Monday, February 11, 2013


This weekend a source confirmed for me Rose Gowen is running for reelection.  She is not required to file anything with the city to confirm this.  Sometime in March her campaign finance report will verify the comments of my source.

For now no new people have filed an Appointment of Campaign Treasurer

So for now we have Mark Sarkis, John Villarreal and Rose Gowen all running unopposed.  My source is an open records request to the city of Brownsville.  People can speculate all they want who is and is not running, but until they file an Appointment of Campaign Treasurer, they are not running.

BUT - I do not doubt Tony Martinez has already called the big donors and have demanded commitments for unnamed candidates.

It is very odd that this late in the game all three openings on the city commission only each have an unopposed candidate.  I will bet the farm Sarkis will have an opponent.  This person will be Tony Martinez's fourth vote to fire Charlie Cabler and possibly Pete Gonzales.  While off hand I can think of one very good reason to fire Charlie Cabler yesterday, I do not want him fired over dirty politics.  Replacing Charlie Cabler with a yes man for Tony Martinez is a lot worse than having Charlie Cabler as the city manager

I get it is impossible to serve at the discretion of the city commission - it is an endless balancing act.  The Texas Legislature needs to pass new laws to make firing administrators over politics more difficult.  We have seen how this has destroyed BISD and cost it some near $20 million dollars.

Jim Goza was a great city attorney, but he refused to back the corruption and compadre system so he was fired in favor of one the most dishonorable (but not the most dishonorable) attorneys in Brownsville - (more on that Tuesday).

Until the Texas Legislature passes laws to end the firing of chief administrators for no better reason than politics - competent governance will become something of the past.

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