Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The first one is about eco pan- we have all seen the commercial - it is green and you can fry cheese in it and the fried cheese just slides out.  The story is a warning and very funny at the same time.  I know enough to know these companies make their money on the extras they want you to buy and the shipping - but I gave them a call anyway.  It is all recordings and entering your information electronically.  There are no live reps.  So after you think you are done they then ask you if you want to buy  a full set at some outrageous rate.   You hit the number for no - they then come back again and say if you will not pay the initial outrageous rate because you are special they will offer you a discount. After you say no again, they come back again with - well we can offer you yet another discount.  If you say no then they go into a long commercial as to why you need to buy the full set.  This is when I hung up and never confirmed any order.

About a month later my bank calls me and says there are a whole lot of charges on my credit card in California and on line all at once.  My card also showed I had just made a charge at Home Depot here in Brownsville.  This tipped off the computer that something was wrong.  Well, one charge was for $39 for this eco pan.  My bank cancelled all of the charges and issued a new card.

I then get a package several days later with a set of eco pans. 

Now it gets funny - ABC has a new program called "The Neighbors"  It is about an alien community living on earth who choose to name everyone after famous people.  None of the names fit by race or appearance of the alien.  It  is actually quite funny.

I call this eco pan company and ask them how they want me to return the package because I am not paying for something I never ordered.  The woman on the phone, from India, said her name was ADAM SMITH.  She kept on pronouncing my name Kervan - I was in the computer as Wightman-Cervan - I explained to her a "C" is soft if it is before an "E" - yea she was clueless.

She made it clear to me that I would not get a refund unless I paid to ship the package back to her company.  I explained to her I already had a refund because my bank reported it as a fraudulent charge along with all of the other charges made in California that day.  She was clueless.  I gave her a choice to email a return label, or I would dump the package in the trash - and to the trash it went.


You know that product where you can allegedly suck wax and water out of your ear.  Yea it does not work.  Isabella and I both suffer from simmers ear.  So I thought I would get two.  Neither had an ounce of suction.  I called the company for a refund - they gave it right away.  When I asked for a return shipping label they said - it was okay to just trash them.  I think they knew their product was trash and just hope most people will not seek a refund.


At the HEB on Boca Chica and 77 the cashier Mary (a blonde - a bit heavy set) always smiles and makes my  day.  She knows her job and knows how to treat customers.  I always seek her out just for her smile and infectious joyous attitude.

At the Home Depot on Boca Chica and 48, Tony Saenz knows everything.  You cannot miss him - he towers over everyone.  He is another person with an infectious joyous attitude.  I do not care what you need he knows where it it.  He also has a 1000 ideas to help you with your projects

At the Staples Monica rules - she just makes you feel special.  Her smile is endless.  She loves herself by defining her own look - which for her works.  I love people who define their own look without concern for the opinion of idiots.  I always feel great when I leave Staples after Monica has checked me out.  She just exudes positive energy and joy.  Monica I love your glasses and hair.


For 8 years this guy has shined and repaired my shoes and boots.  He also does all sort of work on leather.  I send all of my motorcycle friends to his shop for leather work.  This is a long held family business.  They deliver with pride.


I do not know the name of his business, but he is behind the old federal court house/post office on Elizabeth street.  His work is impeccable and timely.  Some of my shirts require tailoring and I always take them to him.  Also my pants are always too long so he shortens them for me.  I cannot find suit jackets with proper arm lengths so he handles them also.  Just check him out - he is in a small shop just behind the old federal court house, and current part-time post office on Elizabeth street.

The picture is Christmas at 2.  She is now 3 1/2 - I fear posting a current picture or any picture because we all know how sick some of the minds are on the blogosphere - people should not fear posting pictures of children - but life is what it is.  My goal is to pay what ever it takes to put her through the school at St Lukes, then Guadelupe and then St. Joes - anything but BISD.
Boy does she love to say my name - I was so happy when her grandfather showed up last night after work because it became grandpa or Bobby and not just Bobby.  When she got here with her mom to do laundry we made a Spice cake.  She is 3 1/2 and has gotten pretty good at making cake and cookies.  It is funny because neither of us will eat the cake or cookies, but we love to make them.  Half went home with the grandpa and the other half went home with Isabella to give to her grandma.

With me everything is a learning experience.  We went outside to see the hundreds of purple flowers on my Meyers lemon tree.  We do this every week.  She is finally getting the concept that the flowers turn into baby lemons.  Along these lines we planted 50 vegetable plants.

I filled a bucket with Miracle grow vegetable dirt and then gave her a little shovel.  She filled each of the 50 cups - not too much of a mess.  We then planted 5 plants of each vegetable, while her mother made signs for each using ice cream sticks.

It was a challenge to get Isabella to put only 2 seeds per cup - but we got there.  My goal is to allow her to see how they grow and where food comes from.  When they teach her this in school she will already be an expert farmer.  Next week she will watch me till the area where the plants will eventually go.  Over the months she will watch and learn and in time be allowed to pick all of the vegetables she wants.


Isabella loves roasted  chicken thighs and my rice.  She is an excellent rice maker.  She knows just how much olive oil to swirl in the pan using the special dispensing bottle I have for olive oil.  She knows when the oil disperses it is time to put in the cup of rice which she takes from the bag (health note - parboiled rice has the lowest glycemic index and therefore the healthiest) She uses the wooden spatula to move the rice around for a while before measuring out 4 cups of chicken broth.  After I cut the onion and green pepper she puts them in.  All I do is the salt.  She knows just how much to let it boil down before covering it.  I turn it down to  simmer - and she knows that if she takes the cover off the rice before it is done my house will explode.  If you just believe in children you can teach them anything.

She was so helpful in  trying to clean the dishes - they still went in the dishwasher.  She loves to take her grandpa his meal to the table.  Later she took him his cake - I took the coffee.

One last thing, when I was working with the chicken I asked her before I touch anything else what should I do and she said "you need to wash your hands so you  do not get sick."  I taught her that nearly a year ago.


Anonymous said...

In light of all the terrible news in the world, but a refreshing and delightful article. Thank you for sharing. Isabella is a lucky little girl to have you in her life.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful child and yes you should be able to post pictures of your children but there are too many unknowns out there. Be safe.