Monday, February 11, 2013


Sunday was the most amazing day at Boca Chica fishing - all we caught was a great breeze - but that was good enough.  If you do not like the pic, just be glad I have a bathing suit on.  When I surf fish I go in to my chest and normally get about a 50 yard cast.  The surf was ruff - I had no control - my bathing suit was down around my knees, I was desperately holding on to my pole - the waves were knocking me in every direction.  I  finally got a calm - untangled the line and cast a good 50 yards. 

The water temp was amazing - after I would walk my line in and set it up on the shore, I would go back and just enjoy allowing the waves to carry me in - Boca Chica is a billion times better than South Padre.

It kills me Brownsville has this most amazing beach and remains such a disaster as a city.  To out of town travellers  stay in Brownsville and drive to Boca Chica - by pass SPI and come to Boca Chica - there is no comparison to SPI - Boca Chica rules

The best camping - the best swimming and family fun - you are not on top of one another like SPI

The hamburgers were good - hand made by me - 1/2 sirloin, 1/2 regular ground beef, McCormick's hamburger seasoning, diced white onions, salt and pepper.  Each burger is a 1/2 pound by weight.

The sides were jalapenos, pickles, sliced purple onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, catchup, mustard and avocado, and cheese - either white American or smoked Gouda - a real meal - for dessert - a roasted platano macho wrapped in foil.

Add ice water, soda and chips - a canape to get out of the sun and lots of chairs - and boy did we have fun.

And most importantly, we collected at least 20 pieces of trash around our area - everyone helped - my rule is firm - we leave the beach cleaner than we found it.

What Brownsville would be if it were only as beautiful and promising as Boca Chica beach


We now know it is a myth that body weight always means unhealthy. Everyone I know in Brownsville with diabetes is skinny.  My blood sugar is very normal - my cholesterol is so low I may be able to go off the medicine.  Healthy is not what is on the outside, but the inside - my lipids and blood sugar are in great shape - my PSA (men prostate blood test) is always around 1.12 - 1.2 - very stable and very healthy.

Myhealthevet web page any day now will post my latest blood work - I will post it here so people can see.  I tell people all of the  time - do not stop eating healthy just because you cannot lose weight - it is your heart and blood work which matter - not the outside of your body.

The body is going to do what it is going to do.  No matter what people tell you there has never been a scientific study which shows exercise and diet leads to weight loss.  Yes, if you eat fried chicken and pizza all  day and then start eating healthy and exercise you will lose weight.  But not all weight gain is caused by a poor diet and a lack of exercise.  Therefore not everyone will lose weight based on exercise and diet loss.

Most people could not live on my diet and exercise regiment - I am back to my nightly laps in the pool - not too cold.  I will be 55 in March.  On my 50th birthday - at the same weight I bench pressed 315 pounds.  Now I am lucky to bench 200 - but that is fine - 315 was too much.  I am getting an hour on the treadmill every day. 

Everything I eat is fresh which means it would take me about 6 weeks to fill one garbage can with trash.  Sunday I will post my vegetarian chili - black beans - kidney beans, corn, red pepper sauce, onions, cayenne pepper, stewed tomatoes, and tomato sauce - healthy as you can get.

My house is vegetables, fruit, lean meat and lots of fish.  I rarely have bread in the house.  Sometimes I treat myself to a Stripes chorizo con papas taco - but maybe once a month.


Anonymous said...

It's all about "quality of life", but our mainstream culture now suggests, almost demands, on "quantity". Unfortunately, most of us let our diet dictate to us, instead of the other way around.
I had a good friend who liked to eat supper at 9 or 10 P.M., anything from carne asada to chorizo con huevos. I kept thinking that his diet would kill him. I am assuming that played a part in his death, which finally happened when he was in his mid-90s.
Who knows!
Thanks for sharing.

BobbyWC said...

One day at Palm Resaca I watched woman in her 90's eating in a way which would have given her dcoctor a heart attack. I said to her "what would your doctor say?" She said, "I'm 93, who cares." Yea I guess at 93 you can eat whatever you want.

Bobby WC