Friday, February 15, 2013


The sun did not make taking the picture easy. Unless there is breaking news, or a source provides me credible evidence, I will be busy this morning working in the back yard, and then work by 10. The Meyers lemon has a smell which would make me a billionaire if I could bottle it. There are at least 500 flowers on the 2 trees. This Fall is going to be some harvest. My new Mexican lemon tree also has about 50 flowers. I can only hope the grapefruit and avocado also get flowers soon.

A friend emailed me and suggested adding the following:  I did the piece on Boca Chica beach because people need to know Brownsville has many beautiful things.  Boca Chica is a raw beach - natural and unapologetic - just sheer beauty.  Brownsville gives us the weather needed for some of the most beautiful tropical and sub-tropical plants.  Our fruit trees and tulipans adds extraordinary beauty to our lives -

Brownsville has beauty  - It should not just be judged by the misogynistic eunuchs and politicians.  It should shock no one the misogynist eunuchs had to take a story celebrating the beauty of Boca Chica and turn it into something ugly - they just cannot conceive Brownsville for its beauty - which by the way is a great medicine for putting a smile on your face.

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