Sunday, February 3, 2013


Update Monday morning on who is and who is not running

From the Brownsville City Secretary

"Mr. Wightman:
We have not received any other Appointments of Treasurer as of this date."
This means as of this moment, only Mark Sarkis has filed a new Appointment of Campaign Treasurer, and John Villarreal has filed an Amended Appointment of Campaign Treasurer.
For sure this means the only 2 people for sure running in May are Sarkis and Villarreal.  Zamora has stated she is not running.  There is yet no word on on whether Rose Gowen will run.
This late in the game it is almost extraordinary more people have not announced.


Anonymous said...

Rose is running, i'm really surprised that she has not filed yet.

BobbyWC said...

I am not sure if she even needs to file anything - she just may need to announce - John Villarreal's is an Amended Appointment of Campaign Tresurer - she just needs to come out and formally announce.

Regardless of how I feel about any candidate I will post their campaign page or facebook page on the rightside of this page - It is not for me to tell people how to vote - I will give my opinion for consideration and then they can decide - but first and foremost they need information before they can form an opinion

Bobby WC