Friday, February 22, 2013

While looking for a good picture of Gordon's business I  found the above on his Facebook page - I can't stop laughing
A general translation for those who do not know Spanish - "Our genitalia are different"  - "Yea, yours has a wifi antenna and mine has a CD player." 
Of late I have been highlighting local businesses or local employees who are exceptional.  I think I will like doing this on a regular basis.
So yesterday, when I lost my wallet at Sams, I ran into Gordon's daughter Mandy.  One thing leads to another and I decide to have dinner guests today for gulf shrimp from Gordon's.  A 4 pound bag of jumbo cleaned gulf shrimp was $40.  It was worth every penny. 
When I go to NY for a family function I always bring 8-10 pounds of Gordon's gulf shrimp. The taste of real gulf shrimp is so far superior to all of the imported farm raised shrimp.  I will always pay extra for gulf shrimp.  I can assure you my family appreciates the  difference.  8-10 pounds is never enough for a family function.  It goes as fast as I can get it out.
Tonight my guests enjoyed Gordon's wild caught gulf shrimp.  You can actually taste the difference - it is awesome shrimp.
Gordon's is an institution in Brownsville- and such as the Gloor family another fine example of the many family businesses which make Brownsville at times a special place.  If all Brownsville were family businesses run by honorable men and women Brownsville would advance so much  faster.
So do yourself a  favor this weekend - go buy the 4 pound pack of jumbo shrimp and treat your family to the best shrimp there is. 
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3 cups large peeled and deveined shrimp (about 30)

3/4 teaspoon salt (I cut this in half and it was fine)

1/4 black pepper

1 egg well beaten

½ cup milk and then 2 tablespoons more (too thick without extra milk)

½ cup yellow corn meal

½ cup flower

½ teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon Tony Chacheres Original Creole Seasoning (I added this to the recipe - but not too much - sometimes especially in boil and peel shrimp restaurants add so much Bays seasoning you cannot taste the shrimp

Use a mixture of olive oil and canola oil

For a quick defrost of shrimp put them in a baggy and then a bowl of water.

Make sure shrimp is mostly dry then in a bowl add salt and pepper - let stand while you prepare the batter - mix around with your hands.

Mix in separate bowl flour, cornmeal, baking powder, and the Creole seasoning. Then mix in egg and milk. Once mixed, using your washed hands mix in shrimp until all of the shrimp is well coated.

On the oil, I just use the same pan and always know how much oil - you just need to eye it - heat until about 350. DO NOT PUT SHRIMP IN, IN BATCHES - they stick together like meatballs - the on line recipe I modified this from was so wrong about that. Just add in one shrimp at a time.

Cook about 2-4 minutes depending on size - I always do about 3 minutes. I use a flat plate with paper towels to allow the shrimp to sit for a bit before serving.

The shrimp was not one bit oily with this recipe. I will no mention the place because it is considered the king of shrimp on SPI, but the last two times I ate there, the shrimp was so oily I could not eat them.




Anonymous said...

gulf brown shrimp is the only way to go!

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your piece on Gordon's Bait & Tackle. It is the ONLY place to buy fresh shrimp in town. I've copied your batter recipe and hope to have fresh shrimp soon and that it tastes as good as yours. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

Anonymous said...

Good article - thanks for sharing your recipes and tips. Ever consider writing a cookbook?

BobbyWC said...

no cook book - I publish my recipies all of the time - but you gave me an idea - I will have more on that in the weeks to come - working hard on new project

Bobby WC