Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Ms. Garzoria turned in a packet with 31 signatures.  We are in the process of verifying signatures
The last day to file an application for a place on the ballot is March 1, 2012 (Friday) at 5:00 p.m."
This would be a challenge to John Villareal.
Below is from a previous BV post.  If John loses he needs to move into a cave and live out his life in shame.  She will not be able to raise money.  When she speaks people will realize just how misinformed and poorly educated she really is.
Here is an example of the reasoning and critical thinking she wants to bring to the City Commission
"I want to begin with Letty Perez-Garzoria because she is a poster child for the deception being played by Yolanda Begum and her minions.

Apparently Melissa Zamora committed a mortal crime for the following comment on her Facebook page in response to the JP race.

"but tell me how you're most qualified and what experience you have in running a courtroom?"

For Letty, anyone who would ask a candidate about their qualification for the office they seek, is biased and should not be trusted. This is beyond surreal and speaks volumes about just how poorly educated Letty really is.

Letty responded as follows - well actually it is unclear if this is the response of the Begum Cyberpolitiquero or Letty:"Zamora likely supports Erin Hernandez-Garcia for the Justice of the Peace "

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