Monday, February 4, 2013


Source: Austin American Statesman

The case will go directly to the Texas Supreme Court which could stay the ruling.  At this point it seems highly likely that a Special Legislative Session will be called over the Summer. 

The sad part is, money will not  fix the system.  The problem is a system which knows nothing about education.  The dumbing down process gets worse by the year.  Standardized tests seem to promote non-learning, and handouts have replaced actual teaching.

Until we reform how we educate our children, all of the money in the world will change nothing.  We begin by abolishing the Schools of Education and mandate all teachers have a masters in their teaching field.


Anonymous said...

what is your solution?

Anonymous said...

Why do parents receive a check if their kids are placed in special education or declared LD? I have heard stories of parents teaching their kids incorrectly to confuse them so they can attain this benefit. This program seems like a good place to start cutting? What do you think? Next, they can tackle the trashing of tons of food each day...

BobbyWC said...

There are clearly parents who act to insure their kids fail - I have discussed this in the past - but it is not as easy as you think for a child to get SSI disability

parents have many reasons to insure their kids fail - it extends the years they get paid child support

My solution is like I said - every teacher should have a masters in their teaching fields - it is time we end hand outs - each school district should create its own end of semester exams approved by the state - this was they can be based on instruction

social science courses should mandate essay exams so the kids are prepared for college

class should be in lecture form with outlines written on the board - again preparing them for college - in the world of the internet outline lecture with interactive internet lessons the kids will not get bored

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

BWC sorry to disappoint you, but having all teachers have a Masters in their subject area is not a fix-all for education, it really not much of a fix at all. More education from an educational system that is screwed up from first grade through a Doctoral thesis is just more of the same. I think that a few years of mandatory military service or at least a few years working in private industry would better serve the new generation of educators.

BobbyWC said...

I do not disagree with your ideas on working in private industry first, or military service - but in my original post I did say to get rid of the colleges of education.

I have two masters and a doctorate - not only do I have a better command of my subject matter, my experience in the classroom has exposed me to all sorts of teaching styles - teaching and learning styles are important

Through my experience I can ID how different students learn and use any number of the teaching styles I observed in my many courses.

I agree my masters in education is basically worthless - UT Arlington - if they taught anything about teaching I missed that day.

I had one teacher who was Ms. Romper Room in the 70's and as graduate students she taught us as if we were in her Romper Room classroom.

I can think of only 2 competent instructors I had during the entire 2 year process - - in the ESL courses they never taught anything about how to teach ESL - we just endlessly read children's books and then wrote a review - I did this in 3 courses - I learned a lot about a lot of good children's books which can be used in Social Studies - Mildred Taylor for one - but learned nothing about ESL.

People with a BA or BS in education only have very limited classroom experience in learning their subject - this is not enough to bring the type diversity in teaching styles needed in the classroom - the masters program exposes them to many more forms of instruction and learning styles - it also makes them more informed in their subject matter.

I would love to teach American Government, Law and Society, and how to teach Social Studies to education majors, but I am not qualified with 2 masters and a doctorate - any time I choose I can go back to Houston and teach full time at Houston Community College - my skills were rewarded and acknowledged at the highest levels - but this is Brownsville where success has no place in the classroom.

I would welcome teaching one course as an adjunct and then let the administration decide - but that will not happen.

Thanks for your comment

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Of course if I were to teach I probably would have to change how I blog - you do not blog on the hand that feeds you - also BISD would probably not favor me teaching at TSC if I am still blogging about their corruption.

Bobby WC