Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I am waiting on confirmation about more people filing paperwork for the COB election - if I get confirmation I will post it.

Keaton is real sick again.  The teeth cleaning did not seem to solve the chronic infections she seems to be getting which are impacting her brain.  By Tuesday morning it was clear she was going into another episode.  I have the best vet imaginable.  He knows I know Keaton so rather than make me pay for another visit and more blood work he just agreed to write the prescription for the antibiotic.  This saved me about $150 - the antibiotic was still nearly $80. 

It will be maybe 4 days before I see real improvement - so for now she will wobble around in circles - not sleep, and need to be hand fed.  The good news is she is drinking water on her own.  At this moment she did walk around the yard for a while this morning, but is now sleeping on the couch after a very small breakfast with her antibiotic.  She did drink.  She did her business outside.  Her head falls to the right and she wobbles to the right.  The antibiotic is certainly not reversing the process yet, but I am  certain it is keeping it from getting worse.  2 more days of antibiotics and she should be getting some relief.

For now putting her down is not an option.  I will spend the money every month even if it means going into debt so long as the vet can keep her comfortable.  Several friends have volunteered to take her if she needs to be put down, but that is not an option.  I must do it.  I will bring her sister so we can all hug while it happens.  I did this with Bogie some 17 years ago - well actually Bogie was actually already dead - the vet just verified the obvious - yea it was an hour on the floor where the vet let me deal with my loss. 

For now I can only hope the antibiotics will last more than a month this time.  My research indicates trying to get an exact diagnosis requires I go to San Antonio with a cost possibly in the thousands with no guarantee.  She is nearly 11 with a possible life span of 13, so I have made the decision to just keep her comfortable.

Today will be taking care of her 24/7 - the first  three days are difficult - either me or a friend needs to be with her to keep her safe. 


Also on this domestic abuse case I discussed yesterday - I am getting no help - this town is so anti-god it blows my mind - the lack of human compassion is almost surreal.  Compounding everything it looks like I will have no choice but to allow another woman and her daughter to move into my home - she is in an abusive situation - not physical but mental - she needs away from her mother so my home is the only choice.

Anyway sad day - the good news is - I know without a doubt God has given me the tools to deal with it all and all will be well - but I will take a few minutes to be sad before taking my faith and making everything okay.
It looks like God is giving Brownsville another perfect day - so maybe reading around the pool while Keaton gets some sun (she loves this) will make the day a lot easier.
These vets and their staff have always been loving to my girls and myself.  You cannot go  wrong if you make them your pets doctor.  It has been an 8 year relationship without a complaint. (except the one visiting vet)  Dr. Stanfield and Dr. Head are both very caring about not only your pets, but you as their caregiver.


Anonymous said...

May God give you strength to deal with Keaton's condition. I have been there/done that and I know what you are going through. May Keaton recover quickly. Have you contacted Texas A&M? Perhaps they can help.

BobbyWC said...

thanks for the comment - here is the deal - if she were younger I would more interested in investing the money to cure the problem - but at her age it makes no sense

I hate how we keep seniors alive for our purposes - we put parents and family members on endless machines and medications to extend their life as if we can cheat the end

11 years old is a long life for a medium size dog - I will not fight reality - my concern is to keep her comfortable and happy until the end.

The vet is going to let me know if he learns anything - but the deal is - at her age - if not this it will be something else in a month - you cannot fight nature and at her age I just need to keep her happy and comfortable

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Words of wisdom, Bobby.

Trey Garza said...

I am a big admirer of Gerry and Glenn both as veterinarians and individuals. This past year I had a conversation with both of them over a beer about when is the "right time" to put a pet to sleep. Their response was essentially that each individual owner makes that decision after consulting with the veterinarian.

They both acknowledged that even they are not sure when to make the decision for their own pets.

I am sorry to hear you are going though. I put a good longtime pet of mine to sleep last year and it was not easy. My prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

I agree they are good. They had another Doctor who was also excellent. But God called him home, in my opinion, too soon. He was Dr. Rubalcava. I think that is how you spell his name. He was top notch! Sure miss his smile and his caring manner. Dr. Head trained him and he did an EXCELLENT job. Anyway, Boca Chica Animal Hospital is the Best in Brownsville! No Question about it! :)

Anonymous said...

(Boca Chica Animal Hospital is the Best in Brownsville! No Question about it!)

Agree!!! 100%.