Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I just received confirmation that all of the rumors of this person or that person having just filed to run are just that rumors.

THE DEADLINE TO FILE IS 5 P.M. FRIDAY - MARCH 1, 2013 (not the 5th)

This is how we stand

Rose Gowen - unopposed
Sarkiz v. Portillo
Villarreal v. Garzoria

This is an indictment on Brownsville's city commission.  Apparently its reputation has gotten so bad, no qualified people are willing to soil their name through association.  Maybe Friday will see some surprises - we shall see

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Anonymous said...

people won't run because of scum like that fucking idiot that writes brownsvile blues. He doesn't criticize how they vote or where they stand. He goes after them personally and takes no prisoners. He is the shit on the streets of brownsville and I hope he is scooped up and hauled away very soon. Maybe then normal people with more to give will run.