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Think what the pic says - "Fight the Dead, Fear the Living." - the essence of politics

Of note Portillo took out a local ad during the show, but for her jewelry store and not her campaign - hey but it still got her name out there to all of the fans - a smart move I would say.  It helps the campaign, but paid for by the business.  I guess she is now officially a Tony Martinez walker as the dead are called on the show.

I have told my regular readers I watch the show for its social science implications.  The story lines are amazing and scripts top of the line.  The walkers/zombies are actually only a vehicle for the real story - the building of a new civilization.

This season had two primary groups -  Rick's group held up in a fortified prison (original group since season one) and a fortified town headed by a man known as the Governor.  He is a real bad guy.

The Governor has  declared war on Rick's group basically for no reason other than you are under the Governor's control or you die.  In the opening scene tonight a close friend of the Governor, but not a bad guy is being beaten for betraying the Governor and trying to bring peace between the two groups.  This docile man says to the Governor, "what would your daughter think of you if she could see you now?"  The Governor responded "she would fear me, but she would still be alive had I been this way when this whole  thing started." 

This is key to understanding politicians.  Apparently the Governor at one point was a good man - but his response to the walkers is - you either kill or be killed - including the living.  This is a telling statement, because it shows what the man has become because of how the new world changed his life and caused the death of his wife and daughter.

Rick who heads the other group has a son, Carl - maybe 12-13.  Early in this season he had to kill his mother as she was turning-  That was hard to watch.  She had just given birth to his sister.  By this point he had already killed several walkers or people about to turn.

Tonight Carl along with his baby sister and an older man are in the woods watching as his father and their group entrap the Governor as they attack the prison.  A 17-18 year old boy comes running their way with  a gun.  He was running from the slaughter at the prison.  The kid was clearly forced into the battle by the Governor against his will.  He was putting down his gun when Carl killed him in cold blood. 

His father Rick questions him later about the incident and Carl says "how many people have you not killed that you should have killed, including the Governor, who have killed people in our group?"  paraphrase.  He is basically repeating what the Governor said - the new world is kill or be killed. It was chilling.

There is a clear parallel between how Carl and the Governor have responded to how the events have impacted their lives.  Carl and the Governor find killing a lot easier than the other characters.  Rick his father is always trying to find balance.  Sometimes his decisions are good and sometime they are bad. 

We can imagine this is how Kingdoms were built - the one son who tried to lead with compassion in battle with the son who seeks to kill everyone he perceives as a challenger.  Is this not real life. Cain and Abel

Is this not real politics?

Is this not the politiquera system?

In Cameron county you either pay to play in the politiquera system or take your chances on losing?  The politiquera system is no different than the virus which causes the walkers.  The community is forced to respond to the virus.  You either buy into it or role the dice on losing the election.  Very few in this county are clean when it comes to mail ballots. 

Politics is what it is - you kill or be killed.  Sometimes we get lucky and get a politician who will not play and they actually win.  It is really up to us as voters to always vote against these machines which are working for their own survival and not the best interest of the community.

More on this and the Ozuna indictment in Monday's  regular post.


This morning, Bela apparently already outgrew her new Easter dress bought a month ago.  Well all morning has been shopping.  We finally found a very pretty dress to which Bela said "Yes to the Dress."  The crisis solved and Bela is getting dressed in her new dress and shoes.

Where she lives there is a boy near her age who has an electric car.  He an Bela race - Bela on her Dora bike and the boy in his car.  It's so funny


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EDITOR'S NOTE:  This picture is from Jim Barton's blog.  The BV always sources when it takes information from a news source or other blog.  I do not know any of these people by face.

Assuming a case has been stated, the AG will do exactly as the DOJ has done in the Limas case.  They will offer Ozuna a deal - give us the leaders and everyone else involved, including JP's who dismiss tickets in exchange for your help (the AG is aware of this), and you will get no jail time.  The AG's office is going to do what it needs to do to take down the entire practice and everyone tied to it.

In the Carlos Medrano case, as the JP he was removed from office and convicted.  The politiqueras all walked.  The target here is clearly Ernie Hernandez and the JP's who have been  dismissing the tickets at the requests of the politiqeras.  Do not forget, Linda Salazar had a mountain of mail ballots in the primaries even though she did not have an opponent.  Do not forget what Sheriff Lucio told me during the 2008 campaign, he pays the politiqueras through the favor of getting tickets dismissed. 

There will be more indictments - I am sure.

The other side is, the witness could become difficult thereby making the case impossible to prosecute. There is no guaranteed conviction here.  It is too early to tell.

See Indictment

The trial transcript for verification of what I am saying can be found here.

In part one the first voter witness is Ricardo Liceaga. If you look to the top of the document you should be able to figure out how to fast forward to page 73.  The indictment is based on the testimony of Ricardo Liceaga

Yes, I am awake because Keaton woke me up.

Friday, March 29, 2013


13. Censure of Board President for past violations of Roberts Rules of Order and Parliamentary Rules on one individual Board Member. (Board Member Request - LBL)

14. Discussion, consideration and possible action regarding the censorship of Board Member Catalina P. Garcia. (Board Member Request – EE)
32. Discussion and possible action to terminate legal services engagement with Thompson & Horton, L.L.P. with a thirty (30) day grace period of transition.
E. Recommend approval of the following Bids/Proposals/Purchases:

33. Consideration, discussion and possible action on awarding RFQ #13-111 for Board Legal Advisor, from the firm meeting the qualifications and needs of Brownsville Independent School District Board of Trustees, for Fiscal Year 2012-2013 with an option to renew.
56. Discussion and consideration regarding the appointment, employment, evaluation, and duties of the Superintendent. (Board Member Request – CPG)

I have messed up on pictures of Margarita Ozuna in the past - if someone knows for sure which is hers please send for posting.

My sources in the AG office just sent me the indictment - It is from the Hernandez/Pena trial

See Indictment

More to come - be patient as I type -

Here is the trial transcript and post from the BV

Let us not all forget during this time Montoya was under contract to Ernie Hernandez and attacking me for exposing this truth.  Montoya also attacked Ruben Pena for investigating the matter.

Here is what Montoya said about Peña for exposing this fraud

"Ruben Peña is co counsel with Michael Cowen. Now of course, when Ernie Henandez was paying Montoya to trash and lie about Peña, this is what was said. The following are excerpts from Montoya's endless posts attacking Ruben Peña.

"Now, as a result of the challenge to those ballots by losing candidate Ruben Peña, they were visited by the process server hired by Pena's lawyers."

"Pena, who is attempting to gather enough witnesses to overturn the election results that resulted in his loss to Ernie Hernandez by 49 votes, apparently is resorting in trying to get enough voters to say they did not know who they voted fr when politiqueras mailed in their ballots.

But for Sylvia Cisneros, the methods his attorneys and process servers are using smack of intimidation and coercion.

"This is not right," she said. "They can't allow this kind of behavior to continue like this. Now we're really glad we didn't vote for him. If he doesn't watch out, he might end up getting charged and sued himself."

Amazing how a check gets Montoya to change sides.

The trial transcript for verification of what I am saying can be found here.

A sampling of the testimony from the first day of the trial

In part one the first voter witness is Ricardo Liceaga. If you look to the top of the document you should be able to figure out how to fast forward to page 73.  The indictment is based on the testimony of Ricardo Liceaga.

Here is a summary of his testimony as originally printed in the BV - see above link

"The first witness a male testified that Margarita Ozuna voted for him and then took his ballot. You could hear a pin drop at that point. People were horrified. Hernandez’s lawyer looked defeated - Erin Hernandez just smirked."

The BV filed the criminal complaint with the AG's office along with the transcript.  This was done while Montoya was attacking me for exposing the truth.  I renewed my efforts last year.  I documented the laws violated based on the witness testimony.  Blogging endlessly like a cry baby accomplishes nothing.

When the FBI refused to do its job as to Armando Villalobos and Abel Limas, I sued FBI director Mueller to force the issue.  We all know how that turned out.  If indictments do not come down against BISD trustees after the Villalobos trial is done, I will be back in Washington seeking to force Mueller to do his job as to BISD.

I have two more criminal complaints going to the AG's office.  The one thing I know for sure is, when it comes to Saenz the local attorneys will be protected.  The AG's office understands this all too well.  The indictments will come, but not through Saenz because he will ignore the complaint.

Yes it is true, I do not play well with lawyers and judges - and you know why - because they are a criminal enterprise protecting one another.


Good Friday becomes Bad Friday for retrieving documents from the court house.   While not a federal holiday, Good Friday is a Cameron county holiday.  At the state level it is an optional holiday. 

On Wednesday and Thursday I noticed inquiries at the BV from various federal and state law enforcement agencies.  There was a search for indictments for David Sanchez, Leonel Alejandro and Menton Murray.  The Texas AG  had a search for Herminia Becerra.  Most of the time I simply take note of the inquiries.  I may use the inquiry to justify some phone calls or emails to various sources - but that is about it.

Each of the above named judges have been named in a negative light in the Limas case.  What bothers me most is Judge Olvera knowing this continues to appoint both Menton Murray and Leonel Alejandro as visiting judges.   Judge Olvera could find his career coming to an end once the Villalobos trial goes forward.  He will not be allowed to claim ignorance.

Montoya has now printed two stories indicating there are active investigations.  Here is the tell the politiquera indictment might be false.  He knows when the indictment occurred.  He knows in which court it has been assigned.  He knows the name of the defense attorney.  But he does not know the name of the politiquera.  If he were to print the name of someone knowing it is false he could be sued for defamation - hence no name - hence the probable tell that the story is false.  But, it may be true.

My sources at the federal level know nothing about his claims of federal involvement in the politiquera problem.

The stories may be just bogus attempts to intimidate the politiqueras and those who hire them.  This would not be a bad thing - but it does not make the stories true.

Because the Texas AG did do a google search on Herminia Becerra and I know for a fact I submitted the Hernandez/Pena trial transcript to the criminal section of the Texas AG - specifically to the lawyer who prosecuted the Medrano case in Dallas,  I decided to go to the court house and search for evidence of an indictment.  Once filed in a court it is public record.

Well like I said, Good Friday is Bad Friday for retrieving documents.  I would not normally take the time to go to the court house to check on a Montoya story because they are false so often they do not merit my time.  But in this case with the AG search on Herminia Becerra I decided there might be something there.

I do know for a fact that the AG's office is very concerned with Cameron county.  In  fact two criminal complaints I am preparing I am copying to both Saenz and the AG.  I have zero expectation of Saenz doing his job. 

If you think this nonsense of DA's running cover for locals is limited to Cameron county you are wrong.  The AG took the Medrano politiquera case because Craig Watkins, Dallas DA refused the case.  The Texas AG has declared no confidence in Craig Watkins and continues to take cases he will not properly prosecute.

See Story

I have emailed and called the AG who prosecuted the Carlos Medrano case in Dallas.  Today is an optional holiday at the state level so maybe the AG's office is closed - I do not know.  If I hear anything back I will let my readers know.

I am not  saying there is no indictment against a politiquera - I am saying it is odd Montoya knows the name of the defense counsel, in which court it was filed, the date of the indictment, but not the name of the indicted.  Falsely printing the name of someone who has not been indicted will get you sued.  Hence the Tell - the story may be false.

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All items in quotes are from the US National Park Service concerning Lake Mead

"Lake Mead stores Colorado River water for delivery to farms, homes and businesses in southern Nevada, Arizona, southern California and northern Mexico. About 96 percent of the water in Lake Mead is from melted snow that fell in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming."

"The water level in Lake Mead is lower than it has been in over 40 years. The water is going down because the Colorado River runoff over the last decade starting in 1998 has been far below normal."

"there has been more water going out of Lake Mead over the past decade starting in 1998 than there has been coming into the lake. This causes the elevation to drop a little more each year."

This is the core of the problem between the US and Mexico concerning the water problems.  With massive population increases over the last 40 years, Lake Mead which feeds our water system is at its lowest.  Do we just use it all up to satisfy the farmers who are pressuring the politicians?


The fishing industry demanded the right to over fish the Gulf of Mexico.  Not long ago you could get all you could eat grouper anywhere.  Today it does not exist.  There is something profoundly wrong with the fact all you can eat fish on the Gulf of Mexico is pollock from Alaska.  We are doing the same thing to the shrimp.  To keep the fishing industry from totally killing off Red Snapper the federal government had to intervene.

Between unregulated fishing, oil, and nitrates coming down the Mississippi polluting the Gulf, it is rapidly becoming a dead zone. Texas' response - keep regulation out of Texas.

If Mexico were to cave to the demands of the US concerning the release of water to US farmers, what happens when the water runs out?   The US government is not going to release more water from Lake Mead just because Texas is reckless in its conservation policies.  It is sad to say, but Mexico appears more  concerned with the long term problems associated with the water shortage than Texas.



"Cotton is the big loser, once again, when it comes to water. The cotton plant needs about 50 percent more water per season than hemp, which can grow with little irrigation. (It's so prolific that the overwhelming majority (PDF) of cannabis plants uprooted by the Drug Enforcement Administration every year are a wild relative of hemp. It's no coincidence they call the stuff weed.) Cotton also tends to be grown in parts of the world where water is scarce. More than one-half of the world's cotton fields rely on irrigation, because it grows in some relatively dry regions, like Egypt, China's Xinjiang province, California, and Texas."

Source:  Slate - quoting study

All over the US hemp farming is expanding, but not in Texas.  This is the most natural solution to a major part of our water problems.  It will not solve them, but it will help a lot.  The current hemp production is under a federal program.  But as I type I learn today, March 28, 2013. Kentucky voted to allow its farmers to grow hemp.  See story


Hemp manufacturing can be done on wind energy, which is now all over the gulf coast.  With robotics the center of manufacturing, the LRGV can become the hemp capital of the US in terms of growing hemp and manufacturing jobs.

BUT ALAS - this is Texas - our politicians will demand more federal aid while denouncing the federal government as being too involved in our government.  If Texas is unwilling to take action to deal with its water shortages, then why should the federal taxpayer care?


"February 15, 2013 – The two-page ‘‘Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2013’’ has been introduced in both the U.S. House and Senate with strong bi-partisan support. The bills have a simple objective: legalize what once was a valuable U.S. crop by establishing that “The term ‘marihuana’ does not include industrial hemp” and amending the 1970 federal Controlled Substances Act “to exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marihuana.”

The current U.S. drug policy ruling is that all cannabis varieties, including industrial hemp, are treated as Schedule I controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act."


Congressman Vela has a good ear to the ground on issues related to farming.  He needs to consult with the farmers to see if they will back him up if he supports this Bill.  The passage of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2013, could be an economic boom for the LRGV, while solving a big part of our water shortage problem.


Texas must take the initiative and build more dams along the Rio Grande - the Weir Dam should be the number one initiative along these lines.  I can assure you, the Brownsville city commission will not even consider the issue.  Mayor Tony Martinez will simply demand they release more water from Lake Mead and hope for the best.

President Lincoln was a mere 25 when elected to the Illinois legislature.
See Source:

President Kennedy was a mere 29 when elected to the US House or Representatives.
See Source:

Vice President Joe Biden was 29 years old when elected to the US Senate.  He was 27 when elected to the county council.  See Source:

My readers get my message.  I have been very open that in the race to replace Melissa Zamora I oppose both Sarkis/Sarquis or Portillo as Martinez plants or simply not qualified. 

I am also on record that I believe Leo Rosales or David Belleperche would serve the district well.  Given reality or facts if you will, David being 28 is a non issue.  If Joe Biden can be a US Senator at age 29, David can certainly be a city commissioner at age 28.

David brings a vision that Brownsville can be something more and Leo brings the experience of dealing daily with the poor and needy. They are different but either way Brownsville would be well served.  Neither can be  tied to a political machine or being some one's puppet.  Brownsville needs new ideas or people with real experience in being connected to the people.

We do not need another puppet or failed business person on the city commission.  Brownsville will be well served if either David Belleperche or Leo Rosales win the election.

In the end my readers need to consider their own values and the qualifications of the candidates and make their own  choice.

The Candidates are:  click on name for Facebook Page

Debbie Portillo

If you believe Tony Martinez is a good mayor, you should vote for Debbie Portillo - she will be there backing him in every vote.

Martin Sarkis

From Martin's Facebook page - you cannot make this up "I truly belirve it is very important to workas a team whit the Commissioners and the Mayor that the Citizebs elect. whoever gets elected, has a commitment to Brownsville not to each other ,That way my motto is BROWNSVILLE FIRST"

Here is the BV's link on the history of Martin Sarkis.  He is sloppy in managing his personal finances and his Facebooke page.  Do people really expect him to be more competent as a commissioner?

Click for full documented support of who Martin Sarkis really is - a financial disaster

David Belleperche and Leo Rosales each have a web page and Facebook page.  If anyone knows of a web page for any of the other candidates just let me know and I will post it.  Also on Rose Gowen and  Letty Perez-Garzoria  I cannot find an active campaign or Facebook page.  If anyone knows of their page[s] let me know and they will get posted.

David Belleperche web page

Belleperche Facebook

Leo Rosales web page

Rosales Facebook


Since Keaton woke me I want to post an article saying hats off to the premier cancer hospital in the US for rejecting a new cancer medicine over cost and no meaningful improvement over another drug at half the price.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York made the right decision.  See article  I do not get it, people are prepared to spend $11,000 a month to extend their life for 1.4 months.  This is why our healthcare system is going broke.  Passing is inevitable.  My Healthcare Directive is clear on this - if I cannot make my own decisions care to extend my life for a short period of time is not to be administered.  I have no fear of passing.  But then unlike so called most religious people I have no  fear of God.  My faith is pure.  I have embraced the idea of passing.

Until we stop this nonsense that we have a right to live forever we will continue to bankrupt the healthcare system.  Standard care is one thing, but $11,000 a month to extend your life by 1.4 months is pure sin.  That money can go to so many more important  things - scholarships - cancer treatment which we know will cure a child -

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York is where my sister received her lung cancer treatment and surgery.  A cousin's husband also received his treatment there.  You are considered lucky if your insurance will pay for this center.  I have been there and it is amazing. 

My hats off to them for finally saying no - we are not paying for a drug which does nothing to extend life beyond what already exists at half-price.

It is time we as a  society resocialize ourselves to embrace passing.  It is a sin for medicare to have to pay to keep people alive for a few months.  We are billing the so called grandchildren we love for a few extra months.  This is beyond selfish. 

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Yesterday while thinking about this post I asked Judge Cascos office for information related to the cremation of indigent vets.  Judge Cascos, as always, got back with me right away.  He forwarded my email to the proper persons.  That person got back with me earlier today.  It was a good response so I want to  share the key part.

When an indigent veteran is ID, they are properly buried in a vets cemetery. "we often have most veterans being buried at no cost at the mission  veterans cemetery which provides a grave, concrete and the stone."

This is a great thing for when we know someone is a vet.  I am glad the county is working hard on this issue for when they can ID a vet.  What we need though is a national data base where the county can check all names and determine if the vet has made arraignments for their funeral.  There is also the issue of being able to determine if they are even a vet. 


I had the pleasure of meeting with Congressman Vela on issues related to veterans care. This was maybe 2-3 weeks ago. Based on what I learned during this conversation Congressman Vela hit the ground running on any number of issues which impact his constituency - even beyond veterans issues. I am going to try and stay away from the specifics of our conversation except one issue. I want Congressman Vela to be able to trust our conversations will be private.

To be up front, I opposed Congressman Vela for a variety of reasons.  My reasons were solid and verified.  But the election is behind us, and it is time for us to work together for the betterment of our community.  After years of Solomon Ortiz's office ignoring every phone call and letter related to veterans' issues, it is  refreshing to finally have a Congressman who will actually speak with me directly.

I know enough about the process to know Congressman Vela can work his butt off every day and quickly get no where.  This is the learning curve he is in right now.  But I do give Congressman Vela and his staff an A+ for hitting the ground running to learn the Washington way, and to push the issues which impact his constituency.  But none of his efforts will ever be enough to overcome the bureaucratic mindset.

I will say without getting into specifics, that Congressman Vela and I agreed on every issue we discussed - even those outside veterans issues.  He is very focused on practical solutions to the immediate needs of our community, which are handled at the federal level.  This is how all congressman should be - they should not be pushing the party line, they should be about their district.

The other thing I really liked about Congressman Vela is, he is about acquiring knowledge - facts - he understands that without knowledge and real facts he would just be an imp spewing ignorance.  He is assuming those of us on the front line of any given problem actually have the facts.  It is a good starting place to acquire knowledge.  I am sure he is following up with secondary sources to insure the accuracy of the facts.

Most people, including veterans do not know that all veterans are entitled to burial at sea.  It is not like they take the ship out just for one veteran.  This is scheduled annually by the Navy.  It is a lot more cost effective to dump our ashes into the ocean than to keep and maintain a veteran's cemetery.


As a veteran my funerary affidavit directs that I am to be cremated and buried at sea.  It is actually quite specific.  They are to use a cardboard coffin so as not to waste money on an expensive coffin.  I am to be cremated naked so as not to waste clothes which can be donated to the poor. But it will be up to my family to go through the bureaucratic process of getting proof I am a veteran and then applying for the certificate which shows I am entitled to burial at sea.  The federal policy states that I as the veteran cannot now submit the application and receive a certificate verifying my right to burial at sea.  It would be so simple.  The certificate would be part of my funerary affidavit which would allow the funeral home to ship my ashes directly to the Secretary of the Navy for storage pending the annual burial at sea ceremony.  [For the record I have all the forms complete and ready to go, but it will still be up to my family to insure the application has not changed or the required proof has not changed.]

But I can tell you after years of working on this a bureaucrat has decided no - the policy will not be changed.  Congressman Vela sees this as a no brainer.  But that is not enough.  What he and his staff are learning is, once any idea gets to the desk of the bureaucrat who has already said no, it dies. 

I do not care where in government you go, once a bureaucrat says no - it is no - until you humiliate their boss on national TV.  This issue which is easily resolved will not be resolved until a Congressman puts it into legislation, thereby forcing the Secretary of the Navy to appear before the House Committee on Veterans Affairs.  The Secretary will sit there not knowing why such a simple problem requires legislation because he himself fails to realize - the bureaucrats are running the show and not him.


Cameron county, and rightfully so, cremates the bodies of indigent people who have no one to claim their body or pay for a funeral.  The ashes are then put in a paupers grave.  I agree the county has a duty to use the most cost effective and humane way to  dispose of such bodies.  But here is the problem - every veteran has a right to be buried at sea.  If we are going to cremate them anyway why not just ship the ashes to the Navy for burial at sea instead of paying to bury the ashes in a paupers grave?  Of course the county's hands are tied because there is no national registry wherein they can verify someone is a veteran and is entitled to burial at sea.    And I can tell you, the bureaucrats will fight such a registry left and right.  It is not their idea so it is a bad idea.


The problem begins and ends with the bureaucrats and Congress.  I renew my prescriptions on line through a special link the VA has for vets.  For me the system works very effectively - but I am computer literate.  If I see I only have one refill left I can send a secure message to my doctor letting her know.  She then decides if she will renew it or set me up for lab work before renewing the medication.  More often than not I get set up with lab work.  Once the lab work comes back she makes a decision.  I never even have to go to the clinic to see her.  I just go  for the lab work.  Once a decision is made she sends me a secure message letting me know her decision and how the lab work came out.  In fact I can actually access my lab results on line.  But I am computer literate.

What the VA refuses to understand is they are dealing with 10 of thousands of veterans in their 80's and 90's who have a multitude of health problems which make using the Internet impossible - assuming they even have access to the Internet. 

The other option vets have for renewing their medicine is calling a number on the prescription bottle.  But this is the VA - incapable of doing anything  right.  It reminds me of the old Al Bundy script where he is on the phone for days trying to order a part for his car where he is endlessly asked to answer a thousand questions.  The phone system is so bad, not once, but twice you have to indicate to the system you are calling to refill a prescription.  How is this not confusing to the elderly?  It takes for ever to reorder a prescription using the phone system.  The questions are endless.

There is only one needed question.  "please enter the number of the prescription you seek to refill."  That number will only belong to the veteran who receives that prescription.  But no, the VA needs to ask a thousand questions including asking you not once but twice to select you are calling to refill a prescription. 

To understand how stupid these people are, including all of the Senators on the Senate Committee for Veterans Affairs, if a veteran calls the VA ready to kill themselves or another the recording tells them to hang up and call another number.  These bureaucrats running the VA actually believe that someone with a gun in their hand ready to kill themselves have the state of mind to remember a number they are being given by a recording and to hang up and redial.  Just this past week the US Senate had more hearings on this issue and nothing - they will not force the change in how this is handled.  Every Senator knows about the problem, but refuse to even ask anyone at the VA why the veteran is not immediately transferred to a crisis counselor, as opposed to being told hang up the phone and call another number.

Congressman Vela cares deeply about these issues and the area veterans.  I feel sorry for him because very soon he will learn the bureaucratic walls are thick and unabiding.  His only solution will be to put everything into legislation form so that he can ask the Secretary to his face why is this even an issue.  Maybe just maybe after being called in week after week to address these issues the Secretary may ask himself - "who is running the show, me or these low level bureaucrats?"

I do believe Congressman Vela will succeed in making things better at  the VA clinic in Harlingen.  The VA Clinic in Harlingen is a new model of care in both Democratic and Republican districts.  It is my understanding that for some of the issues there is already bipartisan support for the changes and additional funding.

Did you know that a specialist can put into writing that poor  dental hygiene is making some one's dementia worse, and the veteran will not be entitle to see a dental hygienist or dentist to  fix the problem because they do not qualify for dental care.  The VA instead will up the meds to treat the dementia rather then address the dental problem.

But if you do not qualify for eye care, but are diagnosed with diabetes, you will be given an eye clinic appointment within 24 hours.  I have no problem with the latter, but how is it any different from the former?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013



Richardson, Texas, United States
IPUs Courts Sid (  


Potomac, Maryland, United States
IPUs Dept Of Justice ( [Label IP Address]
Search Referral: — brownsville voiceVisit Page:  


This was an issue in Marchan's case.  Judge Andrew Hanen who made no effort to hide his racism forced Marchan's attorney to apologize for raising the issue.  Judge Hanen is not fit to be a federal judge and this entire mess with DOJ lawyer Wynne and Hanen now mandate a special prosecutor.

See Original ABA article on racial issue

I am not saying anyone charged is not guilty - I personally believe they are all guilty.  I know how the system works.  But why are the Anglos not being prosecuted?

If I were Villalobos and Lucio at this point I would sue the DOJ and Judge Hanen in federal court in Washington DC alleging selective prosecution based on race.  Mind you Villalobos and Lucio will still go to jail, but so too will Dannenbaum, the Cowens, and any number of other Anglos while effectively ending Andrew Hanen's career as a judge.  Villalobos and Lucio, if you are going to go down, at least take every guilty party with you - maybe the new prosecutor will consider your actions in recommending a lighter sentence.

From the Herald:

"The government alleges that Villalobos, as district attorney, referred a 2005 civil case involving his sister-in-law’s death to the law firm of Cowen & Bodden. The case was settled for a substantial amount in April 2006. According to prosecutors, Villalobos received a referral fee in two checks, one for $60,000 and the other for $96,000.

The $60,000 check was made payable to attorney Michael Trejo, who was not involved with the case, but funneled the money to Villalobos, the court record states.

“No comment,” Trejo said Monday.

Lawyer Michael Cowen declined to comment while Conrad Bodden, who now practices law with former Brownsville Mayor Eddie Treviño, did not respond to a request for comment.

The $96,000 check was made payable to Camp Street Enterprises, an entity Villalobos created, to receive the money, records indicate.

“Villalobos funneled the money through Camp Street Enterprises and another entity he created, VPH Investment Trust, steadily transferring money from those accounts to his personal account,” the court record states.

According to the court record, the referral fee violated state law, and Villalobos did not report the fee on his federal income tax returns, federal prosecutors state."


If the referral fee violated state law this should have been enough to make Cowen and Boden part of the criminal enterprise.  In a small drug deal with similar substantive facts I can assure you a black and or Latino would have been indicted faster than the speed of light.

Villalobos' indictment references numerous cases wherein investigations were dropped in exchange for forfeiture money paid to Villalobos' office.  James Dannenbaum's company paid $1 million dollars in forfeiture money which should have gone to the Port, and nothing - no indictment - no complaint from Michael Cowen's father Ralph, over Villalobos stealing $1 million dollars from the Port.   Another Anglo allowed to walk.  But then James Dannenbaum is as tied to FBI Director Mueller and the Republican Party as a  Siamese twin.

See Original BV Posts on Forefeiture - Judge Banales ignores law to favor Dannenbaum

See original BV post on Forefeiture

This is from the second link:

"Any BND candidate [meaning Ralph Cowen] unwilling to demand a criminal investigation into how DA Villalobos secured the forfeiture without being able to name the source of the money, is not fit for public office. In my opinion a deal was cut to protect Dannenbaum from further exposure in exchange for 1 million dollars."

You will note Ralph Cowen was elected to the BND in 2008 and was dead silent about the $1 million theft by Villalobos from the BND.  By law the money belong to the BND.  It should have been used to pay down the bonds.  But Ralph Cowen's son made big money because of Villalobos' corruption so Ralph Cowen remained silent.

Ralph son Michael made a ton of money from Villalobos in 2005.

See Herald 2008 BND Election

Why is DOJ lawyer Wynne allowing all of the Anglos to walk?  There is more than enough evidence to indict James Dannenbaum, and Ralph and Michael Cowen.  But now, under racists Judge Hanen and DOJ lawyer Wynne Anglos are off limits.

With nothing less than a special prosecutor to investigate Judge Hanen and DOJ lawyer Wynne justice is not an option in any of these cases.

Federal Judge Andrew Hanen ran cover for the racially motivated selective prosecutions to protect Republican big wig James Dannenbaum

See BV posts on Hanen and Republican money.

If Hanen had an ounce of humanity in him, which he does not, he would call Marchan's son into court, apologize for being a racist and then resign.  He will not - there is nothing honorable about Andrew Hanen - he makes a mockery of every person who has ever died in defense of our constitution and laws.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo: Here is a pic


Click for Facebook page

Web Page click here


I try and stay away from this nonsense but fraud is fraud. The latest study shows Facebook accounts have as many as 44% fake followers. Click here for Source:

I know the basic numbers of readers on social media in the Brownsville/Cameron county area.  For the record anyone who claims they know which social media is the most read is a liar.  There is no  free program which monitors such things.

If you google how to fake followers on Facebook, you will learn there are many ways to make it appear you have followers when in fact you do not.  Can you really have 12,000 followers and have so few people actually commenting?   Remember when Erasmos point blank lied and told his lemming 250 (LOL - yes a fiction but maybe close) followers Chirinos, Pena and Powers were all working with Carlos Quintanilla the convicted felon when in fact it was is friend Linda who was on the phone working with Carlos Quintanilla. 

This is across the board for anyone paying for advertising on a blog or Facebook - the numbers are fraught with fraud.  In fact Facebook is being sued over the issue.

The clues on this issue are simple - Cheezmeh cannot deliver voters.  Tetreau, Villarreal and Erin Garcia all won in spite of Cheezmeh.  When compared to the general population of Brownsville, no one even knows Cheezmeh or the blogs exist.  The BV's primary target audience has always been the business community.  This is where I work on building my readership.  Once I finish building the I will seriously consider mailers to key voters announcing the page.  My problem is godaddy's program sucks.  I need to find a web page builder which was as easy as Front Page - A five year old could build a web page on Front Page - but it no longer exists.

OH, LOL - LUCI GOOSEY THIS IS FOR YOU - someone unblocked the BV on BISD computers - my readership has jumped from BISD IP addresses including administrative offices and even campuses.

This morning I saw one of his signs between those of Rosales and Sarkis at the corner of 802 and 77. Click here for

Uresti's Facebook page

Rosales and Sarkis appear about even as far as I can tell in term of signs.  Belleperche is expected to start putting his signs up any day now.  Portillo as far as I can tell still has no signs up.  I saw a few Gowen signs over the weekend on Morrison. 

Villarreal and Sarkis are sharing a fence in the Morrison shopping center.


Before I type the next sentence, I need to go put on some adult depends because I know as I type it I will piss my pants laughing my ass off.  The entire city commission should resign.  They will not because Brownsville means nothing to these incredibly incompetent people.

And you know what, the airport will not even be an issue in the May elections.

Jessica Teatreau has been in office 2 years and has done nothing to fix Iowa.  If I were an FAA official looking at Brownsville's airport I would conclude it is a shack in the middle of a war zone.  For 8 years I have been calling for the repair of Iowa.  It looks like it has been bombed out many times with just shoddy repairs to make it navigable.   What is it about this shack located in one of the worst possible locations in terms of access would tell the FAA Brownsville is serious about its airport?  Nothing

Some basic facts:

Continental/United can add flights to Harlingen to make up for the lost flights in Brownsville.  American can keep some of it customers through its McAllen facility.  Aero Mexico can just go back to Mexico as far as the FAA is concerned.  If this were to happen over a long enough period, United/Continental  could just see its Brownsville operations as a waste of resources. Aero Mexico could just set up shop in Harlingen or McAllen.

Southwest could not turn to Brownsville or McAllen to keep its routes going.  The FAA could not justify keeping three airports open in such a small area.  The shack on Boca Chica was the logical choice to close.



Brownsville as of 2011  178,430
Harlngen of of 2011        66,122
McAllen as of 2011      133,742
Matamoros as of 2005  435,135

The Brownsville airport also serves the business community and a part of the general population of Matamoros.


It is time the city sell the land it wants to give to the billionaires at UT, and use the money to buy land on 511 to begin the process of a new airport.  They will not.  The federal budget problems are not going to get better any time soon.  It could be years before FAA funds are restored to Brownsville's airport.  Exactly how long will the people put up with  funding the FAA operations?  With this city commission we might as well just close the airport now and be done with it.



I want to be clear - Larry Brown is the best person for the job at the airport. He is truly an advocate for Brownsville. He knows his business. The problem is - he cannot wave a magic wand to make things happen. The candidates for mayor need to read this and find out exactly what it is going to take to make sure Larry Brown has the support he needs.

According to the City of Brownsville its longest runway, runway 2, is 7399 feet long. What this story documents is, is that at least as far back as 2003 there has been a promise to expand the runway to 10,000 feet, so as to expand commercial and cargo service. I have not been able to learn why there is such a delay or what exactly is the status of the runway expansion. This is important if Pan Am is to succeed.

In June of 2010, Larry Brown announced still no progress on the runway expansion. He is predicting yet another three years. Why is the airport not getting the help it needs?. This needs to be a major election issue. Pan Am is rolling the dice on Brownsville and all Brownsville can offer is another three years - maybe. This is unacceptable. I do not blame Larry Brown - he knows his business - the problem is a city leadership which knows nothing about business and the role the airport plays in economic development. Many believe we lost the Boeing contract over the lack of a long enough runway.

June 2010: “Officials also are looking to increase the length of the airport’s runway within the next three years — from about 7,400 linear feet to 10,000 — which would eliminate weight restrictions for many aircraft during the peak heat of summer, airport Director Larry Brown said.”

As late as mid 2003 Continental was operating 737's in Brownsville. A decision was made the smaller planes were a better choice. While I prefer larger planes, I also prefer a choice in flights which give me a better connection time in Houston. For an hour flight, I would rather have more choice, than bigger planes with fewer choices. I say this because I have read wherein people are claiming Brownsville cannot handle 737's. This is simply false.

I am going to tell the story through a series of Herald articles. These articles give the history.


June 2003

“Brown said runway size is one of the most important criteria for companies that manufacture airplanes. Manufacturers look at airports that have 10,000-foot runways, he said. Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airports longest runway is only 7,400 feet long, but Brown said an extension project is already under way.”

What Mr. Brown was telling us in 2003, is - we need a longer runway if we are going to bring more manufacturing jobs to Brownsville.

November 2003

“The total cost of buying the land and construction of the runway would be between $1.7 million and $5 million. The federal government would pay 85 percent of the cost leaving the city with the remaining cost of $800,000"

Nov 2003: “Still, airport officials have requested funds from the sales-tax supported Greater Brownsville Incentives Corp. to buy more land for the project. They need between 370 and 460 acres, which is estimated to cost between $1.7 and $5 million.

Brown said they hope to complete the runway expansion by 2006"

“BROWNSVILLE, Feb. 18, 2004 The Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airport is closer to extending its runway and attracting more heavy cargo business after the City Commission on Tuesday approved $1.7 million to purchase 340 acres for the project.

Its important that we “do this now, said airport Director Larry Brown.

If we were to try to develop the area later, we would have to relocate people, and that's expensive.

the rate of purchase is about $5,000 an acre, mostly from Glick family property owners, Brown said.

The commission agreed to underwrite the loan, expecting at least a 90 percent payback from the Federal Aviation Administration from upcoming grant applications.”

MARCH 2004:

“Last month, the city voted to allow the airport to buy land for a proposed runway expansion that would give the airport the longest one in the Rio Grande Valley at about 10,000 feet.

Things are moving, Brown said. A longer runway could bring heavier freight planes to the airport, he said, and plans are brewing to bring another passenger airline to town.“

If Larry Brown’s current prediction is accurate it will be 10 year in the making. This is not leadership - this is a failed city commission. Again Larry is not the problem - he knows what needs to get done - he simply has his hands tied. Larry could be the most intelligent and competent person in aviation today, but so long as we have inept leadership within the Brownsville city commission Larry will remain a miracle cure going nowhere because no one knows how to give an injection.

I suspect the mayoral candidates will shy away from this issue. It is not like promising free money. People love to vote for free money, then complain about taxes when they have to pay for that “free” money.   Source:  BV Oct. 6, 2011   

Sunday, March 24, 2013


The medicine is working great. While Bela's grandfather and I were putting together Bela's Dora bike, Keaton grabbed a piece of plastic (used in the packing) and after looking at me ran outside. First I yelled come here, then I realized she was being Keaton. If you give her the chance she will steal your wallet. So - bottom line is - she is doing fine.
Photo: Please join me for great food, refreshments, music, good company, and a chance to hear what my campaign is all about. Mark your calendars! I hope to see you all there. -Deborah


As I have indicated before, all candidates will have campaign events announced on the BV for free.!/deborahporti?fref=ts


I have the habit of leaving my phone in the bedroom, while for example in the kitchen.  I do not hear it ring.  My doorbell system is set up that I hear it while in the backyard.  The bell rings real loud even in the backyard.

I need a device which causes my phone to ring outside or anywhere in the house so that I can hear it - otherwise people who are waiting on me to go pick them up - wait and wait and wait, until I am near the phone and can hear it ring.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


You have a better chance finding Waldo than Debbie Portillo. Debbie Portillo is nothing more than a distraction to hide the fact Martin Sarkis/Sarquis is in fact Tony Martinez's candidates. Tony apparently thinks that little of Brownsville to think we are falling for this con game.


Unless you have lived in the Southmost area or visited it on a Friday through Sunday night you have no way of knowing how alive it is. It starts on Friday night as the people light up the grills with mesquite. You will slowly begin to hear the music, and then the roasting of meats, peppers, and corn.

The weekends in Southmost are an endless party of cooking, and music.  Southmost is many old families of multiple generations which make for tight families.

If I could take the smell of the cooking and put it on the Internet along with the music and pictures of the cooking, people all over the US would be thinking - these people know how to enjoy life.  Why?  Because they do.

While we are enjoying some of the best weather in the country and our outdoor cooking, Chicago, NY, Washington, Philly and many more cities are waiting for the moment they can leave their homes again to enjoy the outside, and swim in their cold lakes or Atlantic.  I can tell you, the gulf in December is warmer than the North Atlantic off NY in August.

Oh, Keaton is doing better - the medicine is starting to work.  Other than to wake me to take her out at 3 am to do her business, she slept all night without a complaint. 

Tonight, while I am no longer technically in the Southmost area friends will come over for fajitas, rib eyes, roasted corn, jalapenos roasted  with feta cheese, grilled platano macho, and refried beans done in chorizo.  The music should be good and the pool just right.  A Makers Mark or three should make for a good night, unless someone brings Shiner Bock or Negra Modelo- then my choice will be beer.  

Friday, March 22, 2013


Just to be clear, but not that a small brain imp would know - given the limited capacity for storage of knowledge and all - not all tumors are cancerous. Keaton does not have cancer. The tumor is located in a place which given its current size and location makes removal impossible. Radiation therapy merely shrinks the tumor - a benign tumor.

Thursday, March 21, 2013



I arrived in Sugar Land, just south of Houston, about 1:45 a.m. Thursday morning.  I had intended to arrive a lot earlier and get a hotel, but life is what it is.  Keaton was asleep so I decided to not set up my CPAP which meant no sleep.  The night before she walked the house all night for 6 straight hours, whining, getting in bed, getting out of bed.  I am two days on 3 hours sleep.

Anyway, I am home.  The neurologist saw Keaton at 9 a.m..  By about noon she met with me to give me the news.  The MRI showed an inoperable brain tumor.  Its size and location make removal impossible.

If I am willing to effectively relocate to Sugar Land for 4 months we can try radiology therapy with no guarantee.  I will not put Keaton (nearly 11) a very sick dog through 4 months of radiology therapy.  The vet put her on a medication regiment which should keep her happy for about 3-4 months before the medication stops working.  The tumor will continue to grow during this period but the medicine will reduce the swelling on the brain.

She sent a very nice summary to my regular vet instructing him to use humane euthanasia at the point the medicine is no longer working.  She was clear it would be cruel to allow Keaton to just suffer.  Funny, Keaton as a dog has more rights than we do as humans.  For humans they would just induce a coma, and allow us to slowly die while in a coma.

To a person the staff at Sugar Land Veterinarian Specialists were amazing.  My first phone call was met with extraordinary compassion.  They checked Price Line for me for hotels in the area which would take dogs.  They got me prices and reservation numbers.  They told me up front what to expect in terms of costs.  $2,000 to $2,500.  It came in $5 short of the $2,000 mark.  They worked directly with my vet to get her medical records.  I had to do nothing.

They were the only group willing to take me first thing in the morning while doing everything possible to get me out of there by early afternoon.  Other clinics provided me very little information other than to be prepared to stay in Sugar Land for a few days.  This clinic does the MRI right there.

From the receptionist, to the tech, to the neurologist is was pure compassion.  I watched as people brought in their pets for chemo, ct scans, surgeries and everyone was treated with extraordinary compassion.

There is no easy way to tell someone their pet has an inoperable brain tumor.  The doctor was so nice.  She agreed with me it was best to try our best to keep her happy for a long as possible with medication.  At her age to take her last 4 months and put her through radiology therapy would be cruel.  For what - an extra couple of months?  I would prefer her last 3-4 months be comfortable.

As I type she is walking in  endless circles in and out of the house.  The location of the tumor causes this. I will stay awake until she drops from exhaustion.  I will then put her to bed.  The medicine should take three days to kick in.  If there is no change we will add an additional medication.  The doctor was so cool that for the medicines which are also used for humans she will call the prescription into CVS for me.  She says they are a lot cheaper than the price of what a vet would charge.

I cannot say enough good things about the Sugar Land Veterinarian Specialists.  I want this review on the Internet so people know they are the place to go.

I did check with Texas A&M in College Station.  I now officially can say A&M sucks.  The bill would have been at least $1,500 more, and they were unwilling to see Keaton and do the MRI in one day.  They insisted you give them three days.  The staff on the phone was rude and somewhat indignant that I would even ask about prices.  Also they had no appointments for several weeks even for emergencies. 

While Sugar Land Veterinarian Specialists were doing the MRI, I went over to Whole Foods for breakfast.  That is where I was when I posted today's post on DA Saenz.  Sugar Land has about 100,000 fewer people than Brownsville, but the difference is night and day. 

Photo: I cordially invite you, to my campaign kick off party tomorrow at Cobbleheads 6pm to 9pm.


All candidates are allowed to post such announcements at the BV - no charge - free for every candidate


The continuing saga of incompetence.  The domestic abuse case began with his staff for weeks refusing to speak with the victim.  The DA then listed as the defendant's address the address of the alleged victim.  The DA then indicted  the defendant misspelling the name of the alleged victim.  The DA then issues a subpoena on the alleged victim listing a non-existent address.

I already covered  the case of the woman whose case was tossed by the court of appeals because Saenz failed to properly list the defendant's business involved in the case. 

Can one may be  this sloppy - yes.

The DA assigned to this case is arrogant and has no business in the DA's office.  She did not want to hear about the problems with the police report.  A competent DA gets these mistakes corrected before trial, not when defense counsel uses the mistakes to discredit the arresting officer.   The DA has no interest in the custody order which the alleged defendant violated which according to the victim is why he attacked her.

The victims is scared.  I have to work with her nearly daily just to calm her down because the DA's office has done nothing to help her through this.  The DA feels like it is beneath her to explain the process to the victims.  This is why women drop the cases.

When I attended the first meeting between the DA and alleged victim I asked to be present long enough to explain the problems with the police report and the provide the DA the information on the custody order.  She had no awareness of either issue.  The victim lacks the skills to explain any of this - which is why I asked to explain it.

The DA assigned to the case would rather be taken by surprise at trial.  No wonder the defendant is refusing the plea bargain.  The defense counsel has to know something about how this DA prepares for trial.  The police will testify this guy was so violent he broke out the window to the police car.  Of course the jury will convict this kid - unless he wins on a technicality based on the incompetence of the DA.

The day I met with the DA and the victim after explaining the problems with the police report and the importance of the  custody order, I stood up to dismiss myself.  I was leaving.  I opened the door and the DA took the door so as to send a message "get out."  This type lack of professionalism is never acceptable.  I did not comment on her conduct because unlike the DA I actually care about the victim.  Had I noted to the DA how rude and unprofessional she is, it would have caused major distress for the  victim.

Her endless mistakes in this case should be cause for Saenz to assign a new DA to the case.  He will not - why? - sloppy is all he has to offer Cameron county and abused women.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I do not post all of these because I do not want to become a propaganda machine for Saenz.  But this story is of particular importance,  A lot of cases get dismissed because of a cat and mouse game played by the defendant in hopes the alleged victim will drop the charges.  The second the defendant sees a real jury the game comes to an end.  This is exactly what happened in this case.

From DA Saenz:

"Rolando Gomez-Reyes, 39, pleaded guilty Monday and received a 15-year sentence for two counts of aggravated sexual assault of and one count of indecency with a child.

Both the state and the defendant announced ready for trial Monday in the 138th state District Court, and a jury was selected, but Gomez-Reyes asked to be re-arraigned prior to the trial beginning.

Saenz. "Upon realizing that his or her future will be determined by strangers, reality kicks in. A jury’s dedicated civic duty has a positive influence from Day 1."

The Brownsville resident was sentenced by Judge Arturo Cisneros Nelson for the April 2012 crime against a 5-year-old girl. The defendant waived his right to an appeal. Upon completion of time served, Gomez-Reyes is required to register as a lifetime sex offender, and as an undocumented immigrant, he will be deported to Mexico.

"Crimes against children are absolutely heinous," said Assistant District Attorney Gustavo Ch. Garza. "The younger children are, the more vulnerable they are. Gomez-Reyes took advantage of the victim’s innocence and his close relationship to the family. Fortunately, the child was spared of re-living the crime committed against her with no trial."

Assistant District Attorneys Garza and Arturo Teniente prosecuted the case. "


Montoya now backs PAC which sought to oust Presas-Garcia - betrayal is a bitch huh Cata.


"Its purpose, according to the filed appointment of Garza as treasurer, states that it is to oppose candidate Catalina Presas-Garcia.

Garza was appointed treasurer by Kimberly Nicole Dale on March 8. The latest report October 8 for 30 days prior to an election lists its total political contributions at $600. All are said to have been under $50, therefore the PAC was not required to list the names of the contributors.

Dale, as some of you will remember, was the secretary for Martin Sarkis, who ran unsuccessfully for city commissioner the last go-round. The PAC's address, 325 W. Jackson, is her home off Resaca Drive, a rather unassuming abode in one of the city's lower-middle income neighborhoods on the other side of the tracks before they were relocated.

Obviously, the resident of that home would not seem to have the wherewithal to bankroll and anti-incumbent campaign."


This Kimberly Nicole Dale is the same Kimberly who called me yesterday demanding I take down my posts about Martin Sarkis/Sarquis.  Kimberly was chosen to head the anti Presas-Garcia PAC by Otis Powers.  It's funny how a check can get someone to change sides- Montoya goes from denouncing Kimberly and Sarkis to now taking their money and working with Otis Powers and Kimberly.  Poor Cata, has Otis Powers now outbid you?  Has Montoya decided you are a lost cause and needs to find a new source of revenue?

Cata do not forget how Montoya went from defending Ernie Hernandez's use of politiqueras and then switching sides based on a larger check from Begum.  But now it appears Montoya is back with the side with the backing of the politiqueras.  Money - Money- Money

I do not judge Montoya for his business, I judge the fools who give him the money.  Hey business is business is business.  If he can find fools to pay him money more power to him.  My issue has only been, people need to know everything he prints is bought and paid for without regard for  the truth.  These are the type candidates who pay him for advertising.


The BPUB charges me sewage every time I water my fruit trees, water the lawn, and add water to the pool.  I never really thought about it until Tuesday when I was telling my doctor,  due to water usage my bill went up $40 in one month.  (I double checked it and it was actually due to the cold - I normally do not get cold, but now that the testosterone treatment has resolved of the endless hot flashes, I guess I must have had the heater on a lot.) Apparently in Harlingen they have two separate meters - one for regular water usage and one for sewage.  What a system I water my citrus trees and get charged as if I flushed  the toilet.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Web Page -   200 Points for best web page and best organized in terms of helpful information.  It sends a clear message of professionalism and an intent to win.

Web Page
I can find no evidence of a campaign by Debbie Portillo - but then as we all know Martin Sarkis is the real Tony Martinez plant.  Sarkis is so open about it he advertises Lola's on his face book page.