Monday, February 18, 2013

Bingo Rules and that's a fact

In the last three weeks I won the $150 twice, albeit the first time I had to split it. No windfall here - on Wednesday I am paying $250 to get Keaton's teeth clean.


Anonymous said...

May I offer a viable alternative for the the loony BEHAVIOR FROM Cata and Lucy? Perhaps it would be appropriate for Tropical Texas to be in the vicinity when the next Assault on all of us is perpretrated. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO BEAR THE IGNORANCE. LACK OF CLASS, ETHICS, MORALS NOT TO MENTION DOWNRIGHT RUDENESS. And can you beleive the gall of of that CATA woman who wants to invite our students to be part of this vile, disgusting perfromance from her and her cronies.

Who knows, with proper care and meds, they may one day rejoin the human race without embarrassing the childen, teachers, administrators and parents. It could happen, it must happen...they are beyond traditional therapy. Come on on Brownsville. Let's get them committed. Having said that, we can recoup the milions given to her boys...Hector and least 1.2 billion dollars! And to think Cata is now, she has righteous indignation that we we district spend too much money on teachers, and students and silly things like that.

BobbyWC said...

I approved the above comment as sarcasm - look it up Cata and Luci before calling Arturo\

Bobby WC