Thursday, February 21, 2013


Cameron county cannot afford a new court house.  It must find cost effective ways to provide for the judges, and county services.  Historically I have been suspect of this deal Cameron County wants with BISD.  Jimmy Haynes let out of the bag that he was expecting demolition work would go to Escobedo's brother.  County Judge Carlos Cascos has gone public on this web page stating there is no  truth to the claim and that Cameron county will be able to do all of the work internally.  I am taking Judge Cascos at his word and now support the deal.

In the course of my research I learned that when Cortez was still on the BISD Board he killed the deal at the request of his mother JP Judge Linda Salazar.  Apparently the location of the 2 JP courts on the second floor will be moved to one of the BISD buildings after they are remodelled.  Judge Salazar did not want to be in a different building than the County Clerk, where couples go for their marriage licenses.  Ruben Cortez organized his majority and killed the deal for no better reason than a demand from his mother Judge Linda Salazar.

It  does not end there.  Cortez and Rick Zayas ran to Sheriff Lucio to get an extension on the jail commissary contract before Commissioners Court voted to create their own commissary store such as in Hidalgo county.  It has reached the point that JP Salazar, Ruben Cortez and Rick Zayas are being given a free hand to run roughshod over the Cameron county taxpayers.

The BV has been writing for years that it is time government find ways to make money as a substitute for taxing the people.  Multiple sources within county government told me that Ernie Hernandez is the one who spearheaded the effort have the county run the jail commissary thereby creating a revenue source for the county which is not a tax on the people.   This is the type government we should be promoting.  But unfortunately, the Rick Zayas, Ruben Cortez, Enrique and Jaime Escobedos will always be looking for ways to take from the taxpayers. 

Look, no one is perfect - an argument certainly can be made that Ernie Hernandez takes the rules to the limit for business purposes -  fine - but in this case he pushed for an idea which helped the taxpayers and would have resulted in lower prices for the inmates - this is what good government looks like.  We must be willing to celebrate good ideas when we see them.  Unfortunately the deal died at the hands of an unethical sheriff Lucio and his compadres in crime, Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez. 

Saturday I will do a post on a County commissioners meeting I saw last night while channel surfing.  I  was impressed  it was how government should work when putting the people  first.

It is my understanding Commissioners Court is ready to move Linda Salazar out of her office yesterday.  They cannot do this until BISD agrees to the buildings for services swap.  It is my understanding all of the paperwork is at BISD and is just waiting for Carl Montoya to put it on the agenda.  We can hope it is on the next agenda.  The question is, will Ruben's old buddies still on the board help to block the move.

The good news on this one is, Presas-Garcia so hates Ruben she will vote  for the  deal out of spite.

Cameron county is prepared to expand the side of the court house where the JP courts are so they can create more district court and county court spaces.  The only hold up is BISD.

This is a win win for everyone - we can only hope Carl Montoya will light a fire under the person responsible for getting this on the agenda in time for the next meeting.   Come on Carl, do your job - make it happen.  Cameron county has it crews ready to start infrastructire repairs for BISD - this is good government and a win win for everyone - especially the taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

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BobbyWC said...

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Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

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BobbyWC said...

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Bobby WC

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