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We are losing Winter Texans because the age of pensions is dead.  As the few people with pensions continue to die off, so too will the Winter Texan industry, unless we convince the few who can still afford to retire away from their current homes, Brownsville is a place with a life other than bad Mexican food, and endless corruption.  Yes, Brownsville has the best climate and yes the best beach in Boca Chica.  Again, Boca Chica is a thousand times better than SPI - why Brownsville does not promote this fact is beyond me.

From the Brownsville Herald on February 13, 2013

"Winter Texans make a big impact on the Valley economy. The report estimated each household spends almost $11,000 during each stay and estimated the total impact to the region’s economy at $751 million.

The center conducts a survey every two years. In 2010, it showed 140,000 Winter Texans in 75,000 households. By 2012, that number dropped to 133,000 in 69,000 households.
It also showed the average age of the Winter Texan had increased from 70 in 2010 to 71 in 2012. A study in 2004 estimated the average age at 68.

Simpson said it’s unclear if the younger baby boom generation is just not coming to the Valley or if previous Winter Texans are not returning."

Source:  The Herald

From the Brownsville Voice April 20, 2012.

"On that note, Brownsville is heading down a path of lower tax revenues. I take pride in the fact I live with the people and constantly associate with the people."

"Here is a news flash for the mayor and Brownsville city commission - the retirement parks are looking a financial problems. There are record number of empty retirement homes. I realize the concept of planning (like a 5 year plan) is considered communist, but it is not.

The generation which retired on pensions is dying off real fast. This fact has been in the news for years. There are no longer enough such retirees to support the retirement trailer parks in Brownsville and Cameron county. Many parks are struggling financially. The empty lots mean lower property tax revenues. The lower number of permanent and temporary winter Texans means lower sales tax revenues. The new generation of retirees will be dependent on 401k's or similar retirement plans. These plans mean a finite amount of money which make living in two places at once impossible. It also means it will be harder for people who live up north to just retire elsewhere. Those with money - real money - are retiring outside the US where the cost of retirement is significantly lower in terms of being able to live a comfortable life.

Source:  Brownsville Voice


I am not saying that putting the clothing optional beach on the south side of Boca Chica will solve the problem of fewer Winter Texans - but it will help make Brownsville more attractive to the few Winter Texas who can still live half of the year in South Texas and the other half up north.   It will also mean more tax dollars and profits for the hotels, restaurants, car rentals, airport and general shopping.  To allow this issue to be decided by perverts would be sad.  I am telling you when I go to the unofficial nude beach most of us are over 50 and way over 50.  It means nothing to us to sit around and talk about mindless nothings.  It is not about sex it is about loving our bodies without apology and feeling liberated.

The number one search which leads people to the BV, outside local politics, is nude beach on SPI.  People from all over Texas, the US and the world research this issue.  This is a gold mine waiting to be excavated.  The hotel owners should be the ones pushing it.  Van services can be created to pick people up at the hotels and take them out to Boca Chica, they can include lunch, drinks, chairs - all for a fee.  There is money in this for everyone.

AND FOR THE PERVERTS - Think of it this way - on opening day you can  drive your pathetic little imp mobiles out to the beach - take a picture of me fishing naked or just tossing a football or something and then post it to the Internet and say - "look at Bobby's winky"  It would be my pleasure to give you that joy if Brownsville could just have this industry. In fact I will post the picture myself the day it becomes legal.  I will get a group of other seniors to create a picture promoting the Boca Chica's nude beach.


This was a great idea which should have been completed years ago.  It solves our water problems.  It widens the river downtown so we can bring back river boats.  I would go so far as to say we need rivers boats with slot machines and limited gambling. 

Below is the Miraflores shopping center in Lima, Peru, overlooking the Pacific.

This could be Brownsville - with a major tourist shopping area overlooking the Rio Grande with a dock giving tourists access to old fashion river boats.  In the time this project is complete the violence in Matamoros will be over with.  Medellin Columbia is now a major tourist destination and in fact retirement center for US Americans.
The Aeromexico deal was great for Brownsville.  I am disappointed my schedule has not allowed me to return to Mexico City via Monterrey on Aeromexico.  While I agree bus travel in Mexico is not safe, there remains quite a bit of safe travel in Mexico City if you fly in.  The Aztec ruins are worth the trip.  Brownsville needs to be promoting the flights to Mexico City, and any number of other cities currently safe to travel to.  This is something Winter Texans like to do.

On a 30 day advance purchase for a quick weekend trip to Mexico City on United is $711.00  The same flight from Brownsville via Monterrey on Aeromexico is $638.


God blessed Brownsville with weather and beauty.  The problem with Brownsville is not the corruption - every city has corruption - Brownsville cannot seem to elect people with vision.  On the Winter Texan issue, although warned nearly a year ago about the problem, our city commission does not even have it on its radar.  I can assure you, they will let the industry die - and then ask, what happened?  Our leaders cannot seem to get beyond reading the Herald.  Try the NYT, WSJ, WP - you might learn something about the world.


You have to go to Filamon Vela and ask that he help restart the Weir Dam project.  Our City Commission will never act.  I 100% support the business community setting up an alternative government to negotiate with the state and  federal government for help in making Brownsville the sub-tropical paradise it can be.  We cannot do it without the business community.  I know there are great business owners out there who agree with me - we have met - we have broken bread together. I do not mention them by name for fear of retaliation against their businesses.

It is time - we must just abandon the Brownsville City Commission and create our own alternative government to fight for Brownsville.

The County Commission is a different story.  I think they are trying - what they lack is a COB doing its job.  More on county government Monday/

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