Saturday, January 26, 2013


"Tercero said discussions with the University of Texas System about possible property deals were ongoing, but she declined to discuss specifics."

Source: Brownsville Herald

After Montoya reported that a source close to the TSC trustees stated they were not discussing possible property deals, the BV reported that in fact a trustee had told the BV they were discussing property deals.

Remember the 4 indictments coming down the week Montoya reported about the alleged 4 more indictments - again - never materialized.

Remember how Montoya reported Villalobos was indicted when in fact he was not.  Reporting on Villalobos inevitable indictment was like predicting rain in a rain forest.  Just because Villalobos was indicted months later does no make the original false story then true.  The BV months before reported the verified fact that Villalobos and De la Garza were served subpoenas by a federal grand jury.  the indictment at that  time was inevitable.  As to De la Garza - wait for the trial - her testimony and deal with the US Attorney should be quite revealing.

The only thing more ridiculous than all of Montoya's fabricated stories is, the fools who repeat them as true.

It took Montoya months, after the BV reported about the $35,000 spending limit being abused by Martinez, to find reliable sources to tell him about Tony Martinez abuses.

This is not about readership - the BV is very happy with its readership - it is about making Brownsville better - endless paid for lies, or lies based on a hatred  for someone do not help anyone, but the corrupt.

And for the record, sore loser Presas-Garcia and Montoya working together to continue to discredit Acacia Ameel could get BISD sued again- this time for defamation.  BISD cleared Acacia Ameel of all charges related to the parent protests at Veterans high school.  For Montoya a story is only a story if it defames people or is paid for in advance.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Bob, you are right! Cata La Rata is at it again! Trying to discredit Ameel. Cata La Rata is such a LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!