Thursday, February 28, 2013


Many politicians in this town get under my skin, but no one more than Rose "The Tinman" Heartless Gowen. It blows my mind she is a doctor and is allowed to treat patients.

From the time she announced 4 years ago she has not responded to one email.  She seems oblivious to the fact she represents all of Brownsville and not Tony Martinez and his con artists friends.  Her contempt for the people she allegedly represents is some of the worst I have ever seen in an elected official.  there is truly something psychologically wrong with this woman to have such contempt for humanity.


I emailed her as a commissioner at large, a woman and a doctor about a 20 year old homeless woman who needs help.  Her baby is 4 months old.  Yesterday I spent 4 hours getting her WIC reinstated, taking care of other paperwork, helping her with nutrition and parenting classes on line and going to the food shelter (did not have baby formula).  There is only so much I can do.

This woman has access to free day care next door to her school, but she does not have the $24 for her daughter's birth certificate.  She is about to start her internship but will not be able to because she has no money for the TB or hep test.  But she hasn't given up.  She is going to finish school.

The young lady has more heart and is more of a woman than Rose "The Tinman" Gowen will ever be.

For the record I asked Tony Martinez if he could check with the catholic church for help - nothing - not even an email saying "my office will look into options."

The only commissioner to now respond twice to try and help is Melissa Zamora. 

These homeless woman have no money and no transportation.  There are services but she cannot access them because she has no transportation or cannot pay fees before she can access the services. She has no State ID because she cannot afford the $16 fee.  School and walking all day to deal with her baby takes her time.  Without money or a bus pass she has no way of getting around to the AG's Office for Child Support or TANF for temporary welfare.  The TANF money would pay for all of the fees and get her set up with uniforms for work.  Work - is this not the goal.

This woman is not giving up - she is fighting - what is sad is Rose "The Tinman" Gowen does not care enough as a woman/doctor/city commissioner to even respond to an email asking for guidance.


Anonymous said...

i hear that she is spearheading an effort to make 13th street one lane from levee to adams or jefferson so cyclists will have a path. that is crazy! i was there on saturday and with two lanes, the traffic was completely backed up between washington and elizabeth to the point that it was blocking the intersection. how is one lane going to help anything? if she would do things right and hire an engineer, they would tell her that the lanes are extremely oversized and a bikelane could easily be striped in to the existing road. but i hear she is not usually too open to suggestion. this reminds me of when harry mcnair had planters placed on elizabeth street and the first rain flooded everything cuz they inadvertantly blocked the drains. learn from history people!!

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for a professional comment and providing the community information about downtown

I can tell you - I am dreading going to my tailor tomorrow - I bought some new shirts and pants at JCP and need to have them tailored - the traffic downtown near the old federal courthouse is a nightmare

Bobby WC