Thursday, February 28, 2013


Keaton is holding - this morning is day three on the antibiotics - I am hoping to see some improvement by this evening. I may post another story later, but I am running late for a morning meeting.


Remember the Deadline is March 1, 2013 - this Friday - 5 p.m. - the Brownsville Voice will have an update once the city closes the filing deadline.  The BV may also call the results of the May election.  At this moment I would call it Gowen, Villarreal and Portillo - let's see if anyone else gets on the ballot before I write my prediction in stone.

On the case of Letty - here we go again - Barton cannot defend her on the merits so he turns to lies and fabricated stories - There was never any finding by the Commission on Judicial Conduct that Erin Garcia violated any rules by being John Villarreals campaign treasurer.  This is one of those lies which Barton hopes if he prints enough times people will believe.

With a lie not being enough, he says, the BV probably has not heard Letty enough to know she is more articulate than Tony Martinez - how wonderful he has wasted 8 years of his life following me to know what I know and do not know.  Brownsville watched her meeting after meeting making a fool of herself - stumbling over her words and written notes while making incoherent statements as she appeared before one city commission meeting after metting - we know Letty all too well.  She is not smart enough to not sit on an old car seat while taking a break as a poll watcher.

Is this an endorsement of John Villarreal - no - I just  deal in reality.  John would lose to Edward Camarillo - I am willing to bet more people in John's district know Camarillo's name better than John's.  This is John's fault.  He fills his city commission seat like a mannequin.

As to arguing John is in Ernie's back pocket - I grow so bored with this nonsense - so do tell us - which votes on the city commission has John agreed to with the intent to benefit Ernie Hernandez?  Explain to me how John did not use the politiqueras and in fact it was Patel and Zavaleta - but yet John is the problem with ties to Ernie Hernandez.

If Barton knew anything about the inside politics between Cameron County and the COB he would know Ernie Hernandez and Tony Martinez are travelling different paths and are not working as a team.  If anything Ernie is advising John to stand clear of Tony.

But this is the nature of blogging - lies - deception - and ignorance - it will not change the election result - Villarreal will leave Letty in the dust - not because he is a great commissioner, but because Letty cannot raise money and people know her after years of appearing at city commission meetings.  If anything Tony Martinez did her a favor by turning off the cameras.

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