Tuesday, February 12, 2013


UPDATE:  El humbre sin numbre is hurt - ahh.  He is just like Carlos Quintanilla - Carlito would post negative things about me and then immediately post comments to his own comment to make it appear his readers were responding immediately.  He would then immediately send me an anony post telling me about the horrible things being said.  All within minutes of one another.  If the IP information I am getting is correct - based on 2 different posts - DPM is currently in Kyle, Texas - midway between San Marcos and Austin.  It is funny he demeans Brownsville and everyone who does not worship him and then he cries like a baby when people respond.

The curse of having command of adjectives and adverbs is you can write endless drivel which seems colorful, but is not.  His post is 100% insulting without an ounce of proof to support anything he says.  The BV has investigated city employees and secured their indictments.  The BV has sued the Director of the FBI to force the indictment and prosecution of Armando Villalobos and Abel Limas.  El hombre sin nombre calls this meaningless and of no consequence - you now know why he always gets drawn into the dark side of his muse - he cannot write with substance - just colorful conclusory nonsense and smut - again I say sad - because if he would deal with his demons he could become a respectable writer with great visuals. Adjectives and adverbs can be a great things sometimes - in the hands of a true artist.

As is always the case with el hombre sin nombre, he cannot refute anything said about him - he just goes to non-substantive conclusory statements as his only defense. 


On this one I think Barton is right, the new blog Dos Frias is in fact Duardo Paz Martinez.  I have zero problem with people writing under fictitious names.  It is a long held tradition in literature and politics.  In part Paz does it to run from litigation  - but given he is a proud misogynist eunuch, this fact should surprise no one.

He seems to think that by writing his smut in Spanish no one will notice.

The sad part about el hombre sin nombre is he can write - but instead chooses his demons as his muse.

Once Barton outed el hombre sin nombre, I looked at his writings again.  Although he is correct about Martin Sarkis his writing is nothing more than a repeat of how he writes about Tad Hasse.  His post this morning about Senator Lucio is classic el hombre sin nombre.  Paz has no skills in research or the development of facts.  The high cost of fishing and hunting licenses for out of state visitors actually hurts the LRGV.  If el hombre sin nombre knew anything about the LRGV, other than his view of smut through the eyes of a misogynist eunuch, he would know just how valuable hunting and fishing is to the LRGV.

It is $11.00 for a day fishing licence for someone visiting Brownsville.  No will pay $11.00 for a day fishing license. What they will do is just chance fishing without a license and then claim someone with a license actually is controlling the pole or caught the fish.  This costs the people lost money.  It is not just the money from the unpaid fishing license.  It is hotels, hotel taxes, restaurant profits, shopping - etc - tourism is a big part of Brownsville.

This one post proved beyond a doubt the writer of Dos Frias is not from Brownsville and is most certainly not in education.

It is sad that someone with the talent of writing will always turn to his favorite muse - an internal demon which dismisses facts, humanity, and talent in favor of demeaning women and demeaning all humanity as compensation for being a eunuch.


Anonymous said...

What strikes me about this is that you seem to want him to be something for yourself. Why not let this writer be exactly who he is and if he wishes to "observe" us as some pop-scientist, well, it's what you and the other bloggers do! Didn't you praise him a day earlier? I like the Dos Frias blog cause its a breath of fresh air. it is well-written and that is rare in Browntown. You could learn from him, Bobby. he's not saying his God, is he. In fact, that he does it without seeking credit (like all you other Bloggers!) is laudable. You're being small here, man.

BobbyWC said...

Obviously you lack the skill of reading and comprehension - I continue to say he has great writing skills - I went out of my way to defend writing under a pen name - what more do you want?

What has you upset is I pointed out on the Lucio piece he proved his lack of interest in facts - this is classic el hombre sin nombre aka DPM

As someone who cares about Brownsville are you saying it is wrong for me to correct people who make ignorant statements about tourism and how the LRGV makes money.

Are you saying it is wrong for me or anyone else to point out he posted a snippet in Spanish reverting back to his smut and demeaning of women? Are you saying it is small of me to defend women while demeaning men who reduce them to smut.

Your post reflects you comprehended not one word I wrote.

Again, I said - it is sad when a person who can write always returns to that muse who takes him down dark paths.

It's opinion - people are free to consider it

Nothing revolutionary here.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, your last sentence on that reply is all you needed to write, except you should've dropped the word in the middle of the other two. Just saying. Hating will only destroy you. the other blogger doesn't seem to be bothered. have you read his post about you and barton?

Anonymous said...

You do know that you just had a conversation with the man with no name don't you Bobby? he is playing with you.

BobbyWC said...

I found your comment odd, but then I checked my comments and apparently I typed the post stating what you are saying and then never published it - he is somewhere between San Marcos and Austin - I can see it through the IP address which I can see with his comments

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

dpm is a dumbass! he's up there in austin always hatin' on browntown. if it wasn't for some of browntown's native sons like reynaldo garza, or j.t. canales, mr. dpm wouldn't have the luxury to write, cuz he would be relegated to picking crops or cleaning bathrooms in Austin...that is if you believe what judge garza said about austin in his book. show some appreciation

BobbyWC said...

To the second to last comment - when I was driving my Isabella home with her mother, I remembered my update - I basically disclosed in the update that I knew the comments were coming from el hombre sin nombre

People let it go - he cannot argue substance or facts which is why he always goes to lies, deception and distractions using adjectives and adverbs to make it appear creative

He endlessly attacks all of the bloggers and then cries like a baby when we call him out - calling us haters - a con artist through and through.

Tomorrow the BV is going fun - well unless I get confirmation of a story I am working on

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I can assure you, if I lived in Austin my life would be piano bars and fine restaurants - not blogging nonsense and mindless insults based on self hate about Brownsville.

Just think about it - what does it say about a person with access to a major city like Austin and they spend their days playing school yard bully to Brownsville and then running home to mommy when people respond.

If I lived in Austin I would not have a second in my day to even think about Brownsville -

Bobby WC