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"Small, volcanic, with a proud Viking heritage and run by an openly gay prime minister, Iceland is now considering becoming the first democracy in the western world to try to ban online pornography."

Source: UK Guardian

It is not so simple as the opening sentence in the article.

""We are a progressive, liberal society when it comes to nudity, to sexual relations, so our approach is not anti-sex but anti-violence. This is about children and gender equality, not about limiting free speech," she said. "Research shows that the average age of children who see online porn is 11 in Iceland."

Source: UK Guardian

Editor: Do you know why nudism is accepted in Iceland? They have not been socialized to see the penis or breast as sexual objects. It is true Iceland has no official nude beaches, but nudism is wide spread where groups have found it acceptable. These groups respect those who prefer not to be around clothing optional spas or beaches.

:""We are not saying you see porn and go out and rape, but we are saying it shifts the way people think about sexual relationships, about intimacy, about women. A lot of people really don't realise what porn looks like online."

Source: UK Guardian

Editor: Texas AM Commerce has been working on a long term study of HIV and young gay men - I know a researcher in Dallas who gets paid to do the interviews in the Cedar Springs area - porn has gone condomless - they see it in the porn - see it as exciting - and do it - HIV is up among young gay men.

"The number of new HIV infections for young gay and bisexual men has increased by 22% between 2008 and 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported"

Source: Advocate Dec. 19, 2012

"It is very important not to rush into anything but rather have constructive dialogues and try to find the best solutions. I see the initiative of the interior ministry on this issue as a part of that process. Otherwise we leave it to the porn industry to define our sexuality and why would we want to do that?"

Source: UK Guardian

Editor:   Al Pacino in 1980 did a film called "Cruising"  Among the old guard we consider this film to be a major cause of the spread of HIV and unhealthy relationships within the gay community.  Look, I do not subscribe to one form of relationship as being the only form of healthy relationships.  For me, monogamy is healthy.  For others, being swingers is healthy.  This is not the issue.  It was the idea that this film sent a message that all gay men engaged in endless sex everywhere but in a monogamous way.  The point is, films can create wrong images and biases which are not healthy.  The radical right hates the success of gay marriage because it undoes the bigoted myth created by  films like "Cruising." 

The real sad part is, among many young gay people today this film is considered a classic celebration of being gay - they did not live through the first years of AIDS.  They have never seen the AIDS quilt laid out in front of the capital building.  They remain ignorant of how ignorance killed so many innocent people (thousands of children and women died from AIDS contracted from a mother exposed by a closeted gay husband - closeted by a bigoted society) while perpetuating a life style which resulted in multiple generations of gay men and women unable to have healthy relationships.

Violent and unhealthy forms of porn do cause damage to society -  But some porn is healthy - consensual adults engaged in sex for money as a business when done in a responsible way does not hurt society.

"Hildur Fjóla Antonsdóttir, a gender specialist at Iceland University, said: "This initiative is about narrowing the definition of porn so it does not include all sexually explicit material but rather material that can be described as portraying sexual activity in a violent or hateful way"

Source: UK Guardian

Editor: If this ban goes forward in Iceland, will it change sexual abuse of children, women and men? No - it will further a more progressive and healthy view of sexuality and the human body. So long as people see nudity as sexual, sexual abuse will exist.

Karl Marx saw the revolution beginning with socialization, not the government just taking over everything. Socialization is nothing new. For Karl Marx it was a mere observation of history. In my life time socialization initiated through government imposed laws as pushed by socially active groups has made a major impact on racial relations, women's rights and gay rights. It is how society changes and matures into a healthier more civilized unit.

It is important that we recognize Iceland it is not proposing banning all porn - just that which can be perceived as "portraying sexual activity in a violent or hateful way" I agree that most of us can agree at some level that which is violent or hateful, but I also agree there then comes a line which is probably 100% subjective.

This is a great experiment in Iceland. Nudity is not sexual, which is why it is accepted in Iceland.

If nothing else comes of this maybe the nations of the world can finally come to an agreement on how to block all child pornography on the internet. The reality is the FBI is the biggest purveyor of child pornography - all in the name of catching those who look at it. It seems to me that our Congress can pass a law tomorrow authorizing the FBI to hack and shut down all child pornography - but it won't. It makes good headlines - child porn ring arrested. If they cannot distribute their criminal conduct/product on the internet it will reduce the number of victims who are being victimized for profit. It will not reduce the number of victims who are simply victims for the sick minds of those who seek out children for sex. But every saved child makes the ban a worthwhile ban.


BobbyWC said...

I am holding your comment until you give me your source to verify what you are saying - again I have not rejected your comment, but anyone without a source can post just about anything

But as to Iceland the entire reason they want to regulate porn is to stop the violence against women. Also prostitution in Iceland is illegal - so I am not sure about where your comment is going - but source it and I will publish it

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

This UN map shows countries which are a lot more open about public nudity have a lower rape rate - which is my point - like I said Iceland recognizes it has a problem and is trying to solve it by regulating violent porn

Another problem is - I do not trust countries like Russia or most of Africa or the Middle East to be honest in their reporting -

we have seen story after story how the female victim in the middle east is stoned to death or mutilated for the crime of being abused - so I only trust the numbers coming from major first world countries, save Russia

As to your comment sex is pretty free and wild in Spain and Italy - they have some of the best nude beaches. Sex clubs are openly run in both countries

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

This is one of the sites that attests to the fact that many countries that consider themselves Sexually mature do not always have the statistics back up the image.
Now don’t get me wrong, I am not disputing your article in the UK Guardian, I was surprised to find out that what I would have thought was the reality of promiscuity was in fact wrong.
Stieg Larsson the deceased author of the great trilogy of novels that started with “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” has done quite a bit of research on this phenomenon and in fact footnotes the high incidence of aggravated sexual assault (rape) in his first novel. Larsson uses this fact as one of the main motivational

Anonymous said...

The experts tell us that rape in not a sex crime, it is a crime of violence against the victim expressed in a sexual way. It's not "I'm so turned on and need sex so bad I'm going to rape someone", It's "I'm so angry I am going to hurt someone and I will do it by raping them".