Tuesday, February 5, 2013



It is clear there are forces in both counties doing their best to take control of this delicate situation for their own benefit.  If they become the prevailing voices, the LRGV will get nothing.

Yesterday the Valley Morning Star reported a group of Hidalgo county businessmen are trying to raise $100 million to match commitments from UT.  Source:  Valley Morning Star

We know, Brownsville is trying to compete with this $100 million with nearly 77 acres of free land.

No one even knows what UT's specific plans are, but yet we are ready to go begging.  This is not unity - without unity the State Legislature could simply say no to the entire plan and then we would have nothing.

Key to this entire plan is a new taxing authority with Hidalgo and Cameron county residents paying the taxes. This will not happen if one side or the other believe they have been cheated.  This game playing of highest bidder by these Hidalgo county businessmen and Tony Martinez is not helping.  Both sides seem driven to create a bidding war, which in the end will only end up alienating residents in both counties.

Here is a great article which explains why the odds are the medical school will go in Harlingen (Cameron County):  Source: Valley Morning Star.

Why can we in Cameron county not be happy with a medical school while Hidalgo county (Edinburg) gets the main campus for the new university?  This is a fair split.   Brownsville's leaders need to be saying they will agree to this model if Brownsville would get a satellite clinic for the new community hospital.  This hospital by commonsense must go on the Hidalgo/Cameron county border.

A satellite clinic in Brownsville with ties to the medical school would do wonders for Brownsville.  It would also provide our university students a place close to home to do their internships.

Once the medical school is a certain thing, the VA will commit to a VA hospital - in Harlingen.  This will be the  time when Brownsville goes to Congressman Vela and ask that Brownsville be provided a VA general practitioner and simple emergency clinic.  This entire thing is so workable - in the hands of reasonable minds.

Another benefit the region could get is regional transportation.  With  the medical school in Harlingen, and the community hospital on the border with Hidalgo and Cameron county, the various entities will finally have to agree to some form of regional transportation system which carries Brownsville's residents to the community hospital, and Edinburg campus.

This is such an exciting time for the region.

Tonight the city commission will decide if we will be team players and smart negotiators or act like idiots.

My primary solution is for County Judges Ramon Garcia and Carlos Cascos to come together in a joint meeting with one voice.  They need to send a clear message that the one- upmanship between various entities in both counties is not helping.

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