Monday, January 7, 2013


In Brownsville and Cameron County, to date associating with the social media is tantamount to a death nail for a campaign. People may claim credit, but then that is the nature of con artists. There is no difference between the social media in Brownville and Carlos Quintanilla - the story happens - they run in front of the camera and then claim credit. It matters not that the people and political machines are the ones who acted - con artists have no use for the people other than as saps.

Juan Montoya's attacks on Cheezmeh on balance may be valid - but his motivation is that of a con artist - he is trying to dissuade potential candidates from advertising with Cheezmeh and to choose him instead. These attacks on the Sanchez family are classic Montoya - if you remember he got caught doing this to Carlos Masso until Masso paid up - when the BV noted such conduct could be charged as a crime Montoya took down a key post - then Masso paid. As to the Sanchez family he is attacking them as a way of sending a message to any opponent of the Sanchez family that they can count on him to hurt any Sanchez campaign.

(Side note:  last week I did ask Judge Sanchez and Trey Garza to deny the claims of Judge Sanchez's resignation and both refused to deny the claims - so there may be truth to the story.)

The problem is, other than Montoya, and I am not not sure even Montoya believes this, no one considers him credible. He is so classic Carlos Quintanilla. Months before Montoya mentioned Villalobos and indictments, the BV published the verified story that Villalobos and Aurora De La Garza had been served with subpoenas by the federal grand jury. Once Villalobos was served with the subpoenas, any idiot or trained monkey could have published a story that Villalobos was indicted. Of course it was months later after Montoya made his bogus claim that Villalobos was indicted.  His story was false. 

Montoya then took credit for breaking a non-existent story. The fact Villalobos was eventually indicted is meaningless. Anyone who understands the system knew the Villalobos' indictment was coming once he was served with a subpoena. As to the current claims of indictments, on December 21st, the government filed 3 sealed documents in the Villalobos case, then they filed another on the 3rd of January. Montoya takes this information and then claims four more indictments knowing the saps will run with it. More likely than not the sealed information relates to deals struck with witnesses who will be testifying against Villalobos.

Will more indictments be coming down the pike? Yes, any idiot can make that guess. Then when it eventually happens the same idiot claims credit for having known in advance. They are like the Long Island medium - you take some known information, spin it in a way saps will believe and then claim it to be fact. I am certain that as Villalobos faces down the reality of jail time he will sing like a canary. To the extent he has proof Aurora De La Garza cooperated in certain cases, he will turn that proof over. Once this happens her indictment will be forth coming. It is really that predictable - without having to fabricate claims of inside sources.


Unless you are a millionaire you must associate with a well known political alliance in order to win political office in Brownsville or Cameron county. It is the political alliance which is getting you elected - not any social media. As we saw in the case of Yolanda Begum - her money and social media contacts could not get her elected. She will blame the politiqueras - something she never proved in terms of enough numbers (she could have gone forward on the issue to prove this to the community - but chose not too - why? - it was all a con job to get elected)

Begum lost because when you choose to use social media to put out lies and vulgarities like I have never, ever seen in any election, it turns people off. She could not run on the merits of her qualifications so from day one she attacked. Her own political alliance was Presas-Garcia, and Arge Miller - they could not deliver. The Tony Martinez and Ernie Hernandez political machine was too strong. I do believe had Begum not stood with the worst vulgarities I have ever seen in an election, she may have won. The handful of people who consider social media were turned off by the vulgarities and this may well have cost Begum the election.   The fact Erin Garcia is a lawyer and Begum never verified any real education, also cost her several hundred votes. 

Begum had the money, but took the low road. I do not judge people who seek out public office through political alliances - like I like to say - business is business. Unless you are a millionaire who is smart enough to not use social media run by idiots (Begum) you cannot win elective office. These political alliances are closed groups - it could take an average Joe wanting to run for public office years to build the necessary connections. Jessica Tetreau was an exception - she was up against one of the most disliked politicians in Brownsville's history. A dead horse with a 50 character Hindu last name could have beat Charlie Atkinson in a write in campaign. In May no such candidate exists.

If John Villarreal and Rosen Gowen choose to run for reelection the Martinez/Hernandez machine will control both campaigns. Again I do not judge the candidates for their association. The choice is to either associate with an established machine, or be a millionaire and run your own machine. I suspect the money raised will be used to secure the Zamora and Gowen seats. I think they think John Villarreal is safe. To beat John it will take a well qualified Latina who is either independently wealthy, or aligned with a political machine. The problem is, there may not be a political machine which can go up against Martinez/Hernandez.


The BV for free will post a link to all campaign Facebook or web pages. All you have to do is notify the BV of your page, and it will be posted. Why pay anyone for advertising when you can get your message out for free through the BV?  Answer, you are not paying for advertising, you are paying for fabricated stories to discredit your opponent - hardley an indicator of an honest candidate. 

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