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Andrew Hanen is 100% indebted to the Republican Party of Texas and one of its main contributors - namely James Dannebaum, through Dannenbaum's support of the Republican Party. To remind everyone, James Dannebaum paid a $1 million forfeiture fee to Armando Villalobos over the missing $21.4 million heist at the Port of Brownsville.  Villalobos hired as his attorney the same attorney, Joel Androphy, who defended James Dannebaum in Villalobos' investigation.  Everyone knows that if Villalobos goes down, he intends to take James Dannebaum with him.  This means the Texas Republican Party as collateral damage and the very people federal Judge Hanen owes his career to.  If James Dannebaum goes down, Hanen will never see a nomination to the Court of Appeals.

Some of the allegations against Villalobos includes Villalobos dropping criminal investigations in exchange for forfeiture money to his office.  This is exactly what Dannebaum did to get the investigation against him dropped.  What makes James Dannenbaum special and exempt from prosecution?  Money - the money trail.


Andrew Hanen was nominated by George W. Bush on January 23, 2002, as part of the Senatorial Courtesy of Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison.  Source: Click here  His initial nomination under the Senior Bush lapsed and never went forward.

Andrew Hanen's law firm Hanen, Alexander and Johnson  gave George W,. Bush $1,000 towards his presidential campaign.

Here are some older donations by Hanen - note donations to Gramm who through Senatorial Courtesy nominated Hanen the first time when his nomination lapsed.

Here is a summary from an investigative group;

"Hanen, Andrew S.
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas
Nominated: January 23, 2002 | Confirmed: May 9, 2002

Summary: Hanen, a former lawyer in private practice, contributed $1,000 to Bush in 1999. He also gave $1,700 to former Sen. Gramm from 1990-1996. Hanen was recommended to the President by Gramm and Hutchison. From 1995-1998, Hanen also gave $225 to then-Gov. George W. Bush and and $350 to John Cornyn’s attorney general campaign, according to the Institute on Money in State Politics."

Source: Center for Investigative Reporting

Key Donations by James Dannenbaum

2006 $2,100, Texas for Senator John Cornyn

2006 $3,000, National Congressional Republican Committee

2006  $10,000 Texas Republican Party

2006   $2,100 Kay Bailey Hutchison for Senate Committee

2008 $10,000, Texas Republican Party

2008 $28,500 John McCain

Source: Click here

In 2010, James Dannebaum gave the National Republican Senatorial Committee $30,400. This is just one year. Source Click  here 

2012,   $1,000 National Republican Senatorial Committee
2012    $1,000 National Republican Committee
2012    $2,500 Rick Perry
2012    $2,500 National Republican Committee

Source: Click here:

In the interest of fairness the links also show he gave to Democrats.

From 2009, until the beginning of this year John Cornyn served as the Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Click for Link


Why would two anti-gay US Senator's nominate an openly gay male for US Attorney for the Western District of Texas?  Read the story for yourself.   The answer is simple, over time he became the reliable US Magistrate judge to protect key Republicans and key Republican organizations in federal litigation.

Robert Pitman is John Cornyn's and Rick Perry's boy toy to do their dirty work.  He will never allow James Dannenbaum to go down.  This is why the US Attorney for the Southern District of Texas was removed from the Villalobos case and replaced by John Cornyn's boy toy, Robert Pitman.

So this is what we have - a US District Judge by the name of Andrew Hanen who bought his position and is indebted to John Cornyn.  We also have a US Attorney how owes his career to John Cornyn.

If James Dannenbaum goes down such as Villalobos is threatening if he goes down so to will John Cornyn, Rick Perry, and Judge Andrew Hanen himself.  Judge Hanen knows his career as a federal judge is dead if James Dannebaum gets exposed in  this case.


Judges care little about this well known axiom of law.  My question is simple - Andrew Hanen played the buy the judgeship game with political donations.  Now he has a  case which could take down all the key players within the very political party which put him in power.  Does not the appearance of justice mandate Andrew Hanen recuse himself and allow a judge not tied to the money which drives the process oversee this trial?  I say yes - I am certain Judge Hanen says no - if he were to recuse himself his hopes for an appointment to the federal court of appeals would die with his recusal.


Anonymous said...

judge indebted to the reps prosecuting these local democratic theives, or judge indebted to gilbert hinojosa prosecuting all these democratic theives (who are his friends)? I'll take least until the dust settles.

BobbyWC said...

you totally missed teh point - the Republicans - not the Democrats are the ones who want Villalobos to walk - they know if he goes to jail he will take James Dannenbaum with him which means major damage to the Republicans - this has nothing to do with the local Democrats - it was a Democrat US Attorney who brought the indictments

Bobby WC