Monday, February 25, 2013


For the record the pic is my copyright any unauthorized use will be reported to google. This is for a greater project I am working on.  I  do not like the pink or yellow - I cannot change the color of the Pan Am Building - the program I used for the text only allowed for yellow - I think a dark green or maybe teal would be better.

EDITOR'S REQUEST FOR HELP:  if anyone knows how to change the color of the Pan Am Building to maybe a sand color and do a better job with the motto - you know what the color of the motto needs to be the same as the buildings - please help - I will not pay - I am looking for a volunteer who will understand I still own the copyright.  I will only licence  the copyright to the COB for  free if they want to use it - but then they need to help with that pink


Brownsville needs to know what it can be - hence this picture - this picture is Brownsville - we need to continue to expose the incompetence of our politicians - while highlighting those who are trying to fight for us.  We need to promote the potential of Brownsville and its beach - Boca Chica - the nude beach is coming - trust me -

This is all going on - it will take me a while to learn how to use the program for the new web page - the blog will still exist - the BV web page will have permanent free links to Brownsville/Cameron county events, my Cook Book - reader suggested - all facebook and web page links to all political campaigns - free of course - I am looking for ideas for other permanent links

With  the above pic I am trying to promote Brownsville - I think this pick speaks the truth about what Brownsville can be

Oh there will be a link to Boca Chica Beach  - I will post as many submitted pics as possible

The BV will still be hard hitting but also positive

The BV will be free -

Advertising is tricky - my fellow bloggers treat copyright as a joke - it is not - once I take ads (never political - thinking stores - car dealerships -  restaurants - that sort of  thing - I will need to make sure I own the copyright on all photos or that the photos are part of the public domain.  I promise I will never take money for political ads and that all links to campaigns will always be free.  Of course the BV will be free to comment on all political ads, face book pages, or campaign web pages.

Give me ideas.

The biggest challenge for now will be the learning curve on building the web page - it is not as easy as go daddy claims - the idiot screens are not obvious - I was told it is as easy as Front Page - it is not - a 5 year old could have used front page - be patient - I will get it right

other links will be

yard sales, community events, cinemark link - etc also historic Brownsville - I will begin to take pictures of historical buildings and locations - and have a link to just those pictures

I want people to see the good, the bad, and ugly (the latter  coming with that nude beach pic I promised)

Brownsville is a paradise waiting to be discovered - not by the butcher Columbus but by out of city an in city business people who see a profit and a retirement haven for seniors

I am told my initial post on the web page could take 24-48 hours to post

Bobby WC


Anonymous said...

It appears you're promoting Machu Picchu rather than Brownsville. Try a little more emphasis on Brownsville, not the destination reached from Brownsville. I am pleased to see that you are going to be "all positive" and will believe it when I see it. And why promote an Air Line that doesn't exist.

BobbyWC said...

Your comment is spot on because the picture is out of context - once the BV web page its up there will be an explantion - Gateway to Latin America was totally true when Pan Am existed in Brownville - the explanation on the Web page will be through our airport you can do trade with all of Latin America- I will also be promoting the port -

I will also be going negative - that has not stopped - but my point is to show Brownsville potential and who we really are - we not defined by our politicians - but by our dreams and what we are willing to do to execute on those dreams
but in the context of how I have the picture you comment is spot - hopefully by tonight the web page will appear and things will become clearer

Bobby WC