Monday, February 11, 2013


Dos Frias

If you have not checked out this blog - it is worth your time.

I have said many times, the more blogs the better - critical thinking requires many perspectives.  Unlike so much of the trash we have in Brownsville written by misogynistic eunuchs, this one has perspective and flavor.

Critical thinkers do not read in search of ideas which verify their own, but for perspective so as to expand their own mind.

I love that some of his pieces are in English and some in Spanish.

You do not have to agree or disagree with anything he says - just enjoy and maybe think a bit or three.

Two particular posts caught my eye as being insightful about Brownsville and why it is the way it is.

On Daniel Cavasos - Publisher of the Herald

The only thing I would add is, the Herald is  exactly what Cavasos wants it to be - a place where ads are placed and never read.  Beyond Steve Clark there is no one at the Herald who knows how to write a story, comparatively.  When you consider Emma Trevino-Perez is in court all day covering the Rosenthal trial and is actually producing nearly nothing in her reporting one must ask - is she even really in Corpus? Her tweets are so lacking, I thought to myself Tweety Bird could do a better job

The other post which I think really speaks to why Brownsville is the way it is, is the comments on Juan Montoya- he along with McHale are the consummate misogynist eunuchs who make all men look bad.  They say in Brownsville that Brownsville is like a bucket of crabs each and everyone pulling the other one down so none get out of the bucket.  This is the essence of Juan Montoya - he knows he will never get out of the bucket so he works endlessly pulling everyone down with him. Montoya failed in life - he could have sought help for his demons but chose not to - what is really sad is how he has refused to seek help for his demons while demeaning every courageous person who has ever sought help to deal with  their demons.

We all have demons - the difference is - some of us accept who we are and face our demons - It is like I always say - you must love people for who they are and not who you want them to be - this begins with yourself - I am short, fat, hairy and bald - but I cannot wait for Cameron county to approve the first nude beach because you know what - I love being short, fat, hairy and bald - demons aside.

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