Friday, March 8, 2013


My long term readers know I oppose candy. This year Bela is getting a 14" Dora the Explorer bike. A little exercise never hurts - plus she really wants a bike.  The 14" is based on her height of 41" - you need to research this when you buy a child's bike. Anyway, instead of an Easter Basket I will put the fake grass in the handlebar bag along with raisins and other healthy items, such as a bag of strawberries.  If I can find a  small gorilla I will add that also.

To sum it up - no  candy, healthy snacks, and lots of exercise

For the record I do not spoil her.  Everything I buy or do for her is educational, developmental, or exercise.  Well I did buy her a nice Easter dress and new shoes.  She picked out both.  In my home she is very respectful.  You know if someone yells in my home she will tell them there is no yelling allowed in Bobby's home.  She will not go out back without an adult because she knows the pool is dangerous.  She will let Buster and Keaton out, but then not go out herself.  I reward good behavior and manners. 

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