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From the BV on April 20, 2012

"The most Tony Martinez has to offer these veterans is nothing. he has no vision for a better Brownsville. The remodeling jobs - the handful which exist are already awarded. They all will be under $35,000 so no open bidding will be required. Pay attention people - the mayor along with his corrupt compadres on the city commission can insist that Cabler makes sure all of the contracts go to their compadres without any bidding. They can give endless contracts to a handful of people so long as they are all under $35,000."

Nothing in this story is new - the BV told Brownsville about this con by Tony Martinez way back  last April.  The problem is only now are a handful of administrators and city commissioners willing to pass on more specific information to the bloggers.  In April when I learned of several contracts which did not go before the city commission I became concerned.  I contacted a reliable source and this is when they told my about the $35,000 rule.

I then broke the story.

Anyone who thinks the story now is about bills under $35,000, is missing the story.  This is old news - nearly a year old.  I'm glad to see people late to the party are at least getting their drinks from half empty used cups.


As the BV reported, Tony Martinez is looking for a majority to fire Charlie Cabler and Pete Gonzalez.  Neither man wants to play with Tony Martinez.  As a consequence Tony Martinez wants to replace both.  Tony Martinez is playing the same game with city commissioners and anyone who might want to cross him. 

I am tired of the endless comments I reject that Tony Martinez controls Melissa Zamora's vote because she rents a house from his wife - FACT CHECK  - Melissa is not running for reelection - she has nothing to fear from Tony Martinez.  Melissa is about to move into the home of her soon to be husband.  Given these simple facts - someone - anyone please tell him exactly what control Tony Martinez has over Melissa Zamora?  Further, if he controlled Melissa, he would not need a plant to replace her so that he has the 4 votes needed to fire Charlie Cabler.

This is the story - the voters need to know just how far Tony Martinez is willing to go to be allowed to keep on  fleecing the people of Brownsville.

This is the story - the voters need to know the pressure being put on people to get in line or else.

This is the story - the voters need to know that if Tony Martinez succeeds in firing Charlie Cabler and Pete Gonzalez, there will be no stopping him.

This is the story - Tony Martinez has turned to Cata Presas-Garcia to learn how to destroy innocent people in order to keep his corrupt government practices going. LOL


The city commission is being played-   Marc Sossi is telling them that so long as the individual invoice is under $35,000 they must pay it - no - Marc Sossi is nothing more than a yes man for Tony Martinez.  If this rule were so simple then Tony Martinez could contract for just about anything so long as the vendor only submits monthly invoices for under $35,000.  The city commission needs to say no to any further payments.  When the vendors sue, let the city counter sue claiming conspiracy with Tony Martinez to defraud the taxpayers of Brownsville.

The city commission needs to vote for an internal audit of all bills paid at Tony Martinez's request.  This will end his rule - it will insure he has no majority come May 2013.  This is the story - this is the issue - this is the narrative which must play over and over and over again until election day in May.

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