will not publish until I have the evidence.

But to your greater point - I am not limiting this to the Hernandez family. The indictment relates to the Herndandez election - hence I mention Hernandez

I did also discuss Sheriff Lucio and JP Salazar

The possible names which will come out are ever ending - as they come out the BV will discuss them

But I agree this goes well beyond the Hernandez family - Ben Euresti must recuse himself from this case

Judge Olvera better appoint a visiting judge from nowhere in the LRGV - maybe from Houston - the pick must be very clean.

In fact Judge Olvera needs to recuse himself from appointing a visiting judge and use the rule to ask that the Chief Justice make the appointment.

Judge Olvera has proven to all of Cameron County he is prepared to give judicial appointments to former judges tied to the Limas affair - Judge Olvera can hardly be looked upon as someone looking out for justice or the people of Cameron county

Ozuna will be offered a misdemeanor plea bargain with no jail time if she gives up Ernie and Norma Hernandez - will she? I do not know

But if she does not expect her defense to be Ruben Peña intimidated the witnesses (Remember this is what Montoya alleged in his paid for posts) In a larger criminal enterprise indictment based on Ozuna's cooperation Montoya himself could himself be indicted for accepting money from Hernandez to print what he knew to be lies.

This case could go either way

We really need an out of LRGV judge to oversee this case and control the lawyers - if Ozuna turns down the deal this case will get very ugly very fast

The big losers will be the seniors who will be dragged into court again to testify that Pena's people scared them into false testimony.

This would be sad - but if you believe a word Montoya printed this is exactly what happened.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I agree with assessment about how this SHOULD be handled. Thanks for the effort for a better LRGV!