Saturday, February 2, 2013


One of Benny boy's lovers is claiming the story about him and the Commission on Judicial Conduct is false - I am being challenged to post it.

Here we go -

"Based on numerous entries on a Facebook page, it was apparent to the public that the judge was

actively involved as an organizer of a charitable fundraiser in violation of Canon 4C(2) of the

Texas Code of Judicial Conduct. The judge was aware that his name and judicial title were being

used to promote the fundraiser, to sell tickets, and to solicit funds, yet he took no affirmative

steps to correct that impression. The judge's active participation in the fundraiser also conveyed

the impression that the parent of the recipients of the charitable funds was in a special position to influence the judge and raised questions about the judge's impartiality [Violation of 2B and 4C(2) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.] Private Warning and Order of Additional

Education of a Municipal Court Judge. (08/23/ 12)



September 13, 2012"

 See Page 47 (click here)  of Private Reprimands

Now before one of Ben Neece's lovers come back and say it is illegal for me to post information related to a Private Reprimand - I suggest they consult with a lawyer other than Ben Neece - the rule applies to the Commission, not private citizens.

Of note at the same  time Ben Neece received notice of the reprimand, BISD Transportation (Art Rendon's Department), suspended the woman who signed an affidavit against Ben Neece which was part of the complaint.

See Original Story

The findings are a typical compromise reprimand - the judge agrees to a lessor charge in exchange for the commission not having to sue the judge to prove the more serious charges. 

Further, as my post showed - the documents related to three DWI's wherein in the course of one year Ben Neece allowed Montoya to walk out of court without having to post one penny in bond, and with no driving restrictions, are public record.  This Benny's lover claims this is evidence of honorable conduct.

Second, I defy this poster to produce any document - email - anything from me wherein I have ever demanded a penny from Ben Neece - they cannot - because Benny and his lovers live in an imaginary world where reality never plays the stage

Finally, Ben Neece in 1999 sued the city and the city commissioners. If this is the case I am thinking of, they wanted the judges to be part time - I would need to go back and review the file

So yes Ben Neece is capable of suing the city.

Finally, one more, since this poster has no sense of facts - Ben Neece was not suspended because of findings by the Commission on Judicial Conduct - he was suspended during the investigation which included an allegation of possession of marijuana.

Why is it such a challenge for people to learn simple facts before they go off into their world of delusions.

Hey Anony - do you think your stupid comments helped Benny Boy?

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