Thursday, February 28, 2013


Internal emails indicate that she has agreed to be a permanent cast member of the "Walking Dead."  Season 4 will feature a community of Walkers organizing their own town.  Presas-Garcia will be featured as the School Master who instructs children in how to best eat non-walkers.

During her resignation speech at Tuesday's meeting she will say it is a job offer she cannot resist.  She will remain on the Board, while keeping her residence in Brownsville and traveling to Georgia for filming.  She is expected to state she was born for this role.  She is further expected to say she hopes to inspire BISD students to become Walkers, since they are so much  cooler than human beings.

Source: Brownsville Herald:

Herald is reportng Rosenthal has been order held.  He faces up to 20 years in prison.  There are more coming.  We may need a 24/7 watch at the bridge.  At ths point I know this not breaking news, but ths old man needed a napppy pooh.
Charry Days Fiesta 2012

You know just when you need cheering up - God has his way - it started with a wonderful meeting at Pace.  The staff is always at their best - the parents and students could not ask for a better team than the team at Pace.  You know, they cannot save every child, but I can guarantee they do their best.  What a wonderful group of people.

Rose Longoria was beautiful in her outfit  the colors brought me back to my days in the 60's - LOL - not really - but beautiful - many on her staff went way out of their way to dress for the day - what better way to inspire the students?

Then  I realized I had no tuna for lunch so I went very unhealthy with a Stripes taco -  the cook had on a beautiful white Charro's day dress - all done up - it was just so nice.

So thank you to everyone who dressed up today and made Brownsville just that much better of a place.




Other sources are reporting no body has been found.  At this time the theory of Ray Marchan jumping to a waiting boat is also on the table.  But we all know the bridge - from its highest point even an experienced diver would have had a hard time surviving.


Many politicians in this town get under my skin, but no one more than Rose "The Tinman" Heartless Gowen. It blows my mind she is a doctor and is allowed to treat patients.

From the time she announced 4 years ago she has not responded to one email.  She seems oblivious to the fact she represents all of Brownsville and not Tony Martinez and his con artists friends.  Her contempt for the people she allegedly represents is some of the worst I have ever seen in an elected official.  there is truly something psychologically wrong with this woman to have such contempt for humanity.


I emailed her as a commissioner at large, a woman and a doctor about a 20 year old homeless woman who needs help.  Her baby is 4 months old.  Yesterday I spent 4 hours getting her WIC reinstated, taking care of other paperwork, helping her with nutrition and parenting classes on line and going to the food shelter (did not have baby formula).  There is only so much I can do.

This woman has access to free day care next door to her school, but she does not have the $24 for her daughter's birth certificate.  She is about to start her internship but will not be able to because she has no money for the TB or hep test.  But she hasn't given up.  She is going to finish school.

The young lady has more heart and is more of a woman than Rose "The Tinman" Gowen will ever be.

For the record I asked Tony Martinez if he could check with the catholic church for help - nothing - not even an email saying "my office will look into options."

The only commissioner to now respond twice to try and help is Melissa Zamora. 

These homeless woman have no money and no transportation.  There are services but she cannot access them because she has no transportation or cannot pay fees before she can access the services. She has no State ID because she cannot afford the $16 fee.  School and walking all day to deal with her baby takes her time.  Without money or a bus pass she has no way of getting around to the AG's Office for Child Support or TANF for temporary welfare.  The TANF money would pay for all of the fees and get her set up with uniforms for work.  Work - is this not the goal.

This woman is not giving up - she is fighting - what is sad is Rose "The Tinman" Gowen does not care enough as a woman/doctor/city commissioner to even respond to an email asking for guidance.


Keaton is holding - this morning is day three on the antibiotics - I am hoping to see some improvement by this evening. I may post another story later, but I am running late for a morning meeting.


Remember the Deadline is March 1, 2013 - this Friday - 5 p.m. - the Brownsville Voice will have an update once the city closes the filing deadline.  The BV may also call the results of the May election.  At this moment I would call it Gowen, Villarreal and Portillo - let's see if anyone else gets on the ballot before I write my prediction in stone.

On the case of Letty - here we go again - Barton cannot defend her on the merits so he turns to lies and fabricated stories - There was never any finding by the Commission on Judicial Conduct that Erin Garcia violated any rules by being John Villarreals campaign treasurer.  This is one of those lies which Barton hopes if he prints enough times people will believe.

With a lie not being enough, he says, the BV probably has not heard Letty enough to know she is more articulate than Tony Martinez - how wonderful he has wasted 8 years of his life following me to know what I know and do not know.  Brownsville watched her meeting after meeting making a fool of herself - stumbling over her words and written notes while making incoherent statements as she appeared before one city commission meeting after metting - we know Letty all too well.  She is not smart enough to not sit on an old car seat while taking a break as a poll watcher.

Is this an endorsement of John Villarreal - no - I just  deal in reality.  John would lose to Edward Camarillo - I am willing to bet more people in John's district know Camarillo's name better than John's.  This is John's fault.  He fills his city commission seat like a mannequin.

As to arguing John is in Ernie's back pocket - I grow so bored with this nonsense - so do tell us - which votes on the city commission has John agreed to with the intent to benefit Ernie Hernandez?  Explain to me how John did not use the politiqueras and in fact it was Patel and Zavaleta - but yet John is the problem with ties to Ernie Hernandez.

If Barton knew anything about the inside politics between Cameron County and the COB he would know Ernie Hernandez and Tony Martinez are travelling different paths and are not working as a team.  If anything Ernie is advising John to stand clear of Tony.

But this is the nature of blogging - lies - deception - and ignorance - it will not change the election result - Villarreal will leave Letty in the dust - not because he is a great commissioner, but because Letty cannot raise money and people know her after years of appearing at city commission meetings.  If anything Tony Martinez did her a favor by turning off the cameras.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I just received confirmation that all of the rumors of this person or that person having just filed to run are just that rumors.

THE DEADLINE TO FILE IS 5 P.M. FRIDAY - MARCH 1, 2013 (not the 5th)

This is how we stand

Rose Gowen - unopposed
Sarkiz v. Portillo
Villarreal v. Garzoria

This is an indictment on Brownsville's city commission.  Apparently its reputation has gotten so bad, no qualified people are willing to soil their name through association.  Maybe Friday will see some surprises - we shall see

I am waiting on confirmation about more people filing paperwork for the COB election - if I get confirmation I will post it.

Keaton is real sick again.  The teeth cleaning did not seem to solve the chronic infections she seems to be getting which are impacting her brain.  By Tuesday morning it was clear she was going into another episode.  I have the best vet imaginable.  He knows I know Keaton so rather than make me pay for another visit and more blood work he just agreed to write the prescription for the antibiotic.  This saved me about $150 - the antibiotic was still nearly $80. 

It will be maybe 4 days before I see real improvement - so for now she will wobble around in circles - not sleep, and need to be hand fed.  The good news is she is drinking water on her own.  At this moment she did walk around the yard for a while this morning, but is now sleeping on the couch after a very small breakfast with her antibiotic.  She did drink.  She did her business outside.  Her head falls to the right and she wobbles to the right.  The antibiotic is certainly not reversing the process yet, but I am  certain it is keeping it from getting worse.  2 more days of antibiotics and she should be getting some relief.

For now putting her down is not an option.  I will spend the money every month even if it means going into debt so long as the vet can keep her comfortable.  Several friends have volunteered to take her if she needs to be put down, but that is not an option.  I must do it.  I will bring her sister so we can all hug while it happens.  I did this with Bogie some 17 years ago - well actually Bogie was actually already dead - the vet just verified the obvious - yea it was an hour on the floor where the vet let me deal with my loss. 

For now I can only hope the antibiotics will last more than a month this time.  My research indicates trying to get an exact diagnosis requires I go to San Antonio with a cost possibly in the thousands with no guarantee.  She is nearly 11 with a possible life span of 13, so I have made the decision to just keep her comfortable.

Today will be taking care of her 24/7 - the first  three days are difficult - either me or a friend needs to be with her to keep her safe. 


Also on this domestic abuse case I discussed yesterday - I am getting no help - this town is so anti-god it blows my mind - the lack of human compassion is almost surreal.  Compounding everything it looks like I will have no choice but to allow another woman and her daughter to move into my home - she is in an abusive situation - not physical but mental - she needs away from her mother so my home is the only choice.

Anyway sad day - the good news is - I know without a doubt God has given me the tools to deal with it all and all will be well - but I will take a few minutes to be sad before taking my faith and making everything okay.
It looks like God is giving Brownsville another perfect day - so maybe reading around the pool while Keaton gets some sun (she loves this) will make the day a lot easier.
These vets and their staff have always been loving to my girls and myself.  You cannot go  wrong if you make them your pets doctor.  It has been an 8 year relationship without a complaint. (except the one visiting vet)  Dr. Stanfield and Dr. Head are both very caring about not only your pets, but you as their caregiver.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Ms. Garzoria turned in a packet with 31 signatures.  We are in the process of verifying signatures
The last day to file an application for a place on the ballot is March 1, 2012 (Friday) at 5:00 p.m."
This would be a challenge to John Villareal.
Below is from a previous BV post.  If John loses he needs to move into a cave and live out his life in shame.  She will not be able to raise money.  When she speaks people will realize just how misinformed and poorly educated she really is.
Here is an example of the reasoning and critical thinking she wants to bring to the City Commission
"I want to begin with Letty Perez-Garzoria because she is a poster child for the deception being played by Yolanda Begum and her minions.

Apparently Melissa Zamora committed a mortal crime for the following comment on her Facebook page in response to the JP race.

"but tell me how you're most qualified and what experience you have in running a courtroom?"

For Letty, anyone who would ask a candidate about their qualification for the office they seek, is biased and should not be trusted. This is beyond surreal and speaks volumes about just how poorly educated Letty really is.

Letty responded as follows - well actually it is unclear if this is the response of the Begum Cyberpolitiquero or Letty:"Zamora likely supports Erin Hernandez-Garcia for the Justice of the Peace "

I am working on a story of a woman, in school - 2 weeks short of completing her training before her internship - she is homeless - no transportation  - and now has been told she must move out of her homeless shelter because stays are limited to 30 days - WIC is about to take away the formula for the 4 month old baby because she has no transportation to get to the WIC class - there is also the question of her day spent walking and being in class.

This story in part begins with domestic abuse.  Brownsville gets an "F" on this issue.  To protect Jane Doe's ID I need to limited what I say.  Unlike the other domestic abuse story I did, I cannot vouch for anything this woman is telling me beyond she has a baby, lives in a homeless center, has no transportation, is in school, and has a friend who watchers her baby while she is at school.

Part of this story is the person watching this woman's baby.  She herself lives with her baby and sleeps on the floor, no bed.  She is part of her mother's housing voucher.  Even though she has nothing (her job training starts in June) and sleeps on a hardwood floor, she cares for this woman's baby for free.  There is no money to pay her, so she simply cares for the baby - why?  she is human.

The woman I am trying to help gets enough free bus passes for about 5 days.  She uses one to get her baby and herself from the shelter to the babysitter over near St. Lukes on Price.  The woman then walks to her school near Price and Central.  She does this so as to not use up the bus pass in 5 days.  She then walks back to the babysitters after school.  Yesterday she had no ride to get back to the shelter before 6, so I got the call.  It was no challenge for me - I was out doing my recycling and some banking so it was not out of my way - especially since the homeless center is only down the block from my home.

This woman claims she did not file domestic abuse charges on her husband because the police told her that since she hit him with a pillow she too was guilty of assault so they would have to arrest both of them.  This would have meant her 1 month old baby going into foster care.  I think she made the right decision by telling the police to forget it.

I was not there - I cannot vouch for her story.  I have asked DA Saenz to pull the police report to verify her story and to take the necessary action.  But if the story is true, and I say IF, we then have another example of our police not knowing how to handle domestic abuse.  If we are at a point you can be arrested for hitting someone with a pillow - then it is time we all just commit mass suicide.

In Texas, the woman does not have to agree to prosecution in order for the police to arrest the man and bring charges.  When will our police learn this.  If the DA goes forward with the domestic abuse charge the state will help set this woman up in an apartment with a deposit and three months rent.  If this is done in conjunction with getting her job upon completing her training she should be set - still poor - but at least with a home and a job.

For now she needs about 3-4 months of a stable place to stay while she finishes school, do her internship, and gets her first job and a paycheck or three.

WIC is going to take the formula away from her baby because her lack of transportation and time constraints has made it impossible for her to attend a WIC class.  This is nuts.  I told her to find out if she can take the class on Wednesday after school and that I would take her to the class, then take her to pick up the baby and then take her back to the homeless shelter.


Where the HELL are the churches?  Where is this town's compassion.  Where are the female lawyers organizing to make the fight against Domestic Abuse a number one issue?  Female lawyers and doctors should be leading this battle. 

Monday, February 25, 2013


For the record the pic is my copyright any unauthorized use will be reported to google. This is for a greater project I am working on.  I  do not like the pink or yellow - I cannot change the color of the Pan Am Building - the program I used for the text only allowed for yellow - I think a dark green or maybe teal would be better.

EDITOR'S REQUEST FOR HELP:  if anyone knows how to change the color of the Pan Am Building to maybe a sand color and do a better job with the motto - you know what the color of the motto needs to be the same as the buildings - please help - I will not pay - I am looking for a volunteer who will understand I still own the copyright.  I will only licence  the copyright to the COB for  free if they want to use it - but then they need to help with that pink


Brownsville needs to know what it can be - hence this picture - this picture is Brownsville - we need to continue to expose the incompetence of our politicians - while highlighting those who are trying to fight for us.  We need to promote the potential of Brownsville and its beach - Boca Chica - the nude beach is coming - trust me -

This is all going on - it will take me a while to learn how to use the program for the new web page - the blog will still exist - the BV web page will have permanent free links to Brownsville/Cameron county events, my Cook Book - reader suggested - all facebook and web page links to all political campaigns - free of course - I am looking for ideas for other permanent links

With  the above pic I am trying to promote Brownsville - I think this pick speaks the truth about what Brownsville can be

Oh there will be a link to Boca Chica Beach  - I will post as many submitted pics as possible

The BV will still be hard hitting but also positive

The BV will be free -

Advertising is tricky - my fellow bloggers treat copyright as a joke - it is not - once I take ads (never political - thinking stores - car dealerships -  restaurants - that sort of  thing - I will need to make sure I own the copyright on all photos or that the photos are part of the public domain.  I promise I will never take money for political ads and that all links to campaigns will always be free.  Of course the BV will be free to comment on all political ads, face book pages, or campaign web pages.

Give me ideas.

The biggest challenge for now will be the learning curve on building the web page - it is not as easy as go daddy claims - the idiot screens are not obvious - I was told it is as easy as Front Page - it is not - a 5 year old could have used front page - be patient - I will get it right

other links will be

yard sales, community events, cinemark link - etc also historic Brownsville - I will begin to take pictures of historical buildings and locations - and have a link to just those pictures

I want people to see the good, the bad, and ugly (the latter  coming with that nude beach pic I promised)

Brownsville is a paradise waiting to be discovered - not by the butcher Columbus but by out of city an in city business people who see a profit and a retirement haven for seniors

I am told my initial post on the web page could take 24-48 hours to post

Bobby WC


Everything  remains the same.

We have Gowen and Villarreal each unopposed, and Sarkis v. Portillo.  It is late in the game for anyone new to jump into the race.  Are we going to have some last minute surprises or do people just not want to be associated with the Brownsville City Commission?

April 11th, Last day to register for May elections.

April 11th, Campaign Finance reports are due

April 29th, First day of early voting for May elections.

It is my understanding the COB is looking at the prospect of posting these to the Internet for immediate access by the public.  This is how it is done in Dallas.


I grow bored with all of the posts I reject blaming corruption and our proximity to Mexico as the cause for the corruption. These self-loathing Latinos never heard of the rest of the world - they live in a bubble of extreme ignorance. The other issue which drives me crazy is the reason why Brownsville is held back and cannot seem to move forward in terms of development, is the corruption. Both of these excuses reflect the ignorance of self-loathing Latinos, racists, or people of extreme ignorance.

Cities and counties all over the US suffer from corruption.  Brownsville knows nothing about corruption compared to Dallas.  But Dallas has moved forward into a modern city which is now defining itself not only in terms of development, but painting itself as a piece of artwork with the Trinity River Development.  Unlike Brownsville they will have a beautiful river walk, Carlos Quintanilla and his efforts to stop it aside.  You do not stop progress because a convicted felon con artist is not making money on it. The so called soccer field he is trying to protect will be relocated as part of the plan and the kids will have what they need - Dallas City leaders know how important this soccer field is to the children and their development and battle against crime.  What will solve this problem? - IDEAS - CREATIVITY - and not con artists looking for a part of the pie.

Brownsville does not move forward because its leaders lack vision, creativity, and ideas.  But I have to say on many occasions I see Cameron County Commissioners Court showing good governance.

They tried to create a commissary store owned by the county which would have allowed the county to keep the profits from the sale of merchandise to the inmates.  This would have been good for the inmates and taxpayers.  But  a self serving sheriff by the name of Omar Lucio decided he wanted to cheat the taxpayers and in a midnight meeting signed a 2 years extension on the contract with Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez.  The cost to the taxpayers - over a million dollars. 

Commissioners Court with the lead by Ernie Hernandez had a great idea, and what happens? - a self serving sheriff just takes a million dollars out of the hands of the taxpayers to serve the needs of his friends. 

The BV historically opposed this exchange of buildings for services between BISD and Cameron County.  Now that Judge Cascos has come onto this page and assured me and my readers the work will be done internally and the Escobedo brothers will not be getting contracts, the BV supports the deal 100%.

There is no money - we must find innovative ways to manage our government.  This deal gives Cameron county the space it needs in buildings  BISD is no longer using, and provides BISD services in terms of infrastructure it will not have to pay for.  This is a win for the taxpayers, the children, and Cameron county and BISD.  I can only hope Carl Montoya will do what ever it takes to get it on the next agenda.


Even thought last Thursday's meeting inspired this post, I held this for last because I can understand why people might  find the discussion - boring and too technical.

The agenda issue was simple - developers in the county are not acting responsibly when they develop these plats which require Commissioners court approval.  The commissioners all working together in their discussion agreed that some developers have created flooding problems in some of these developments.  This particular plat included pie shaped lots with a frontage of 35 feet.  I have a 1/4 acre pie shaped lot with I believe has 65 feet of frontage and I can tell you - parking for friends and  family is a nightmare.  I can fit 4 small cars in my driveway, and then using my driveway as part of the parking area park two more cars out front.  Could you imagine parking with a frontage of 35 feet?

The commissioners during the course of the problem learned that in part their hands were tired because of the way state law is written.  They agreed to work at the state level to give them more power over regulating these developers.  On this particular plat they found some technical problems with the application and tabled it to allow the developer to amended the application.  But the message was sent.

This is how government should work.  David Garza started the discussion -  the commissioners all agreed that some of the developers have been less then good neighbors in how they are developing these areas in the county.  The problem was identified and a possible solution developed.

My question is, why can BISD and COB not be as professional as Commissioners Court?

Yes there is corruption at the county level - some maybe even tied to those urging good government - while I do not like it - government is what it is - but at least at the county level they are trying to be creative and innovative.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


A friend sent me this, I thought the more enlightened readers would appreciate it.  The second picture also sent by a friend, speaks to the issue of what happens when we fail to educate our children about human anatomy and sexuality so they know the difference.  I actually know people in Brownsville who will not allow their daughter watch while the baby boy has his diaper changed.  This is ridiculous.  This is the most natural and human way for children to see the difference in a very natural, albeit smelly way.


Saturday, February 23, 2013


If you love history, anthropology, archaeology, ethnopharmacology, mysticism - you name it, these 12 books are for you. I enjoyed everyone of them. I started the series while browsing a bookstore in Houston's airport. Brownsville does not have a bookstore so I have no where to browse in search of new author[s] to read. I am looking for recommendations. I need to start ordering my summer reads now. I am about to start a new book on Sunday, but by Wednesday I will have nothing to read - any recommendations?

Clerk for for Authors

We are losing Winter Texans because the age of pensions is dead.  As the few people with pensions continue to die off, so too will the Winter Texan industry, unless we convince the few who can still afford to retire away from their current homes, Brownsville is a place with a life other than bad Mexican food, and endless corruption.  Yes, Brownsville has the best climate and yes the best beach in Boca Chica.  Again, Boca Chica is a thousand times better than SPI - why Brownsville does not promote this fact is beyond me.

From the Brownsville Herald on February 13, 2013

"Winter Texans make a big impact on the Valley economy. The report estimated each household spends almost $11,000 during each stay and estimated the total impact to the region’s economy at $751 million.

The center conducts a survey every two years. In 2010, it showed 140,000 Winter Texans in 75,000 households. By 2012, that number dropped to 133,000 in 69,000 households.
It also showed the average age of the Winter Texan had increased from 70 in 2010 to 71 in 2012. A study in 2004 estimated the average age at 68.

Simpson said it’s unclear if the younger baby boom generation is just not coming to the Valley or if previous Winter Texans are not returning."

Source:  The Herald

From the Brownsville Voice April 20, 2012.

"On that note, Brownsville is heading down a path of lower tax revenues. I take pride in the fact I live with the people and constantly associate with the people."

"Here is a news flash for the mayor and Brownsville city commission - the retirement parks are looking a financial problems. There are record number of empty retirement homes. I realize the concept of planning (like a 5 year plan) is considered communist, but it is not.

The generation which retired on pensions is dying off real fast. This fact has been in the news for years. There are no longer enough such retirees to support the retirement trailer parks in Brownsville and Cameron county. Many parks are struggling financially. The empty lots mean lower property tax revenues. The lower number of permanent and temporary winter Texans means lower sales tax revenues. The new generation of retirees will be dependent on 401k's or similar retirement plans. These plans mean a finite amount of money which make living in two places at once impossible. It also means it will be harder for people who live up north to just retire elsewhere. Those with money - real money - are retiring outside the US where the cost of retirement is significantly lower in terms of being able to live a comfortable life.

Source:  Brownsville Voice


I am not saying that putting the clothing optional beach on the south side of Boca Chica will solve the problem of fewer Winter Texans - but it will help make Brownsville more attractive to the few Winter Texas who can still live half of the year in South Texas and the other half up north.   It will also mean more tax dollars and profits for the hotels, restaurants, car rentals, airport and general shopping.  To allow this issue to be decided by perverts would be sad.  I am telling you when I go to the unofficial nude beach most of us are over 50 and way over 50.  It means nothing to us to sit around and talk about mindless nothings.  It is not about sex it is about loving our bodies without apology and feeling liberated.

The number one search which leads people to the BV, outside local politics, is nude beach on SPI.  People from all over Texas, the US and the world research this issue.  This is a gold mine waiting to be excavated.  The hotel owners should be the ones pushing it.  Van services can be created to pick people up at the hotels and take them out to Boca Chica, they can include lunch, drinks, chairs - all for a fee.  There is money in this for everyone.

AND FOR THE PERVERTS - Think of it this way - on opening day you can  drive your pathetic little imp mobiles out to the beach - take a picture of me fishing naked or just tossing a football or something and then post it to the Internet and say - "look at Bobby's winky"  It would be my pleasure to give you that joy if Brownsville could just have this industry. In fact I will post the picture myself the day it becomes legal.  I will get a group of other seniors to create a picture promoting the Boca Chica's nude beach.


This was a great idea which should have been completed years ago.  It solves our water problems.  It widens the river downtown so we can bring back river boats.  I would go so far as to say we need rivers boats with slot machines and limited gambling. 

Below is the Miraflores shopping center in Lima, Peru, overlooking the Pacific.

This could be Brownsville - with a major tourist shopping area overlooking the Rio Grande with a dock giving tourists access to old fashion river boats.  In the time this project is complete the violence in Matamoros will be over with.  Medellin Columbia is now a major tourist destination and in fact retirement center for US Americans.
The Aeromexico deal was great for Brownsville.  I am disappointed my schedule has not allowed me to return to Mexico City via Monterrey on Aeromexico.  While I agree bus travel in Mexico is not safe, there remains quite a bit of safe travel in Mexico City if you fly in.  The Aztec ruins are worth the trip.  Brownsville needs to be promoting the flights to Mexico City, and any number of other cities currently safe to travel to.  This is something Winter Texans like to do.

On a 30 day advance purchase for a quick weekend trip to Mexico City on United is $711.00  The same flight from Brownsville via Monterrey on Aeromexico is $638.


God blessed Brownsville with weather and beauty.  The problem with Brownsville is not the corruption - every city has corruption - Brownsville cannot seem to elect people with vision.  On the Winter Texan issue, although warned nearly a year ago about the problem, our city commission does not even have it on its radar.  I can assure you, they will let the industry die - and then ask, what happened?  Our leaders cannot seem to get beyond reading the Herald.  Try the NYT, WSJ, WP - you might learn something about the world.


You have to go to Filamon Vela and ask that he help restart the Weir Dam project.  Our City Commission will never act.  I 100% support the business community setting up an alternative government to negotiate with the state and  federal government for help in making Brownsville the sub-tropical paradise it can be.  We cannot do it without the business community.  I know there are great business owners out there who agree with me - we have met - we have broken bread together. I do not mention them by name for fear of retaliation against their businesses.

It is time - we must just abandon the Brownsville City Commission and create our own alternative government to fight for Brownsville.

The County Commission is a different story.  I think they are trying - what they lack is a COB doing its job.  More on county government Monday/

Friday, February 22, 2013

While looking for a good picture of Gordon's business I  found the above on his Facebook page - I can't stop laughing
A general translation for those who do not know Spanish - "Our genitalia are different"  - "Yea, yours has a wifi antenna and mine has a CD player." 
Of late I have been highlighting local businesses or local employees who are exceptional.  I think I will like doing this on a regular basis.
So yesterday, when I lost my wallet at Sams, I ran into Gordon's daughter Mandy.  One thing leads to another and I decide to have dinner guests today for gulf shrimp from Gordon's.  A 4 pound bag of jumbo cleaned gulf shrimp was $40.  It was worth every penny. 
When I go to NY for a family function I always bring 8-10 pounds of Gordon's gulf shrimp. The taste of real gulf shrimp is so far superior to all of the imported farm raised shrimp.  I will always pay extra for gulf shrimp.  I can assure you my family appreciates the  difference.  8-10 pounds is never enough for a family function.  It goes as fast as I can get it out.
Tonight my guests enjoyed Gordon's wild caught gulf shrimp.  You can actually taste the difference - it is awesome shrimp.
Gordon's is an institution in Brownsville- and such as the Gloor family another fine example of the many family businesses which make Brownsville at times a special place.  If all Brownsville were family businesses run by honorable men and women Brownsville would advance so much  faster.
So do yourself a  favor this weekend - go buy the 4 pound pack of jumbo shrimp and treat your family to the best shrimp there is. 
Click for Facebook Page


3 cups large peeled and deveined shrimp (about 30)

3/4 teaspoon salt (I cut this in half and it was fine)

1/4 black pepper

1 egg well beaten

½ cup milk and then 2 tablespoons more (too thick without extra milk)

½ cup yellow corn meal

½ cup flower

½ teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon Tony Chacheres Original Creole Seasoning (I added this to the recipe - but not too much - sometimes especially in boil and peel shrimp restaurants add so much Bays seasoning you cannot taste the shrimp

Use a mixture of olive oil and canola oil

For a quick defrost of shrimp put them in a baggy and then a bowl of water.

Make sure shrimp is mostly dry then in a bowl add salt and pepper - let stand while you prepare the batter - mix around with your hands.

Mix in separate bowl flour, cornmeal, baking powder, and the Creole seasoning. Then mix in egg and milk. Once mixed, using your washed hands mix in shrimp until all of the shrimp is well coated.

On the oil, I just use the same pan and always know how much oil - you just need to eye it - heat until about 350. DO NOT PUT SHRIMP IN, IN BATCHES - they stick together like meatballs - the on line recipe I modified this from was so wrong about that. Just add in one shrimp at a time.

Cook about 2-4 minutes depending on size - I always do about 3 minutes. I use a flat plate with paper towels to allow the shrimp to sit for a bit before serving.

The shrimp was not one bit oily with this recipe. I will no mention the place because it is considered the king of shrimp on SPI, but the last two times I ate there, the shrimp was so oily I could not eat them.



Thursday, February 21, 2013


Cameron county cannot afford a new court house.  It must find cost effective ways to provide for the judges, and county services.  Historically I have been suspect of this deal Cameron County wants with BISD.  Jimmy Haynes let out of the bag that he was expecting demolition work would go to Escobedo's brother.  County Judge Carlos Cascos has gone public on this web page stating there is no  truth to the claim and that Cameron county will be able to do all of the work internally.  I am taking Judge Cascos at his word and now support the deal.

In the course of my research I learned that when Cortez was still on the BISD Board he killed the deal at the request of his mother JP Judge Linda Salazar.  Apparently the location of the 2 JP courts on the second floor will be moved to one of the BISD buildings after they are remodelled.  Judge Salazar did not want to be in a different building than the County Clerk, where couples go for their marriage licenses.  Ruben Cortez organized his majority and killed the deal for no better reason than a demand from his mother Judge Linda Salazar.

It  does not end there.  Cortez and Rick Zayas ran to Sheriff Lucio to get an extension on the jail commissary contract before Commissioners Court voted to create their own commissary store such as in Hidalgo county.  It has reached the point that JP Salazar, Ruben Cortez and Rick Zayas are being given a free hand to run roughshod over the Cameron county taxpayers.

The BV has been writing for years that it is time government find ways to make money as a substitute for taxing the people.  Multiple sources within county government told me that Ernie Hernandez is the one who spearheaded the effort have the county run the jail commissary thereby creating a revenue source for the county which is not a tax on the people.   This is the type government we should be promoting.  But unfortunately, the Rick Zayas, Ruben Cortez, Enrique and Jaime Escobedos will always be looking for ways to take from the taxpayers. 

Look, no one is perfect - an argument certainly can be made that Ernie Hernandez takes the rules to the limit for business purposes -  fine - but in this case he pushed for an idea which helped the taxpayers and would have resulted in lower prices for the inmates - this is what good government looks like.  We must be willing to celebrate good ideas when we see them.  Unfortunately the deal died at the hands of an unethical sheriff Lucio and his compadres in crime, Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez. 

Saturday I will do a post on a County commissioners meeting I saw last night while channel surfing.  I  was impressed  it was how government should work when putting the people  first.

It is my understanding Commissioners Court is ready to move Linda Salazar out of her office yesterday.  They cannot do this until BISD agrees to the buildings for services swap.  It is my understanding all of the paperwork is at BISD and is just waiting for Carl Montoya to put it on the agenda.  We can hope it is on the next agenda.  The question is, will Ruben's old buddies still on the board help to block the move.

The good news on this one is, Presas-Garcia so hates Ruben she will vote  for the  deal out of spite.

Cameron county is prepared to expand the side of the court house where the JP courts are so they can create more district court and county court spaces.  The only hold up is BISD.

This is a win win for everyone - we can only hope Carl Montoya will light a fire under the person responsible for getting this on the agenda in time for the next meeting.   Come on Carl, do your job - make it happen.  Cameron county has it crews ready to start infrastructire repairs for BISD - this is good government and a win win for everyone - especially the taxpayers.

There is a reason why Duardy keeps on resurfacing in Brownsville - he has no where else to go.  He continues to ask the same question he spent 40 years asking his mommy.  "How come no one likes me?"  His mommy would aways respond "Because they have met you Duardy."

So what is this wild hair up his butt about me - he cannot speak of my work without lying and ignoring well established facts.  He hates that I have pointed out his endless factual errors in his macabre stories emanating from his muse, or if you will inner demons.

Some time ago he tried to create what he claimed was going to be a wonderfully successful national web page which would compete with the likes of the Huffington Post.  It was called "Bad Chili"  I was horrified that some very good writers were associating with Duardy's page and emailed them a series of his writings, some of which were clearly anti-Semitic.

Click her for my original post on the story

The response I got from the Editor of "Bad Chili" sent to me in an email stated the following:

"but I am trying to prepare myself to protect all our contributors if he were to try and resurface."

Bill Dubose quickly learned such as every other child who ever met Duardy, "once they know him they do not like him." 

Bill Dubose then sent the following email to a contributor of "Bad Chili" apologizing for having exposed her to Duardy.

To: Janet Manley:

I do apologize on behalf of Bad Chili. It seems the deeper I dig, the more concerned I am about what he was up to. I know we have not communicated before now, and I understand your hesitance, but I am trying to prepare myself to protect all our contributors if he were to try and resurface. It is for this reason that I ask you to forward any emails he sent you of a questionable nature. To protect your privacy and security concerns, you could edit out any contact information, including names and addresses. I just need to be aware of the practices he was engaging in.

Please be assured that the magazine is now, and will be from now on be conducting business in a professional manner. Patrick will not receive any more emails addressed to

My design studio website is if you'd like to cross-reference me. I have been in business with my wife and partner for over 20 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. You can respond to the email address posted on that website and I will receive it.In your response, please let me know if you still want your story taken down, and I will do so immediately. I regret the circumstances of our meeting, and the bad impression Patrick has left with you. The requested information will help me in dealing with him legally if necessary.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Bill DuBose Bad Chili MagazinePlum Creative Studio""

For reasons I do not know, Duardy blames me for Bill Dubose banning him from "Bad Chili."  The emails clearly indicate that by the time I made communication with Bill Dubose and the various contributors, they were already aware of just how bad Duardy's alter ego Patrick Alcatraz really was.


This delusional imp actually believes that he will convince people they have imagined all of the documents the BV has posted to prove its stories.  This imp actually believes Brownsville will forget the BV exposed Luci Longoria on the lies concerning Arturo Michel's representation of BISD in the school district litigation which in fact ended in her humiliation at the latest school board meeting as her fellow board members quoted the BV's research.  Duardy the imp actually believes all of the findings I have secured against BISD are fictional and part of a conspiracy with the TEA to create documents verifying the findings.   Duardy the imp actually believes his nonsense.

The only reason I am doing this post is to justify the graphic.  I intended to include Dan Aykroyd as a passenger but I could not find the pic of Dan Aykroyd with the same sun glasses on and backwards ball  cap.  The caption then would have been Duardy and Dan Aykroyd Save Brownsville in their Imp Mobile."

From a purely intellectual basis I find the similarities in personalities between Carlos Quintanilla and Duardy to be astounding.  The compulsive lying - the claiming of facts against other people when in fact he is the guilty party - example the BV welcomed his blog as a new addition to Brownsville and has always called for more blogs - but yet Duardy posts a claim the bloggers of Brownsville are intellectually suspect for not welcoming his blog.  Remember how Carlito kept claiming I was bankrupt when in fact it was his house in foreclosure and Carlito in bankruptcy court.  Duardy has done nothing but attack the bloggers, and then claim we are haters.  You can see how he clearly reverses the truth to promote his delusions. 

Since the first time I read his writings and even in welcoming his new blog I have always said the same thing - in his writings he can create pictures.  This is skill - sadly though his writings always devolve into endless attacks with lies, and deception which he calls creative because of his command of adjectives and adverbs.  It is sad how he always gives into his muse - the inner demon.  This is why he failed at "Bad Chili."  I  certainly had nothing to do with his failure.

He will continue to write thinking he is upsetting people - this is sad - at best he is a curiosity of a lost soul controlled by a bad muse.  I find his writings tragic because they could be so much more without the guiding hand of that inner demon who he looks to as his muse.

The BV will be the success it is, regardless of Duardy's delusions.  Because as we all know, the blogs beginning with the BV never exposed Fly Frontera and Carlos Quintanilla. Fly Frontera is now a successful airline  flying out of Brownsville with Carlos Quintanilla as its president.  The truth of course being the social media killed Fly Frontera, but according to Duardy that story is a conspiracy by Hasidic homos trying to destroy him as a journalist.

Andrew Hanen is 100% indebted to the Republican Party of Texas and one of its main contributors - namely James Dannebaum, through Dannenbaum's support of the Republican Party. To remind everyone, James Dannebaum paid a $1 million forfeiture fee to Armando Villalobos over the missing $21.4 million heist at the Port of Brownsville.  Villalobos hired as his attorney the same attorney, Joel Androphy, who defended James Dannebaum in Villalobos' investigation.  Everyone knows that if Villalobos goes down, he intends to take James Dannebaum with him.  This means the Texas Republican Party as collateral damage and the very people federal Judge Hanen owes his career to.  If James Dannebaum goes down, Hanen will never see a nomination to the Court of Appeals.

Some of the allegations against Villalobos includes Villalobos dropping criminal investigations in exchange for forfeiture money to his office.  This is exactly what Dannebaum did to get the investigation against him dropped.  What makes James Dannenbaum special and exempt from prosecution?  Money - the money trail.


Andrew Hanen was nominated by George W. Bush on January 23, 2002, as part of the Senatorial Courtesy of Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison.  Source: Click here  His initial nomination under the Senior Bush lapsed and never went forward.

Andrew Hanen's law firm Hanen, Alexander and Johnson  gave George W,. Bush $1,000 towards his presidential campaign.

Here are some older donations by Hanen - note donations to Gramm who through Senatorial Courtesy nominated Hanen the first time when his nomination lapsed.

Here is a summary from an investigative group;

"Hanen, Andrew S.
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas
Nominated: January 23, 2002 | Confirmed: May 9, 2002

Summary: Hanen, a former lawyer in private practice, contributed $1,000 to Bush in 1999. He also gave $1,700 to former Sen. Gramm from 1990-1996. Hanen was recommended to the President by Gramm and Hutchison. From 1995-1998, Hanen also gave $225 to then-Gov. George W. Bush and and $350 to John Cornyn’s attorney general campaign, according to the Institute on Money in State Politics."

Source: Center for Investigative Reporting

Key Donations by James Dannenbaum

2006 $2,100, Texas for Senator John Cornyn

2006 $3,000, National Congressional Republican Committee

2006  $10,000 Texas Republican Party

2006   $2,100 Kay Bailey Hutchison for Senate Committee

2008 $10,000, Texas Republican Party

2008 $28,500 John McCain

Source: Click here

In 2010, James Dannebaum gave the National Republican Senatorial Committee $30,400. This is just one year. Source Click  here 

2012,   $1,000 National Republican Senatorial Committee
2012    $1,000 National Republican Committee
2012    $2,500 Rick Perry
2012    $2,500 National Republican Committee

Source: Click here:

In the interest of fairness the links also show he gave to Democrats.

From 2009, until the beginning of this year John Cornyn served as the Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Click for Link


Why would two anti-gay US Senator's nominate an openly gay male for US Attorney for the Western District of Texas?  Read the story for yourself.   The answer is simple, over time he became the reliable US Magistrate judge to protect key Republicans and key Republican organizations in federal litigation.

Robert Pitman is John Cornyn's and Rick Perry's boy toy to do their dirty work.  He will never allow James Dannenbaum to go down.  This is why the US Attorney for the Southern District of Texas was removed from the Villalobos case and replaced by John Cornyn's boy toy, Robert Pitman.

So this is what we have - a US District Judge by the name of Andrew Hanen who bought his position and is indebted to John Cornyn.  We also have a US Attorney how owes his career to John Cornyn.

If James Dannenbaum goes down such as Villalobos is threatening if he goes down so to will John Cornyn, Rick Perry, and Judge Andrew Hanen himself.  Judge Hanen knows his career as a federal judge is dead if James Dannebaum gets exposed in  this case.


Judges care little about this well known axiom of law.  My question is simple - Andrew Hanen played the buy the judgeship game with political donations.  Now he has a  case which could take down all the key players within the very political party which put him in power.  Does not the appearance of justice mandate Andrew Hanen recuse himself and allow a judge not tied to the money which drives the process oversee this trial?  I say yes - I am certain Judge Hanen says no - if he were to recuse himself his hopes for an appointment to the federal court of appeals would die with his recusal.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

As always the staff at the Vet on Boca Chica was amazing. Because Keaton underwent extensive blood work just three weeks ago I saved on that - so the bill was only $143 - just about how much I won at Bingo.

Thursday's post is done - but it will wait until the morning to post. I may want to do some more editing - It took a lot of internet searching and documentation. But it is worth the read. As for Friday, boy oh boy, I cannot wait - it is a good story.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


EDITOR'S NOTE:  While I am working on several stories, I do want this to be the only post today - so unless a major story breaks there will be no further stories today.  This morning Keaton is off to have her teeth cleaned and then after a couple hours of work I have to finish the paperwork concerning two additional complaints against Linda Salazar.

Arturo Michel gives a speech on the issue. He states that the school districts won the lawsuit.  He admits his firm, not him, represented the Fort Bend group.  He then stated his firm represented school districts with interests similar to BISD, but not BISD.  What a con job - but then this is Arturo Michel and Luci Longoria.

Luci thanks Arturo Michel even though he admits he never represented BISD, but school districts with similar interests.  Arturo admits BISD was not a party to the lawsuit and contradicts Luci Longoria's lies.  This was done at Escobedo's insistence such as I demanded he do in my email to him, Chirinos, Powers, and Peña.  Arturo makes sure everyone knows he gave nothing to BISD  for free because they did not represent BISD.  Luci then claims she never said Arturo represented BISD.

Here is what she said:

"Presentation and Recognition of the Law Firm Thompson Horton and attorney Arturo Micheal for including the Brownsville Independent School District at no cost to the District, in their legal effort to attain equity and fairness in funding of Texas Public Schools. (Board Member Request – LBL)"

If BISD was not a party and not represented by Thompson Horton in any capacity explain to me  how"Arturo Micheal for including the Brownsville Independent School District at no cost to the District,"  you can only have a cost is you represent someone.

LUCI LONGORIA IS A SOCIOPATH - SHE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT RIGHT FROM WRONG - this is my opinion based on her proven lies and not any professional diagnosis by a professional.




When is Escobedo going to do his job and have these women forcibly removed for yelling and being out of order on a regular basis?

"14. Recommend approval for participation in the Community Loan Center and Rio Grande Valley Multibank’s Small Dollar Lending Program."


I rejected a post claiming Martin Arambula's sister owns the company.  What bothers me is they think I will not check it out.  Here is the schematic of the company - no Arambula mentioned

If you click on this link you will see Eva Arambula is a loan coordinator and that she is nothing near an owner.  Presas-Garcia and Longoria cannot speak without lying.

Click here and then open PDF - you can see the entire history of the company and the name of all the local banks which actually own the company - Eva Arambula is not listed.

Here are the list of the bank shareholders allegedly in conspiracy with Escobedo and Arambula.  When you have to accuse all of these banks and the United Way of conspiracy, it is clear you have either lost your mind, or are mad you were unable to rig the contract your way.

J.P. Morgan Chase
Wells Fargo Bank
IBC Brownsville
Bank of America

BBVA Compass Bank
IBC McAllen
Frost National Bank
Lone Star National Bank
National Community Impact Corporation, Washington, D.C.

Dr. Montoya on behalf of BISD needs to issue a public apology to each of these entities for Presas-Garcia's and Longoria's near psychotic conduct. 

This a short term loan program BISD employees can use if they so choose, but are not required to use.  It is backed by an endless local companies and the government - also United Way.  The attacks on Montoya are endless, Cata and Luci are on the war path.  Cata all but accused Montoya of having private meetings with United Way to insure they get the agreement.  This is only an approval of participation - not an exclusive contract.   Presas-Garcia and Longoria are still free to recommend BISD employees use their preferred loan shark.  You know there is a rigged contract Cata has in mind when she openly attacks United Way.

On the loan program the interest rate is 18% for one year - she and Luci called this ripping off the employees when compared to the loan sharks doing pay day loans.    These two ladies are a joke - not even Saavedra would come to these idiots defense. 



If you fail to call for another reorganization of the Board, you are failing BISD and all of its children.  Tonight Luci Longoria got caught outright lying about free representation by Thompson Horton, and then with Cata Presas-Garcia attacked one of the most honorable charity organizations in the world - United Way.   This is totally unacceptable.  You must act to remove Presas-Garcia from any position of authority.  If this nonsense continues you must do your job and begin to forcibly remove them from the meetings.


The Voice and People of Brownville

People - Cata Presas-Garcia and Luci Longoria attacked United Way - is there anyone out there who can possibly defend these two and not see this was about wanting to force BISD employees to use someone they had in mind.  Again remember - BISD is not bound by anything - it is just saying to its employees here is an option - nothing, and I mean nothing prevents Presas-Garcia and Longoria from putting on the agenda the name of the lone shark they prefer.  Our community is sufffering big time from the Pay Day Loan Companies - how can she say BISD employees are being  cheated at 18% interest?

You can email the key 4 trustees and demand Presas-Garcia's removal as Board Vice President - again understand what she did - she attacked United Way - but has repeatedly demanded we trust bankrupt, foreclosed home,  convicted felon, endless unpaid judgments and child support Carlos Quintanilla.  Is there one functioning brain cell in this woman's head?
"Mr. Wightman:
No new appointments of treasurer have been filed at this office.
New Candidates:
Ms. Debbie Portillo has an appointment of treasurer form filed.
She picked up a candidate’s packet last week."
Portillo's campaign treasurer, Bertha Garza, VP at IBC bank clearly told me that Portillo was out - the question then becomes, what has Tony Martinez promised her to get her back in?
In a Sarkis Portillo race, Portillo wins by an easy 55% or more.  Charlie Cabler and Pete Gonzales, it is time you start looking for another job.  Tony Martinez has his four votes.  The only way to stop this is a  strong anti-Tony Martinez ad every Sunday through election day and a strong Latina candidate to challenge Portillo.  Her heart is clearly not in the race.   A strong attack will cause for a weak campaign.  Sarkis cannot win.  I have now posted the evidence multiple times that the Latina has the win over the male who is equally funded every time.
Even if we can find a strong Latina to run against Portillo, it will not matter in a three way.  Sarkis must  drop out and allow for a clear one on one race - otherwise we will have a run-off.  It then becomes a money thing.
First day of early voting for May elections is April 29th.

Last day to register for May elections is April 11th.