Monday, February 25, 2013


I grow bored with all of the posts I reject blaming corruption and our proximity to Mexico as the cause for the corruption. These self-loathing Latinos never heard of the rest of the world - they live in a bubble of extreme ignorance. The other issue which drives me crazy is the reason why Brownsville is held back and cannot seem to move forward in terms of development, is the corruption. Both of these excuses reflect the ignorance of self-loathing Latinos, racists, or people of extreme ignorance.

Cities and counties all over the US suffer from corruption.  Brownsville knows nothing about corruption compared to Dallas.  But Dallas has moved forward into a modern city which is now defining itself not only in terms of development, but painting itself as a piece of artwork with the Trinity River Development.  Unlike Brownsville they will have a beautiful river walk, Carlos Quintanilla and his efforts to stop it aside.  You do not stop progress because a convicted felon con artist is not making money on it. The so called soccer field he is trying to protect will be relocated as part of the plan and the kids will have what they need - Dallas City leaders know how important this soccer field is to the children and their development and battle against crime.  What will solve this problem? - IDEAS - CREATIVITY - and not con artists looking for a part of the pie.

Brownsville does not move forward because its leaders lack vision, creativity, and ideas.  But I have to say on many occasions I see Cameron County Commissioners Court showing good governance.

They tried to create a commissary store owned by the county which would have allowed the county to keep the profits from the sale of merchandise to the inmates.  This would have been good for the inmates and taxpayers.  But  a self serving sheriff by the name of Omar Lucio decided he wanted to cheat the taxpayers and in a midnight meeting signed a 2 years extension on the contract with Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez.  The cost to the taxpayers - over a million dollars. 

Commissioners Court with the lead by Ernie Hernandez had a great idea, and what happens? - a self serving sheriff just takes a million dollars out of the hands of the taxpayers to serve the needs of his friends. 

The BV historically opposed this exchange of buildings for services between BISD and Cameron County.  Now that Judge Cascos has come onto this page and assured me and my readers the work will be done internally and the Escobedo brothers will not be getting contracts, the BV supports the deal 100%.

There is no money - we must find innovative ways to manage our government.  This deal gives Cameron county the space it needs in buildings  BISD is no longer using, and provides BISD services in terms of infrastructure it will not have to pay for.  This is a win for the taxpayers, the children, and Cameron county and BISD.  I can only hope Carl Montoya will do what ever it takes to get it on the next agenda.


Even thought last Thursday's meeting inspired this post, I held this for last because I can understand why people might  find the discussion - boring and too technical.

The agenda issue was simple - developers in the county are not acting responsibly when they develop these plats which require Commissioners court approval.  The commissioners all working together in their discussion agreed that some developers have created flooding problems in some of these developments.  This particular plat included pie shaped lots with a frontage of 35 feet.  I have a 1/4 acre pie shaped lot with I believe has 65 feet of frontage and I can tell you - parking for friends and  family is a nightmare.  I can fit 4 small cars in my driveway, and then using my driveway as part of the parking area park two more cars out front.  Could you imagine parking with a frontage of 35 feet?

The commissioners during the course of the problem learned that in part their hands were tired because of the way state law is written.  They agreed to work at the state level to give them more power over regulating these developers.  On this particular plat they found some technical problems with the application and tabled it to allow the developer to amended the application.  But the message was sent.

This is how government should work.  David Garza started the discussion -  the commissioners all agreed that some of the developers have been less then good neighbors in how they are developing these areas in the county.  The problem was identified and a possible solution developed.

My question is, why can BISD and COB not be as professional as Commissioners Court?

Yes there is corruption at the county level - some maybe even tied to those urging good government - while I do not like it - government is what it is - but at least at the county level they are trying to be creative and innovative.

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