Sunday, February 10, 2013


ADDENDUM:  It seems a reader is all upset that I am not buying into Sarkis as being qualified for city commissioner.  Trust me once we know for sure who Tony Martinez's plant is, the BV will be taking no prisoners.  But here is a post from Dos Frias which takes a similar view of Martin Sarkis.  He simply cannot win - if we want to beat Tony Martinez we better find a highly qualified Latina to run for this position.

"Sarkis states that owners of downtown buildings that have fallen into disrepair need to be served warning that unless they repair their buildings the city will do it at their expense."

The problems with this statement are so numerous I could not even begin to recite them all.  Not even in Mexico do they pull this kind of nonsense.  Mr. Sarkis seems to want to swear an oath to a constitution about which he has no knowledge.

But for a second let's assume this stupidity were possible - exactly with what money does Sarkis expect to have access to to fix up all of these buildings?  Is he the only person on the planet unaware we are broke and cannot even fix potholes ,or buys enough ambulances to service Brownsville, or give our city employees a raise?

His own statements prove he has zero knowledge of how reality works, budgets and budgets constraints, and the triviality of the constitution.

But here we go again - he is not a Tony Martinez plant so let's support him.  No, we make known now that he cannot win because he is not qualified to hold public office - in light of his contempt for the constitution, and lack of knowledge that money does not fall from the sky.  These type reckless ill informed promises are what makes Brownsville the laughing stock of humanity.  (Yes over stated - but not by much.)

Tony Martinez will have zero problems educating the people of Brownsville just how ill equipped Martin Sarkis is for public office.   It seems Mr. Sarkis is unaware he is in Texas - Texans simply do not tolerate public officials threatening to take their land and buildings - especially when the constitution prohibits same.   

So this is what will happen - idiots will support Martin Sarkis who is not qualified simply because he is not a Tony Martinez plant.  Sarkis will lose and everyone will ask how -I will say - because people never learn.  If you want to beat a Tony Martinez plant you better run someone other than Martin Sarkis.

Running Martin Sarkis is as stupid an idea as running Butch Barbosa against Presas-Garcia - we all saw how well that worked out.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just do everyone a favor and tell us who to vote for Bobby. I must say, you are a fickle as SHIT! Did you mention once about budget constraints when Tony Martinez bought up all that land to donate it to the University? NO. You complain, complain, complain but offer no solutions. I do not care for Martin Sarkis, but I am amazed at how you talk down a person without probably knowing a thing about them! But what do you expect from someone that knows it are pathetic.

BobbyWC said...

First of all not that reality matters to someone who loves distractions and hates reality.

The focus of my comment is,

"Sarkis states that owners of downtown buildings that have fallen into disrepair need to be served warning that unless they repair their buildings the city will do it at their expense."

Nothing else - you cannot refute just how ignorant Sarkis statement is, so you turn to lies, distractions and insults

The BV broke the story going after Tony Martinez and the donation of land to UT - and for the record it was not an issue during the campaign.

The BV gave Pat Ahumada the name "Pat Almighty" during his campaign because he was promising to spend millions to fix everything at a time the city was broke.

The BV has consistently spoken to the issue of budget contraints - it was when Pat Almighty was running that the first significant report came out about tax revenues and bridge revenues being down big time.

Again the focus of my comment is Sarkis' comments on spending non-existent money to repair private property and then bill the owners -
As a voter I can look at such an ill informed idea and know - this guy knows nothing about the law or budgets - what else do I need to know?

Will my opinion change if I learn he is a great father? Will it change if I know he has done great charity work? No

His comment still informs me he knows nothing about the constitution or budgets.

I do not want Tony Martinez to have his 4 person majority - he will if Sarkis is on the ballot - with these kind of ill informed ideas Tony Martinez will have no problem raising the money to shut Sarkis down - if a third candidate gets in the race we will have another split vote and Martinez's candidate will win - exactly what happened with Presas-garcia

Now try posting something with facts instead of mindless insults

No one has been on Tony Martinez harder than the BV - the BV on April 12th last year broke the story of his spending without commission approval so long as the amount was under $35,000 - it took the other blogs more than 6 months to even care about the story.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

As I recall it was rrun rrun who had all the invoices of the Mayor's spending, but hey, you broke it. If you listen to your comments even you will agree that they do not make sense. You state that the city was broke when Pat the Rat was Mayor to do all what he wanted. Well what has changed Bobby? The city is still broke and Tony Martinez still bought worhtless buildings to donate them to one of the ritches university systems! At leat Sarkis' plan has a way of the city recouping thier money. You afre wrong my friend!

BobbyWC said...

I posted my link for April 12th 2012 warning people about how Tony was spending money on contracts under $35,000 - it took Montoya 6 months to find a source to provide him anything - I did not provide the invoices because some of the people who were getting the contracts would have been hurt and they were small businesses who really did not understand what was happening.

Sarkis has proposed nothing to raise revenues - for years - even Tony has talked about reviving downtown - it will not happen - Tony went to Washington begging for money and they sent him for full projective psychiatric analysis - they were in disbelief that Tony really believed Washington was going to give him money to revitalize a run down city.

Exactly what history does downtown Brownsville have? - my actual favorite story is Pershing on horseback chasing some of Pancho Villas men down Elizabeth street.

Do you actually believe people are going to spend money to travel to Brownsville to take a trolly downtown to have someone say "Anglo so and so lived here when they kept the wetbacks in their place. This is where Anglo so and so lived who stole the land with the help of the US Military so they could build Fort Brown. Downtown Brownsville has no historical value - period

What it does have is the potential for a developed river - but Pat Ahumada supporter the wier dam and that was enough to kill it.

The wier dam would have solved our water policy problems and brought a real reason for economic development and tourism to downtown.

sarkis will lose - Tony Martinez will get his 4 votes - Charlie Cabler will be fired - and possibly Pete Gonzales.

Any fool claiming downtown is a potential economic engine knows nothing about downtown - until we have the wier dam with a wider river downtown for a river walk and hotels and outdoor cafes- downtown Brownville will continue to devolve into a broken down city to be used for old westerns

Martin Sarkis facebook pages says nothing more than the same old garbage of empty promises with not one new viable idea -

Tony Martinez will destroy him with whomever he puts up - and then people like you will be happy - Tony will own the city

And I note you did not even begin to defend Sarkis ill conceived idea of the city paying to fix broken down buildings - why? because it has no defense.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The diffrence between your comments and mine are that you are all over the place while I remain consistent. In the first place, you complain about the mayor and then when hebhasban apponent, you become his biggest cheerleader! What the hell? You have no fighting spirit, are so made to roll over, take your ball home when bobby does not like an outcome or the way things are going. By your own admission the mayor should be replaced, but not by a particular candidate? Makes no sense what so eve! You have basically endorsed the mayor! You are doing the community a disservice by telling them that the mayor will destroy SARKIS. That is a shame because some people do follow what you recommend and you a telling them to vote for someone that has proven to be a liability for Brownsville, instead of fighting to out someone in office that will steer us in a new direction. What a shame, I wonder where we would be if our forefathers had your way of thinking,....just roll ove and let them kill you, instead of rallying them to fight!

BobbyWC said...

First of all the BV does not influence enough votes unless the election is very close

Second, my readers for the most part are independent thinkers and consider my words, but do not necessarily follow them.

Your argument is simple - because Sarkis is anti-Tony Martinez we should support him even if the known variables tell us he cannot win - you sir with that mentality are effectively voting for Tony to have his majority.

I have said before and I will say now, we need a highly qualified Latina to run for this spot - someone who understands budgets - someone who understands they are one vote and cannot make ill conceived promises on which they can never deliver.

Such a person will beat Tony's candidate

I took this same analysis with the Barbosa/Presas-garcia race - and history tells me I was right. I said Cata awould win in the 40% mark and she did. Tony's candidate will win with about 55% of the vote unless it is a three way and then she will win with about 43-45% of the vote

Nearly every election for years now show the female candidate if funded wins - this is reality - you can pretend all day it is not, but it is.

Chirinos beat Gill-Martinez by a hair because BISD employees knew the truth and they turned out for Chirinos - without that Gill-Martinez would have won

Powers beat Arge Miller because she had no money and cannot form a sentence in either Spanish or English.

Presas-garcia has beat well funded men twice - Longoria beat a well funded man - Saavedra beat a well funded man - Zamora beat a well funded man - Vasquez beat a well funded man - Gowen beat a man - how many times do you need to see this reality before you will get it.

To stop Tony we must run a highly qualified Latina who can raise money - then we stop Tony

If a strong Latina does not get on the ballot Tony will take control - that is reality - all I am saying is if you want Tony out you better find a strong Latina to run against his candidate - this is how you beat Tony.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Latina? We are latina heavy on the commission already..

BobbyWC said...

So did I say Latina for no apparent reason or because the last couple election cycles show Latina's have the upper hand - it seems to me the goal of many is to insure Tony martinez does not get a secure majority of 4 - so do we ignore the emperical evidence that Latina's have the upper hand because there are already 4 women on the city commission?

This is not rocket science - we either defeat Tony Martinez or ignore reality and go with a loser

Bobby WC